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  • major wolf lover here!

    the first time I saw this show I was in love. I love the characters, the story line , the adventure and the drama.

    I hope and cross my fingers that Keiko Nobumoto will make another series for wolfs rain.

    hi, im a HUGE wolfs rain luver not even a fan more then that i just cant stand how this show effects me its one of the best anime shows ever i once stayed up till 6 am watchin it PLZ MAKE MORE i <3 toboe i cried when he died also blue!!! IF YOU LUV ANIME MAKE MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • In my opinion the third greatest anime of all time.

    This anime is without doubt one of the greatest animes that I have ever seen. It's lot better than that Naruto and Bleach cack that people are always talking about. It has a good storyline with a likeable cast of characters as well as beautiful animation. This is a great show and should be watched by any fan of anime. If you don't like this then you probably have no clue as to what's good and what's bad. It's interesting to note that the show's creator, Keiko Nobumoto, was formally the screenplay writer of Cowboy Bebop. And that concludes my review of Wolf's Rain.
  • Wolf's Rain 4Ever.

    This is the worlds best anime to me and i am an anime freak. I have watched nearly every anime tv show and I still think Wolf's rain is the best. Its really deep and tragic and i cry every time i watch the seiries over again. Toboe is my favorit and always will be. I wish they would have continued it. I cant stand watching the part where Toboe dies. I cry when he says "Im just gunna lay here a while..." I have it all memorized. Although in the end where they show what each charactor is doing, Like when Tsume is riding his motorcycle and toboe is holding a kitten I couldnt tell if they had found paradise or not but it was still a good ending to me anyway. Leaves you thinking. I actually named my dogs Kiba and Cheza too. haha .
  • WOW... this is so beautiful, I love it!

    Holy crap. I've only seen 14 episodes (I think) and I'm already hooked. This is the most beautiful, most detailed and most dramatic anime I've ever seen. I'm not really fond of anime, but if I could pick an anime, I'd pick this one. I know at the end they find paradise and the show ends.

    I really wish there could be a sequel or something like that. I don't think there will ever be another anime quite like this one. This will remain one of my favourites until I die. This anime is beautiful and I love the scenery. Don't deny it, unless you've never seen it. You don't have to agree with me but nothing can ever replace this gorgeous anime! It is the best!
  • This is the best show I ever seen in my life. Wolfs Rain Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you guys want this show to continue. Sign this petition!!! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/wolfsrain2ndseason#signpetition

    I love Wolf's Rain with my whole life. I watched the whole episode on my computer. Sucks that there were only 30 shows + the the parts. Please guys sign the petition. We need 100,000 people to sign it. If you really want to show to continue then you will do this!! Cause I never imagined that this show would end like that. The evil eye still exists and they need to continue. I watched the whole episode in one night and got done at like 9am in the morning. So please people sign this petition cause others want a second season. thanks! :)
  • An apocalyptic tale of creating a new world. According to the writer this is the best produced, well-written anime-series of all time.

    In a distant future the world is a wasteland and almost totally inhabited, with exception for large dome-shaped cities. There is a legend about Paradise, and the legend tells that the believed to be extinct-wolfs are the one to find Paradise. We follow a small pack of wolfs, (most often) led by Kiba, in their search for this lost world. But the road is long and the price is high for this paradise. The story-telling and the animating of this series is one of the greatest I've come across in the anime-genre. With exception for some anime-movies I would say that this is the ultimate anime-piece. It is dramatic, exciting, personal and beautiful. The characters are well-written as well as well-drawned. The underlying statement in the series seems to be that we have inherited the earth and thereby should take care of it, before it's too late. An over-used theme, I agree, but it gives a new point of view in this series.

    The one and only thing I have to complain about is the 3-4 episode re-cap in the middle of the series, couldn't that have been reduced to 1 episode perhaps?

    Otherwise a great, epic series that suites both anime-fans as newbies. Enjoy!
  • A world where Wolves were the Adam and Eve to humans.

