Wolf's Rain

Season 1 Episode 30

Wolf's Rain

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Oct 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Wolf's Rain
The wolves have finally reached the entrance to Paradise, but Darcia has plans to open it himself. The world is moments from its destruction and needs desperately to be reborn.

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  • I didn't like how everyone had to die, that was horrible. They were so close!

    I think the eye was there in the end of the show, 2 show there was still evil in the world.: And at the very ending it ended off with the beginning song. And in that they don't know each other. So now they've gone threw ALLLL that only to die and not remember their friendship with each other!! AWWW I liked Blue and Hige sooo much! I think paradise whipped out all their memories of the cursed world they were from [including their friendship] so they could go on with the rest of their lives thinking it had always been perfect! :Dmoreless
  • Wolf's rain is about a group of wolves that are compelled to find a place called Paradise. They go though a long Epic trip, and meet a lot of interesting characters. This series is one I recommend for anime.moreless

    One of the best shows I have ever seen, though it never may happen I want to see a second season of this show come out. Most Anime Shows focus on the story lines and not the characters. This show builds the characters up so well that you start caring for them and in the end when they start to die off you actually are on the verge of tears. This is Anime at its best. Like I said I am not a Anime fan, I have no real interest in it but I was really sad when the series ended, I would stay up all night waiting for adult swim to show the new episode and got all excited when they did. After the T.V. series had ended I was compelled to buy the box set.moreless
  • In a lust for Paradise, Darcia the wolf demands for Cheza. The wolves, now alone in the world with the loss of Hubb, Quent, and Toboe, try to take him down and her. In the end, all but Kiba and Cheza are killed. How will Kiba defeat this beast alone?moreless

    This has to be one of the best well series finales I've seen. Feel free to disagree with me, but it might be the best episode in the series.

    However, I warn you. You CAN and WILL cry. It doesn't matter who you are or who you're a fan of, but you WILL cry. In every way the characters die, you will feel a great amount of remorse for the characters.

    First to go are Blue and Hige. To protect Hige and Cheza, Blue lunges for Darcia while he jumps. Darcia flexes his back like a cat and uses Blue to break his fall. Blue is stunned from landing on her back and is at Darcia's mercy. The long injured Hige (refer to ep 26) comes to her aid but is tackled to the other side of the platform. Blue, defenseless, has her throat torn out by Darcia while Hige watches. Kiba does his best to protect what was left of her, but Hige clamps onto Darcia's leg. Angered, Darcia quickly turns and tears out his throat too. While Kiba is stunned at what happened to his longest friend, Darcia steals Cheza. Hige tells Kiba to continue on. This is the really depressing part. Hige crawls over to Blue to comfort her in her last moments. She dies soon after. Tsume catches up (after mourning over Toboe) and by Hige's request, cries while finishing him off due to his physical and emotional suffering. You see Hige at the end lying dead beside Blue.

    Tsume is next. To protect Kiba, he attacks Darcia. They are locked in combat while he buys Cheza and Kiba some time to reunite. This doesn't last long since Tsume literally has his entire side sliced. Darcia escapes to follow Cheza while Kiba comes back to see if Tsume is ok. This is part wrenches at your heart since these too never seemed to get along. Tsume says his last emotional words to Kiba, and despite his offer of helping him, the white wolf continues on. Tsume lies on the ground, gives a sorrowful howl that shakes Kiba's very soul, and is dead. Other than Hubb and Cher, he is the only one to die alone.

    Cheza and Kiba are next. After a bloody battle with Darcia, Kiba is unable to even move. His eyesight is just about shot and is unable to protect Cheza despite his pleas for mercy. Darcia rips out Cheza's roots, and later he gets rejected by the entrance of Paradise (getting vaporized with only his wolf eye remaining). Kiba manages to get up, but when he gets there, Cheza vanishes into seeds where she is only a pile of seeds, her old ripped robes, and a Lunar flower. Carrying the flower into Paradise, Kiba collapses. When a warm rain comes and plants sprout, the world (and the moon) are normal. The earth turns into a great garden. Kiba, who is now lying on the thin ice of a lake, falls through and drowns.

    You will be crying the entire episode, as I said before. The emotional value and last minute character development really shines and shows you what the heart and soul of Wolf's Rain is about.

