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More than one species on wolf's rain?

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    Ok we know kiba,etc. are wolves and seeing them as humans is just allusions to protect them. But in that episode where kiba is in the desert and he stays under this plant thing, he ends up going to this beautiful perfect happy looking place that he assums is "paradise" (but in reality he's dying) and he meets this girl, (i forget her name but she had on a yellow top,jeans and had brown hair and purple eyes) but instead of being a wolf she's some kind of other animal? I think it would have been interesting to show that their were other animals trying to hide from/deal with humans by creating an allusion that they were human and show them interacting with the wolves, what does anyone else think?
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    That was Mew (or Myu. Whatever) and she was a Caracal Lynx (a brown cat from Africa with tufts on their ears).

    Mew might not have been real, depending on your interpretation. It could've been a hallucination by the plant. Either way, it wasn't in the real world, so I guess rules can be bent. There is no evidence that other animals (other than Mew) could create the illusions that the wolves could in any situations. With the wolves, it was because they were special beings and had the connection with humans (with wolves "creating" mankind). No other animal species were mentioned, but there were times mentioned when animals tended to fear the wolves, so there wouldn't be too many friendly interactions (only other exceptions were the cat talking to Blue and I think Toboe said that he spoke to cats too).
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    ehhh??? :S

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