Wolf's Rain

Season 1 Episode 29

High Tide, High Time

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Oct 09, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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High Tide, High Time
It's a slow crawl up the side of the mountain, the summit of which holds the gate to Paradise. After a fatal run-in with Darcia, the remaining wolves and Hubb head for paradise. But Darcia appears again; this time in a previously unknown form.

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  • After Quent shoots Toboe it later shows Darcia explaining that humans were created by wolves but abandonned their true forms and were driven from paradise. Toboe and Quent both die. and All the wolves gather around them and say their goodbyes. Also this imoreless

    I loved this episode but it was so sad. Toboe is like my favorite character and he died! Lol. I literaly cried. But it was a great episode, One of my favorites!!! You get to learn a bit about more about Paradise and Wolves and the shows point of veiw on humans too. Like how they were born from the wolf. This is a greatepisode but not for people who cry easily lol.moreless
  • OMG! I hate to admitt that this was the most saddest episode ever! Which made me cry.Even to see that Toboe was the first wolf to go! Yeah seriously even though this episode made me cry.It was an pretty good episode.moreless

    From the last episode where Toboe defend Quinz was from the gunshot.I think he was doing what Blue told him to take care of him.So both Quinz and Toboe end up laying dead.With the other wolves mourning of their death.I never thought or ever guess that Toboe,would be the first one to go.That was an unsuspecting twist of an shock to me.Because Toboe was my favorite character on the show.I am surprise that Tsume show his true color.When he gave an little talked to the lifeless toboe about how strong he was.I think Tsume was sad that Toboe had to go.Overall I think this episode to me was the saddest than all the wolves except Kiba dies.They die after.As I said before this episode made me cry!moreless
  • I've cried so much, when poor little Toboe died, he was always my favorite character!! Actually i still like him^^

    Damn, i couldn't stop crying even after the fourth time i watched the episode! It was so horrible to see! Poor little Toboe T_T Still, I was really happy with the part that Tsume tells about his scar ... On the toher side, i hoped that Tsume came in time to say personally goodbye *sigh* it's a sad world, isn't it?

    Don't Read this if you haven't seen the last episode!

    Actually i hope there will be a Wolf's Rain 2 ^^ 'Cause in the last episode you see everyone in town, as if nothing happened, and it looks like they've never met, so i'd love to see a Wolf's Rain 2 ^^ and then they would met each other again^^ Well, just an stupid idea (again) from me^^

    Enjoy the Anime (if you haven't seen it yet)!moreless
Tom Wyner

Tom Wyner

Quent Yaiden (Eng Dub)

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Toboe (Eng Dub)

Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth

Hige (Eng Dub)

Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch

Kiba (Eng Dub)

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Darcia (Eng Dub)

Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn

Cheza (Eng Dub)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Hige:What good is pride when you are dead!?
      This line was originally said by Hige in the first episode and is repeated towards the end of the series by Kiba

    • Response to above: Actually, Quent pulled the trigger on his gun before Darcia did on his. Toboe jumped in the way because he thought Darcia would shoot first. That's why Quent is so shocked when Toboe falls, it's because he just killed somebody who was trying to protect him.

    • In the last episode, Darcia had attempted to shoot Quent, but Toboe got in the way and he was shot instead. In this episode, Quent has said that He had pulled the trigger and had shot Toboe.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Tsume : (To a dead Toboe) I wanted to take you to Paradise, You brought me all the way here.
      Toboe's voice : (Toboe to Tsume) Tsume, Let's go together! I believe in you, Tsume. I won't be a crybaby anymore.
      Tsume : Yeah, I know. I know... (Start to cry)

    • Kiba: Anyway, its been fun. If it's meant to be. We'll meet again .

    • Kiba: Paradise is ours! We're taking it back!

    • Toboe: (walking to Quent) I wanted... To watch over you, like Blue did... For the rest of my life...

    • Darcia: I tell you now the words of Red Moon. From the great spirit was born the Wolf. And Man became his messenger. The Beast lives his life in silence. Abiding where the blessing of the blood of the Gods bestowed upon him.
      The White Flower. After winning the favor of the lord of the night. Will share her sent. Preordained and eternal in Countenance. Her form is of a lily white supple Maiden. She distills and condenses all of time. Until it becomes a precious frozen mass.
      Only then will appear the wretched beast.

    • Tsume: You once asked how I got this scar. Well, members of my pack were being slaughtered! I should've have stayed and helped my friends, but I was a coward and ran away. The members of my pack who were still alive blocked my escape route. They gave me this scar as a reminder of my sin, and then banished me from the pack. I never trusted anybody again. I no longer wanted anything to do with friends... until I met you three.

    • Tsume(to Toboe): I haven't noticed how much you've grown

  • NOTES (3)

    • Adult Swim cut out the part in the beginning where Toboe had actually diverted Darcia's gunshot so it didn't hit Quent in a vital part. Darcia then explains that he no longers feels any pain due to being poisoned in the earlier encounter with Jagaura.

    • Tsume's Scar History is Reveiled: "He got the scar when he abandoned his pack. The pack Leader then bites his chest and sends him down."

    • Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Blue and Cheza are the only ones left.