Wolverine and the X-Men

Season 1 Episode 1

Hindsight, Part 1

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • A pretty average start

    The first episode of Wolverine and the X-Men started the series off well. Not too much action or characters with actual roles in the episode, but it was OK. Wolverine and Beast were really the only ones with roles in the episode, but I did love seeing cameos from Pyro, Boom Boom, Dust and Wolfsbane. The episode started off kinda slow, and then moved even slower. But it is just the first episode, not the best episode by any means, but pretty decent. It's probably equivalent to maybe the best episode of the original series. I.E. Really not that good.
  • Logan protects a family, a family protects Logan.

    The animation is rich and the mythology seems to be set. The toned down violence doesn't bother me, I'm used to that with cartoons these days. My main issue was the lack of information right off the bat. The way the series starts a little jarring, and nothing is really explained (Didn't know what MRD stood for, characters come in without introductions- they assume we should all know who everyone already is), but there is a bit of intensity to the series that is very welcome, and direct nods to the movies (the way Rogue's ability is animated, and the identical look of Bobby Drake's home) were refreshing. If you haven't been reading the comics recently, some character models will take some getting used to (Avalanche, Toad).
  • It begins...

    Waited for this series to start for so...looooooooooong...

    And it's started!

    And it's AWESOME!

    Here are some first impressions:

    ~Animation: It's great to look at. Not as realistic as the 90s cartoon, but not the same as the Evo version either. The characters look great for the most part (did you SEE Storm's hair?!), so no complaints there as of yet.

    ~Voices and music: The voices so far are SPOT ON. ALL of the accents are brilliant - Logan's gruff Canadian speech, Rogue's southern drawl, Nightcrawler's german accent, Colossus' russian and Kitty's valley girl talk are just SUPERB. Couldn't ask for better with respect to any of the characters. Simply perfect there - a grating voice can ruin a character very easily. REALLY happy that doesn't happen here.

    ~Plot: Pretty intense! Lots of unanswered questions, but then again it's a three-parter so I suppose things'll get clearer soon enough. The explosion at the mansion, Xavier's (and Jean's) disappearance, the MRD (LOVE that they're referred to as the Mardies ^^ Too cute) and the sheer darkness of what's happening. Torture? Yipes! Not that it hasn't been done before, but I was kind of surprised to see it. Anyway, Rogue's disappointment in Logan for leaving was very good, and the fact that there are so many things that happened that went unexplained (him LEAVING, the explosion, the disappearances...) as well as the fact that all of the X-Men have to be reassembled because everybody is missing...well, I find it cool how the team got broken up and is now having to be reformed, piece by piece. It makes for good fun!

    Also, the whole Wolverine vs MRD vs Citizens was a good way to start. We got a good look at the group of baddies, as well as the situation between mutants and the rest of the populace. That's always a good place to start, methinks. And it's nice to show the dynamics of human opinion: The people who are completely afraid and generally intolerant of mutants vs the people who recognize a hero when they see one.

    ~Overall: Well, it was a danged good episode. I was literally squealing with excitement all the way through. I loved almost everything about it, and am just filled with YAYNESS about the whole project.
  • After the unknown explosion that took away Professor X and Jean Grey, the X-men disbanded. 1 year later, Wolverine continues his lonely journey. While stumbling upon a couple whose daughter is endangered, he risks his life to the rescue.

    One thing for sure, Wolverine is an obvious choice for the series to begin the pilot since he's now a title character. What really caught my attention in this episode is that he selflessly rescues a little girl named Erica from an explosion despite the fact that there are human witnesses who most likely react with fear since their prejudice towards mutants are inevitable. The only humans who openly welcome Wolverine as a hero are Erica's parents, as they are the only non-mutant characters I respect so far is because they did not shun Wolverine as a mutant. What makes them even more unique is that they also criticized the M.R.D (Mutant Response Division) for being the ones that citizens should watch out for. It is a rare sight to see humans to accept mutants. This is exactly what Professor X dreams of: a world where humans and mutants can live in harmony. Come to think about it, doesn't Professor X remind you guys about Martin Luther King Jr.? I mean, he did fought for the dream of racial unity! It is such a shame that every time a new race and minority is introduced, they are always bound to the subject of racism. Typical human nature is sad but true, but hopefully, this show will motivate people to break the cycle so that the mindless carnage and rampage will end.
  • A good start to what looks like a great and exciting series.

    I'm not a huge X-Men fan. Yeah, I've seen the movies and I like them, but there aren't that many characters I care for. Wolverine is awesome though, and luckily, for me anyway, is that he's the main star in this show. I know, I know. "Gee, how'd you figure that out?" We're not introduced to all the X-Men in this episode, and none of the well-known mutant villains appear. In time hopefully, I want to see Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth. Instead we've got Wolverine and Beast trying to save a normal human family from this bad guy. I don't read the comics, so I'm not familiar with this evil character. And he's EVIL alright, torturing the dad, and willing to torture a little girl to get information about Wolerine. Apparently he has a history with Wolverine, we see some huge scars on his face, made by Wolverine's claws. If this episode is any indication of things to come, then this is gonna be a much darker show than earlier X-Men shows. Great, as long as it doesn't get too depressing. But this was a good way to start, and I'll definitely keep watching.
  • First episode of quite exitedly expected X-Men cartoon series. A bit of a disappointment.

    Just saw the first episode and I was a little bit disappointed. The whole series seems to have a quite depressed touch. Well ok - the whole setting is depressed. Professor X and Jean been missing for a year, Mutants hunted by government forces. Just to support this all characters have been drawn little thin. I kinda miss the "chubbyness" of the X-Men Evolution drawings.

    The whole drawing style is a bit DC-esque like Batman Beyond or Justice League and lack a little more Marvel touch in my oppionen. The overall plot for this episode seems kinda drawn together. Just some bits and peaces and I miss a bit more of a flow.

    Anyways - I'll tune in next time again to see what happens and how the series unfolds.