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  • intoxicating

    i found myself adicted to this show and wanting more.the idea of a free spirited loner having to put himself aside and rase a team from the ashes then send them into battle.i get excited just thinking about this series again.then season two was supposed to A.O.A. i never thought i would get this excited over todays programing.easiy a contender for spectacular spiderman.those two were the best shows in the line up.unfortunatly this series was canceled due directly to low dvd sales.the funding ran out.but marvel/nickolodeon cannot blame the public for that.the dvds were 4 episodes for 10- 15 dollars u.s. i refused to pay that when i knew there would be a complete season 1 eventualy for atleast $20.and i was right.this series could have re written animated tv shows.
  • Why?

    One thing that I may never be able to understand is why such a supremely awesome show as this was cancelled without possibility of a second season. Now I know that it had something to do with inability to work out financing issues with a financing partner, but still. Come on. Think of the kids! This show was SPECTACULAR and it SO didn't deserve to go out before at least a second season was produced. The characters were complex, the girls were hot, and the villains were well developed and not just evil for the sake of it. To me, this show will always rank up there with the original x-men and x-men evolution.
  • It could be worse, but it could have been a lot better.

    I loved the X-men growing up, I liked X-Men Evolution, and I wanted to like this show, so I'm going to be as fair as i can about this Review. Wolverine as a character isn't who he was, in the 80's and the 90's he was always the lone wolf, does what he wants, Stout smelly little Canadian that we all loved. This version is more indicative to this time. He's been made to be a pretty boy, a leader and a bit depressing. essentially he's been tamed, and seems like a shell of what he should be.

    I suppose my problem is simple, they disregard who the characters are. And while writing new stories is acceptable when go from comic to cartoon or film, the characters should be preserved. And its not just Wolverine that has lost who he was, its everyone. I think a few things kinda set you off from the get go on this show. One is the complete removal of Xavier and using him like Zordon of old Power Rangers fame. Its really hard to take the show seriously after that. In all fairness the show does try to have a plot, which is more than you can say for a lot of shows. The voice actors are mostly well cast. The animation is something of a curveball. It looks good at times, and has some very impressive scenes but there are obvious mistakes in every episode. Like the hole in the wall Rogue used to spy on Quicksilver.

    In the end I'd say X-men Evolution had the best animation and story. The original had the best art style and voice acting. What this series brings new to the table is an obvious attempt to be different, while the first season seemed like they were rushing a lot of things; trying to plug to many characters, all the while trying not to let anyone upstage wolverine. It is a flawed but watchable show, I just hope the obsession with wolverine fades a bit over the years, so he can return to his roots.
  • Nick does it again

    Nickelodeon once again proves that good cartoons are not long gone. Wolverine and the xmen is the best incarnation on the x-men. Its a great new story, there is great voice acting, and there is much more enjoyment than the x-men movies. I thought that making wolverine the main focus of the show would spell disaster. However, it isn't as focused on wolverine as i thought. The show just presents wolverine as the leader of the x-men but he doesn't lose any of his character. I was sad when avatar aired the final episode but wolverine and the x-men shows me that there are still great cartoons to come.
  • Finally, SOMETHING decent.

    In a world where television has defenitely gone down the toilet in terms of entertainment, Wolverine is one of the few good shows out there. Now i never saw the 90s cartoon, and i don't remember much about Evolution, but this seems to establish it's own identity as a cartoon, and i like that. Originality is good for once when it's not just copying of the original source material. Now I have a few problems with it. Wolverine seems a bit too soft for me, Cyclops just depresses me, and the whole "ruined future" thing is a bit cliche. But the animation seems fresh, the action is quite cool, the characters are interesting, and overall, it's a good show. I haven't been able to see many episodes, but it does seem like a good show that does not disappoint for anyone who wants a good cartoon.
  • The newest incarnation of the beloved mutant franchise puts everyone's favourite Canuck at the forefront - while longtime fans may bemoan this spotlight, Wolverine and the X-Men is a fantastic series that stands proudly alongside the older 90's classic.

    With the success of Fox's movie franchise, is anyone really surprised by the creative mandate to move Wolverine to the head of the X-Men? Logan is taking charge this time around, as the series opens with the mysterious disappearance of Professor Xaiver and Jean Grey. Xaiver's whereabouts are quickly revealed within the first few episodes, and it's an interesting twist that sets up the first season's plot threads. Those who liked the ongoing, serialized nature of the 90s X-Men series will find the same storytelling sensabilities here, with multiple plot threads weaving in and out and even stand-alone episodes tying in to the main arc. Like the past series, there's an authentic faithfulness to the Marvel comic universe - expect to see the Sentinels, Mister Sinister, Genosha, and many familar X-Men trappings. Even the Hulk and SHIELD bust into an episode for a match with Wolverine.

