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THE thief

Who would be the perfect thief?

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    [1]Oct 3, 2009
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    Well, I have a hard time deciding.
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    [2]Mar 31, 2010
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    Shadowcat. Unseen, invisible until right at the target, and easily can escape. The others can screw up or be caught too easily.

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    [3]Mar 31, 2010
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    i say shadowcat in the end would make a better thief and here's why

    Gambit is all ready an amazing thief and so you would think he was the obvious choice, but with the fact that his power is a little loud for sneaking (even though the smaller the item he charges, like the tumblers of a lock, the quieter the pop it still would make a noise and under some situations that would get you caught) and it would leave broken locks if he used it and guards would investigate immediately, so he would have to rely on normal means of breaking and entering.

    Nightcrawler on the other hand idk if he's ever been a thief(or for that matter shadowcat) but he has quite the natural and trained agility and acrobatics plus he can crawl on walls and ceilings about as good as spider-man, but fact off the matter is he has the same drawbacks as gambit in the fact that his power is too loud for sneaking and on top of that the smell would have people investigating for several reasons of it's own, plus on top of that he has to know where he's going or risk ending up in a wall or merged with a bookcase plus he doesn't know if someone is in the room before he teleports, so he does have the advantage of the unused paths on high, but he still has many of the same problems as gambit.

    And now Shadowcat she of course even without training can be a reasonably good thief and with training she could be the most amazing due to the fact that her power is specifically useful without much problem, she doesn't make any noise with it there is no weird smell and yes she can't see through walls before going through and wouldn't know if someone was on the other side first but she could always just half phase through and peak only an eye into the room before full committing to the phase and back out if there's a guard or whoever so i say she would be the best suited to being a thief in the end, now if only gambit would train her

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