    Wolves were once the ultimate existence that gave birth to humanity, but they are now extinct as a result of being hunted down by the humans they created, or so it was believed. Humanity strives within domes living in city wide ghettos and make use of whatever they have. The humans don't know that wolves walk alongside them casting spells so that they appear as humans. There is no life in the world anymore, so the wolves seek out what was programmed right from birth...a place that is called paradise. Kiba is one such wolf that is pursuing this mystical place and encounters three other city wolves in Toboe, Tsume, and Hige, forming an unusual pack of different kinds of wolf.

    Very slow moving in the beginning, which is typical for any anime, but the characters do a great job of grabbing your attention. Right from the get go they are already fleshed out with a lot of personality into them. Describing how down to earth these characters are is like trying to learn chemistry from scratch in one hour. They are just so realistic as if these characters were my next door neighbors. The supporting human cast also serve their roles well and enhance the experience that much more.

    A typical anime has a slow moving plot that eventually starts revealing its story later on, but honestly, there isn't much story here. It leaves a lot of questions for you to be answered, which is sort of a good thing, but its length also makes it seem a little bit like its dragging things along. Most of Wolfs Rains' episodes go nowhere fast telling bits and chunks of the plot at a Dragonball Z pace. The story is good, it is just very very very slow.

    Though while it is slow moving, the episodes are by no means boring; in fact, they are very entertaining. The four wolves usually encounter many different situations that offer a deep point of view perspective to the many people they meet. Like there is a series of episodes where a pack of wolves they meet are used as labor for the humans, and another about an aging couple. The thing is some of these life lessons are kind of hard to relate to since after all, it is mostly in the wolves perspective, and it hardly seems like a metaphor.

    While the characters are very memorable and some of the episodes offer a great insight about life, the show as a whole is pretty forgettable. It feels like the wolves journey searching for paradise was longer than it should have been. Though it's still a highly recommendable watch.
  • Four stray wolves are drawn together by the scent of flowers. Each caries his own individual past as the four form a pack to forge a future together. In search of paradise with the help of the flower maiden and others the pack struggles to find the path.

    Review: Wow, this was the best anime I have seen in several months. I was unprepared for how complelling and rivitting the storyline and subplots were. I was also unprepared for how sad and tragic this show initally appears. The primary subtext was overtly spiritual, although the message is so universal that it can be interperated many different ways...none of which are enherently wrong. The secondary subtest was that a pack is stronger than the sum of its individual members. I believe this to be true of human relationships - be it a family, a pack of friends, or an organization. I am reminded of the closing line of a Pink Floyd song, "together we stand, divided we fall." The dialogue was fantastic and the story was original and insiteful. The plot, while fairly linear, had just enough suprises to keep it from becoming dull or ordinary. There are a number of subplots that flesh out the storeline as well. The literary devices are primarily flashback, metaphore, and some internal monologue. Synopsis: many generations into the future, nature is broken and human society has become disjointed. Wolves are thought to be extinct, but a few still survive by learning to fool the minds of humanity as appear as human themselves. Four of these remaining wolves, each a loner in his own right, come together to form a pack. Drawn together by the scent of the flower maiden, the four wolves embark on a journey...both inwardly towards self realization, and outwardly towards Paradise. The four face many obsticles as they have to over come other wolves, wolf hunters, orwelian human militaries, and their own pasts. In the end, will Paradise be found or will Paradise be lost?
  • Wolf legends

    Legends also talk of how wolves know where Paradise lies at the end of the world. However, wolves are mythical creatures thought to have become extinct 200 years ago. Well, that's not exactly true. Wolves have learned to adapt themselves when around humans by taking human form. Through this method, they have been living in cities and towns along humans for the last two centuries.