    Let's get to another point. The FINAL BATTLE! Every good final battle should be filled with drama, and if it's a teen to adult program (like Wolf's Rain) it should be nice and bloody. Wolf's Rain hits the nail right on the head with this. Totally dramatic with the hero full of loss get holds his head with pride. The talk with him and Darcia takes the cake too. But his race then mounts to a climactic final battle for paradise. Very bloody (you can see the snow and ice actually stained by the blood) lots of action, even the desolate background contributes. Very well done.

    This episode, for the reasons given, earn ep 30, the series finale, a well deserved 10/10.moreless
  • the remaining wolvse, kiba, tsume, hige and blue, along with cheza finally arrive at their destination, but the evil darcia, gone mad in his search for paradise, tries to thwart their mission by claiming paradise for himselfmoreless

    The entire episode is a desperate fight for survival as each of the wolves battles darcia, who has become a wolf, and tries to stop him from claming paradise. I have to say that the way in which every character dies, one by one, has left me a deep mark; the tragedy of the entire episode is enough to make a grown man cry(i know i did). The final battle is left for kiba and darcia, but the antagonist is too strong for kiba and leaves him half-dead and tries to enter paradise before jagara's poison kills him, but he is rejected and destroyed, only his wolf eye being left behind. Kiba then tries to convince cheza not to leave, but she must reach her mission, and whithers turning into thousands of seeds. ''look for me'' she says to kiba, ''i'll always wait for you'', in the culmination to the saga. Thus, the moon becomes normal again, and the rain starts falling letting the moon-flowers bloom, remaking the world, the wolves themselves are reborn and alive again in the last part of the episode leaving hope for more adventures.moreless
  • This is the finale, and what a finale it is. This is like a standoff for Darcia and Kiba In there search for paradise. Darcia has gone mad and Kiba is still so determined, even tough there seems like there is no hope left for the existence of wolve's.moreless

    in all honesty, I cried like a little girl when I saw the end of this episode. Everybody just dies off. one by one, and it's so unfair i wan't to get mad at the show. But at the very end there is a little ray of hope. So that made it all worth while.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The final images include the puddle and Kiba's foot running through it that we see in the opening credits of most episodes. This again mirrors the fact that the end of one world is the beginning of another world.

    • Kiba's last words to us in this episode are the same as his first words to us at the beginning of Episode 1. It mirrors the cyclic nature of the world that Wolfs Rain portrays and makes us wonder if perhaps this is not even the first time Kiba has "re-opened" the world

    • When all the wolves are shown in human form in the new world, Kiba is the only one wearing his original clothes. Tsume is wearing a leather riding jacket, Hige's sweatshirt is now blue instead of yellow, and Toboe's whole outfit has changed.

    • Cheza is not the way of opening true Paradise. When she is telling Kiba to find her in the next world, she says that she (as a humanoid) is not the true form of the way to Paradise, but because Kiba protected her the once-extinct Lunar Flowers will bloom in the next world, and he in the next world must find her, and the NEXT time Paradise is opened it will be the Paradise he was seeking all along (a place of perfect happiness, much like Heaven).

    • Final character conclusions:
      - Blue is killed in a fight with wolf-Darcia.
      - Hige is mortally wounded and asks Tsume to put him out of misery.
      - Darcia rips open Tsume's side and he bleeds out (quickly).
      - Darcia (already dying by Jagura's poison) gets Cheza's poison blood in him which kills him in a matter of minutes.
      - Cheza thanks Kiba for protecting her and turns into Lunar Flower seed pods.
      - Kiba wanders out into a dead world, collapses, and sinks into the water when the ice melts (whether he died by drowning or by entering Paradise as a new being is undetermined).

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Darcia: You've lost everything that was precious to you.
      Kiba: I haven't lost anything. Not my friends, or my pride as a wolf. Nothing.

    • Darcia: The world where you would go hand in hand with the flower maiden has neither perfect happiness, nor joy, nor life. This is because it also does not contain perfect sadness, nor misery, nor death.

    • Blue:(To Hige) Everything's all blurry. Will you stay with me?

    • Hige(to Tsume): Let's meet again, next time in Paradise.

    • Cheza(to Darcia after he is infected with poison): What flows through this one's veins, is poison.

    • Kiba: They say there's no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the earth there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk it's always the same road, it just goes on and on. But in spite of it why am I so driven to find it? I hear someone's voice calling to me..

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