Wolverine and the X-Men

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • A trip through Cyclops's head and past provides a major revelation to the X-Men's present and future. Featuring the X-Men: First Class and a major continuity headache!

    In Wolverine and the X-Men, Cyclops loses the two most important and influential figures in his life and is changed by their loss. On the fateful day in episode 1, Cyclops loses his father figure, Professor Xavier, and the love of his life, Jean Grey, he is left broken. However, the shattered hero still joins Wolverine and the X-Men in the hopes of preventing a terrible future and, hopefully, being reunited with his lost love. While this purpose give Scott Summers something to grasp on to, he remains a broken individual. His desperation to regain Jean Grey have made him reckless and dangerous to himself, the team and any property that might be nearby. Nary an episode in which Cyclops appears in WatXM goes by without Cyclops blowing something away. In one of the series more interesting conceits, Wolverine has been forced to become the leader of the X-Men while Cyclops fills the role of the destructive dangerous loner.

    However, in a battle against the Juggernaut, Cyclops is distracted by a hallucination of Jean that allows the villain to escape and leaves Wolverine and Cyclops wounded. Realizing that his feelings for Jean are making him as much a liability to the X-Men as an asset, Cyclops appears ready to leave when Emma Frost proposes to remove Cyclops's memories of Jean. Initially, Cyclops is wary (and rightfully so. Seriously, does that sound like its going to work). This leads Emma to take a tour through the past history of Cyclops, the trauma of his parents apparent demise in a plane crash that he and his brother survived, the emergence of his uncontollable powers, his recruitment by Charles Xavier, his love at first sight meeting with Jean, to the original X-Men, to Wolverine's arrival and the nature of their rivalry. The tour ends with Scott and Emma reliving the events of episode one to make a shocking (well, not really. Anyone with a ruimentary knowledge of X-Men lore probably know where its going long before its revealed, but work with me).

    This is a character-centric episode, so it is not heavy on action. However, I found it to be a very interesting episode, reminiscent of one of my favorite comics, Joss Whedon's Astonshing X-Men #14, where Emma takes a tour of Cyclops's psyche that I wouldn't be surprised was an influence on this episode. However, in the comic, Emma's tour is meant to break Cyclops down by forcing him to accept that he is the cause of his own greatest failing... which also leads to Cyclops putting himself back together and gaining control on his once uncontrollable powers. Here, Emma's goal is to take a broken Cyclops and repair him by removing the apparent source of his pain. The trips are different with similar elements, focusing on Scott's self-doubt. The episode does a great job filling in backstory, fleshing out characters and their motivations and doing so in a thoughtful manner for a cartoon. However, there is also the untapped potential in the episode of explosing Emma Forst and her motivations for doing this, of messing with someone's memories (which is a big deal for Wolverine) and on what would happen to Cyclops if they had actually finished going through with it. I don't consider this, necessarily, a flaw in the episode, in fact I applaud the thought provoking concept... though that Emma Frost's motives was a flaw in the episode.

    The episode features a fan-boy special appearance of the First Class of X-Men, the original team of X-men, Cyclops, Jean, Angel, a not furry Beast and a continuity anomaly Iceman (the Iceman of WatXM would be, like 3, during the First Class) battling Magneto. Its good times.