    Wolf's Rain follows four such wolves that have decided they've had enough of city life and that it's time to seek Paradise for themselves. They follow the scent of the Flower Daughter, a girl held captive in a human lab until she is kidnapped by a mysterious figure. Lost without her scent, they decide to rescue her. The Flower Daughter was made through alchemy by one of the noble families. She is the key that reveals the path to Paradise, a place where wolves rule. Wolves are drawn to her and she to them, but she is also sought by several nobles, who wish to unravel her secrets.

    The setting seems to be post-apocalyptic. There was a time when mankind prospered, but something happened to cause civilization to decline. No one is quite sure what happened, but now each city is ruled by a noble tyrant and most of the people are poverty stricken. The nobles are a mysterious bunch that wage war on each other for reasons not yet revealed.

    Wolf's Rain is very good, although very melodramatic. It's not going to win any awards for the feel good anime of the year and there tends to be a lot of blood and fighting amongst the wolves themselves and between the human/wolf community. Many wolves have lost the will to live and/or seek Paradise for themselves, and thereby settle for remaining mere street dogs. Others are rebels or in street gangs working desperately to maintain their status quo.

    The story is engaging, though at points slow, and the characters have this alienating quality to them that makes them feel less human than your typical characters. That's good, I suppose, for showing the distinction between the wolf community and human emotion, but sometimes you wish for something a bit more. I'm still not sure where I stand on the anime. It was interesting up until the 4 (yes 4 - one for Tsume, Hige, Toboe & Hubb) recap episodes 15-18 that you can definitely skip... or if you want to watch one, Hubb's story (18) was the best IMHO. None of which tell you anything you haven't seen up to now. Come ep 19, the story begins to take off again.

    I can't say I was a big fan of the ending, particularly eps 27-30. I hoped it would go some place else, but alas. Great series. Bad ending.
  • Amazing and Deep.

    According to an old legend, when the end of the world comes, Paradise will appear, however, only wolves will have access to it. The main character, Kiba, sets on a journey with other 4 wolves (Blue, Hige,Toboe, and Tsume) to find paradise led by Cheza the Maiden flower. I love this anime, not only because the storyline is good and original, but because it has a melancholic, sorrowful touch in it. Also the settings and fights, giving it action and adventure. Also beautiful music, like "Run wolf Warrior, Run" and my personal favorite "Strangers". It's a story filled with emotion and feeling.
  • An interestingly post-apocalyptic show about 4 wolves who search for paradise.

    An interestingly post-apocalyptic show about 4 wolves who search for paradise. I absolutely love the characters especially Tsume, Cheza, and Cher. As tragically beautiful as the show was I would love to see these characters in another completely different setting. Something like Wolves waging war against the Nobles and the cities not being so depressingly empty and calm. But still back on subject the show overall is stunning. The inter-character relations are fascinating to watch. I did not really like the way the characters "Ends". That bit was a bit depressing for me and I also thought the ending was a bit too ambiguous for me, which is one of the reasons why I came on here to discover what other wolf's rain lovers thought about the show.
  • Wolf's Rain is a sad, beautiful story following four wolves in the distant future. It is a tragedy and a fantasy and, as you watch, many hardships will befall our beloved characters. Deep, profound, a tale you will never forget- Wolf's Rain deserves more.

    I don't remember how or when I stumbled upon this anime but when I found Wolf's Rain, I fell hard. It's not for the average anime-watcher, riddled with twists, despair and tearful tragedy, but if you are open-minded enough to consider Wolf's Rain then chances are, you will love it. My favorite character, young Toboe, is probably in my top five characters out of everyone I know in everything ever. Wolf's Rain is unfortunately short, though I'm not saying that it wasn't good because of the length. I love Wolf's Rain and find it saddening that Wolf's Rain-lovers are a minority in the anime community. Out of the four main characters, Kiba seems to be the most important, though all of them have their fair share of shrines. Toboe is sweet and gentle, Tsume rough and grizzled, Hige relaxed and compliant and Kiba somewhat detached and indifferent. All of them have strong and weak points, all them have quirks and lovable features and I don't have a not-liked among them. The story itself, beyond the characters and places, is fascinating and intricate. It is certainly a brilliant and fulfilling watch (It can be finished in a short amount of time compared to other popular animes) and any genuine anime fanatic will find at least interesting- at most, the best thing they have ever seen.
  • Wolf's Rain is something different, maybe not overly so for some anime fans, since the theme of the world being a shadown of it's former self has been done, but given the fact that the main characters are wolves really says something.

    Wolf's Rain is a deep anime. Aside from the filler eps that they have it's all about these four wolves who are together trying to get to Paradise, and they need the Lunar Flower to do it; Cheza. The story is basic, these four are on the quest to get to the final destination; but while the destination is the focus, it's the journey that is the important part; we watch these four wolves grow in character and adapt to being part of the pack. We learn more about their backgrounds, the one most interesting near the end of the serise would be Hige, considering no one seems to know what his background was until then.
    The 'leader' being Kiba, the one wolf who has not adapted to having humans around him, who's pride is actually his down fall at the start of the show, until Hige points out the obvious. The endding of the show is rather sad, but it's important to keep watching, because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    This anime is full of action, yet it also has humour and tenderness too.
  • Emotional, meaningful, and beautiful.

    I'm not a major fan of anime, but I do have a couple that I have seen and enjoyed. Wolf's Rain is easily my favorite of these. Overall, the show is basically a piece of art. The story, the artwork, and the music especially (get the soundtracks!) are all perfect. I've actually gotten goosebumps watching Wolf's Rain. To me, the show is just like reading a novel - it has many motifs and symbols that are never explained but can be inferred with critical reading. (Or in this case, viewing.) The red moon, the ice, the rain itself. The show is much deeper than your average show. It has a lot of messages about life. (How we treat animals, how we treat eachother, how there's no such thing as true happiness.) Some powerful quotes that I always remember are, "The flowers are singing; they are always singing. But nobody ever seems to notice." and "The world where you would go hand in hand with the flower maiden has neither perfect happiness, nor joy, nor life. This is because it also does not contain perfect sadness, nor misery, nor death." Another cool thing about the show is it's very innovative and creative: it's set in a post-apocalyptic, bleak future, but there's not really one setting. There are wolf fights, spacecraft fights, swordfights between humans, cities, landscapes, you name it. There is a lot of multicultural music as well, drawing influences from India, the Middle East, the Spanish countries, while there are also many string-driven, classical melodies that make each scene incredibly powerful.

    Wow, this review is getting long. Enough of me raving about the positives. I didn't give it a 10 because there are 2 major flaws. Usually these would weigh the show down a lot but the show is so great these can be overlooked to some degree. 1] The dialogue between the wolves can be very cheesy sometimes. The script is very poetic and wonderful, which is why some of their corny lines get contrasted with poetry and therefore look worse. 2] This is what bugs me the most. The show is powerful because it doesn't give you answers directly; it challenges the viewer to think for himself and be imaginitive. (The vague ending, for instance.) However, sometimes it's overdone to the point of mass confusion. Near the end of the series a lot of plot holes develop, time lapses, and things that just couldn't have happened.
  • Great Story Line

    Wolfs Rain has a really good story line and characters. The only thing is that they do not have any special ability. But they have a good story line so I guess it makes up for the ability part. It has good dub and action. They are looking for Paridise Kiba,Heige,Toboe and some other guy forgot his name :).They say the world is coming to a end and all humans now live in domes. The only people that can find Paridise are wolfs and to find it they must find lunar flowers and there is a flower maiden Cheza and they must find her to get to Paridise. Overall is this a good show and will keep you watching week in and week out.
  • Wow. Just wow. One of my favorite series of all time.

    " Wolf's Rain" is, quite frankly, a series like no other.

    Made by the creators of the hit anime " Cowboy Bebop", " Wolf's Rain" tells the tale of four wolves and their quest for Paradise in a dying earth ( think of it as ' Pilgrim's Progress' with wolves ). That's simplifying things enormously. " Wolf's Rain" is probably the most intellectually complex series ever to hit the small screen. When it aired on Adult Swim in 2003, some could say it wasn't very popular with the masses. This can probably be attributed to the fact that " Wolf's Rain" isn't like most other anime- it just sort of falls through the cracks of other anime genres. It doesn't present the wham-bam thrills and gorefest action that many anime fans crave. Perhaps it just went too far over too many people's heads for it to be hugely popular mainstream. One interesting thing to noote is that most of " Wolf's Rain"s fans don't tend to like anime. I myself didn't bother touching anime until I saw " Wolf's Rain"

    The first thing that should be understood about " Wolf's Rain" is that it isn't about action. Rather, it's a sort of philosophical mind trip. It contains a lot of visual symbolism, and must be watched multiple times if you want to catch all the subtleties and fully understand the story. It contains symbolism from all manner of places, such as Christianity, Norse/Ragnarok, Buddhism, Japanese mythology, and elements of a Greek tragedy. If you're going to watch the series all the way through, be sure you have plenty of time set aside to take in what you've just watched.

    The animation of the series is just beautiful. I've seen rediculously big-budgeted animated feature films that didn't look half this nice. Movements are smooth, anatomy is accurate, and the attention to deatail is really staggering. The character designs are excellent, both for wolves and humans. The use of color and lighting to set the mood of the series or a certain scene was top notch. A simple change in ambience and coloration could change the scene's tone instantaneously. And going back to the attention to detail part- every crack in the pavement, every drop of blood, every strand of hair or fur; I tell you again, the attention to detail is staggering. Also, you could tell that the animators did their homework, not only on wolf anatomy, but on wolf body language as well. Very, very impressive.

    The storytelling of the series is impressive. From the slightly mysterious beginning, to the heartwrenching but powerful ending, " Wolf's Rain" has a story that is captovating, and meaningful. Though some plot points are left underdeveloped, the shortcomings fail to interfere with the series. Over time, the characters develop, and you fall in love with every one. The villain is one whose guts you genuinely hate, and you find yourself rooting for all four of our heros. Bear in mind that the tone of the series gradually changes over time, and becomes very dark and depressing towards the end. If you don't cry at some point in the last four episodes, either the series just didnt't do anything for you, or you have no feelings at all. This series will really pull at your heartstrings, and for someone like me who loves a good tearjerker, I was impressed when one episode kept me up half the night crying, and left me depressed for a week. Yep, it's that powerful.

    Finally, I'll review the music. The incredible musical talents of Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto, Joyce and Steven Conte all appear in " Wolf's Rain". Whether or not you've seen the series, the soundtrack is a must-have. The instumentals combine various different genres, including folk jazz, pop, rock, and numerous others. The vocal talents of Maaya and Steven are jaw-dropping ( I didn't really like Joyce, but she provided some nice vocals ), and Miss Sakamoto's exquisite ballad " Gravity" ( which plays at the end of almost every episode ) alone is worth the purchase of the first OST. The second OST is even better. Yoko Kanno's scores are always good, but I think " Wolf's Rain" was her masterpiece.

    " Wolf's Rain" stands in a class all by itself. It will break your heart, and it will really make you think. This gorgeous intellectual adventure is certainly worth your time. Do yourself a favor: Watch the series before you die.

    - myFork
  • No one can watch this and say, "That was Horrible!" because with all the cool characters, and annoying villain's, you'll be on the edge of your chair until the very end.

    I was crying my eyes out when Toboe died, I wanted to punch something. And then when Blue got bit on the throat I cried again. DARCIA WAS A BASTARD!!! @$%$#%#!!!! I wanted him dead the moment he shot Toboe. And then when he finally did die, I was disappointed with how it happened. (I wanted him to suffer! >:O) The ending was crap because that meant there would be no season 2. But I can't complain on the story line. It was fantastic, totally awesome. Wolfs have always been my favorite animal and seeing them in an anime like this was cool.
  • There should be another season of wolf's Rain instead of them ending where they did. Even if they changed the characters.

    How many TV shows are there that take place in the future when wolves take the form of humans? Only one, Wolf's Rain. they should have made a new season with new characters, or use the same characters and not have added the ending that they did. Wolf's Rain is an amazing TV show about 5 wolves in search of Paradise. Kiba- the leader of the pack. Tsume- the city gangster. Toboe- the pup of the pack with a love for humans. Hige- the food loving wolf that fixs in great with humans. And Blue- the wolf dog that soon leaves her master to join the wolves in their quest. They should bring it all back, the adventure, the drama, the action, everything should be turned into season 2 of the show. Even if they only do it in Japanese first. All wolf's Rain fans should have more then the bittersweet good-bye of Wolf's Rain.
  • One of the best series I have ever been able to see!,Absolely Fabulous.

    The good points on this show was its absolutely Fabulous Storyline that by it self kept me wanting to watch the show over and over.Another good point of this show is the fact that people can turn into wolfs like that! and they have the same characteristics as wolves.My last good point on this show is how it had many episodes which made it a long season.

    The bad points on this show are how the ending kinda of confused me because all the wolves died besides my favorite character Kiba who fought the strongest wolf all alone and almost died.But before the show ends it shows them alive and not knowing each other all over again.I also didn't like how they only made one season there should have been many more.
  • Wolf's Rain is a fresh and original. It's one in a million and totally worth watching. The character development and story line are compelling and keep you interested... It's a must watch.

    Throughout the entire show you're thinking... "I hope they find paradise". They get so close and you get so excited that maybe it will be a happy ending for the wolves.

    But... you start seeing the hints, the foreshadowing, that maybe a happy ending isn't possible. You learn how life isn't always so forgiving.

    I knew they would probably die, but I was still so shocked when Toboe died... lucky nobody was around to see me crying hysterically. Then I practically cried throughout the rest of the anime... It's kind of funny though, I watched it in Japanese with subs, so while I was crying everything was blurry and I couldn't read it. Lol.. I had no idea what they were saying so it made it more dramatic than it probably would have been.
  • Tearjerker, but amazing at the same time.

    In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in large domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are believed to have been extinct for 200 years. But some wolves still remain. These wolves live by disguising themselves as humans to survive. Wolf's Rain is the story of four wolves, Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe, who will follow the scent of the lunar flower on a quest to find paradise.

    This is the saddest anime i've ever seen, but I love it. It's a little slow in the beginning, but the ending is just wonderful. It's one of the only shows that have made me cry!
  • wolf's rain equals awesomeness

    this is one of those animes that leave you in tears by the end, it certainly left me in tears, ya, i adimit it, i cried because this anime was worth my tears, it was so good throughout the whole anime, and i admit that sometimes i was a little lost, i'd always catch back on and just enjoy every second of that amazing anime, the characters rocked, i even loved the bad guys, especailly the bad guys, lol, and the 'romance' between toboe and tsume, so sweet, and cheza..dont like her, but all in all, i loved it! ya.
  • One of the top 5 anime series I've seen.

    Wolf's rain is one of the best anime shows I've seen since first watching anime almost twenty years ago. It's unique with almost all the main characters are wolf's. The story is cutting edge about the world coming to a end and a group of wolves and humans trying to find a place called paradise. It a tragic journey taking place over thirty episodes. The story is kind of depressing, but the creators of the anime find a way to not make you feel it that much except near the end. Like I said the story and concept is original, the animation is just amazing the music also amazing, and the ending is tragic but still gives you hope.
  • Wow this has to be one of most enmotional Shows I have ever seen!!!

    Wolf's rain One word SAD!! but even though it was very sad through the whole show you still wanted to watch it just to see what was going to happen next also its so endepth Really Pulls you in has great Music Loved that though it was very hard to watch because of how sad and pretty confusing at time but it still pulled you in so much that when some thing happened to one of the wolves you felt it right in your heart and I think that's what a great anime is one that can touch in your heart I think any anime that can do that in anyway is really worth the time to watch it that's what I loved about this anime because even it was so sad it made me feel some thing so deep in your heart anyways I think if you want to have a good cry you should watch this anime
  • Awsome series ! i loves the wolves!!

    The basic story line in this series is that it is set in some distant future, it's common knowledge that all wolves have been extinct for 200 years. However, it seems this is false as wolves have not disappeared but rather have taken human form. Kiba, a lone wolf, wanders into a city, trying to sniff out the Lunar Flowers that are supposed to lead whoever follows the scent to paradise.

    The source of the smell is Cheza, a girl who sleeps in what appears to be suspended animation in a lab. She and the wolves are drawn to each other, and Kiba hopes to find paradise once he finds the source of the scent of Lunar Flowers. However, once Kiba finds Cheza, she is kidnapped by a mysterious person called Darcia, and his search begins anew.
  • One of my all time favorites.

    This is one of the greatest animes ever created. Everything about it was great. It had depth and great characters. I liked Kiba's determination. Probably the best character in the show, however, is Tsume. The conflicts he had in his past really really make him what he is. His relationship with Toboe is one of the important aspects to him.

    The ending was brilliant. I won't disclose much about it, but after I watched it, it raises the question of whether or not there really is such a thing as paradise. After all, Darcia himself says that the world can't be perfect for long due to the evil in it.

    Like I said, one of the best animes ever made. It is, in my opinion, worthy of literary analysis.
  • One of the best animes I've ever seen (and that's saying something, considering I've seen quite a bit). Totally complex and worth watching without a doubt.

    I'd heard of Wolf's Rain before, but I never watched it until my friend told me I should. It took me a while to get into it (I found the first few episodes kind of slow and it took me a while until I realized that the animation is gorgeous), but once I got past that phase, I couldn't stop watching and found myself crying my eyes out at the end.

    Yeah, by the way, the ending is the most beautifully depressing thing I've ever watched. I was crying like a baby the whole time and was left emotionally touched, to say the least.

    But back to the actual show. It's set in a post-apocalyptic future in which wolves are believed to be extinct but actually walk among humans decieving them by making themselves looking like humans themselves. The main characters are four wolves who are on a quest to find Paradise, a place where wolves can rest forever. But that's just the foundation of the series.

    When you look into the show a little deeper (this is when I get cheezy), it has SO many complex layers to it. It could be an environmental statement (the earth's destruction, major plant preservation projects conducted by scientists coughchezacough, the fact that the main characters are WOLVES!? Come on, guys, save the trees.), a message of hope (that there's a paradise waiting for you at the end of the world), a lesson on the hardships of life and friendship, and lots of other things to different people. My cousin even pointed out a lot of parallelism and symbolysim and all these isms that add so much more to this show that any other anime I've seen.

    I love Wolf's Rain, personally. I consider it to be one of my favorite animes in the world next to Chrono Crusade, Evangelion, and Trigun. The whole series is beautiful and a joy to watch. If you do decide to watch it, you're in for a treat ^_^
  • I just couldn't stop crying.

    In my intier life I have never seen such a great show. on the last few episodes I just couldn't stop crying. Wolf's Rain is no doubt my favorite anime ever. I even went as far as to buy every episode separately each disk has its own case and both the books then I went out and bought a huge safe it is supposed to be water and fire proof. I bought the safe so my copies will live long after me then my kids and their kids can watch this great show. At the end of each week in spend a while watching every episode then I go to sleep.
  • I just found out about this show and I have fallen in love with it.

    I would personally like to thank my friends here who pressured me to watch this anime. I am not a wolf person like my friends but this is a good show. I had never been to YouTube before. From the first episode I fell in love with this show. It is unique and original. I love the opening theme song. It gets stuck in my head a lot. The ending one is good too. I have not finished it yet but I know the ending. Oh well. I like the Characters. And that they are wolf/humans. More wolf than human. I do recommend this show.
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