    And really, despite Wolverine's headlining name in the title, the creators do a good job of making sure the spotlight gets passed around a fair bit. Emma Frost, Rogue and Nightcrawler are particularly well-handled, and Xaiver gets a lot of screentime (moreso considering he's an old man in a cartoon aimed at kids). Wolverine gets a lot of solo spotlights, sure, but look back on the old series and you'll find he took the lead in multiple episodes as well. Where the series falters is the characterization of Cyclops - gone is the strong, tactical leader of the X-Men replaced by a depressed, brooding shell of a 2nd-stringer. Others like Storm, Kitty Pryde and Iceman are relegated to the supporting cast, though they are used consistently.

    The only real downside to the series is that it almost does too well a job of recycling the typical X-Men storylines - if you've watched the older shows, the movies, played the video games, etc. then you've seen Senator Kelly's anti-mutant agenda, the dark future created by the Sentinels, the Inner Circle and the Phoenix, Wolverine's Weapon X past, etc. "Wolverine and the X-Men" interprets these traditional storylines in a smart and intelligent fashion, but doesn't quite create engaging new storylines like the DC animated shows have done.

    Overall though, if you're in the mood for new X-Men animated material, Wolverine and the X-Men is worth your time.
  • interesting series....

    Just started watching this new show and well, as my first impression and thoughts, the design of the characters, the childish lines and the colors, this looks a lot like The Batman(not that's a bad thing). Ok so far i've only seen up to episode 5, and it's not nearly as good as X-men TAS or Evolution series but it's still at the beginning and it shows a lot of promise. There's new equipment, new additions to the team (Emma Frost), which i think is a very good idea since she was voted "Hottest Comic Book Babe" in 2005, so this adds a different look for this show. I will deffinetly be watching the following episodes and reviewing further opinions, but, to be honest...i kinda like it. So far so good. Cheers!
  • Pretty good episode.

    So the nightcrawler episodes have been a highlight of the first season.This isn`t my favorite nightcrawler episode,but it is indeed a special one.
    i can`t beleive scarlet witch dropped logan on purpose!i guess she has a little bit of her version in x-men:evolution.the possed logan was very disturbing but i think that`s what the writers were aiming at.i do like the idea of scarled/nightcraawler
    but it`s weird since in x-meen:evolution,she ain`t think about him too much.All in All,a great episode.
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  • When an Eplosion uccurs that know one knows where it came from. The Professor and Jean disapear. one year later Wolverine works to reorginize the X-Men. They Head to Genosha where Magneto has made a Mutant Paradise where the Proffesor is being held

    This is another animated series for the X-Men, and in my opinion it is the best one yet. It takes all of the action from the X-Men movies but makes it appropriate for children. It uses characters that are barely mentioned in the movies (such as Knightcrawler and Angel), or Characters only mentioned in passing (Such as Emma Frost). This show is a nice twist on the classic X-Men. Also, in this show Wolverine is in-charge of the X-men instead of Cyclops which is the only thing I have against it. In this show Rogue is living with the Brother-hood *SPOILER* Just to get information on them. Also, this show shows conficts in the characters to join the X-Men. Cyclops is upset about Jean Disapearing. Storm is in Africa. Angel isn't aloud because of his dad's position. Rogue has joined The Brother-Hood. Knightcrawler is being held prisoner in Genosha. Only Beast Wolverine Shadowcat Iceman and Emma are prepared
  • Probably tied for the first best adaptation of the X-Men cartoons with the 90's series. With great writing, great stories, exception voice actors this show is definitely the best new cartoon I've seen in quite sometime.

    Anyway, it's kind of interesting how I got hooked on the show, I read online that there was a new show coming out called Wolverine and the X-Men and a few of the episodes had already aired. Anyway it aired on the Nicktoons Network and I fell in love with the series immediately. Steven Blum as Wolverine is just great, and all the other voice actors are exceptional as well. Not mention the show is very serious in tone, and not kiddish. A potential war brewing on earth between humans and mutants. The characters are all well drawn, and I know a few people were disappointed Wolverine was the leader but his portrayal in this series keeps his tough grittiness, but also brings in new dimensions into his character. He just isn't an moronic killing machine, he has a purpose. It's also interesting seeing characters like Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, the Ice-Man, the Beast, Mystique, Magento, etc....There is obviously a standard Wolverine going back for his past episode, there always is in every X-Men series, that's a bit tedious but other then that everything else is fun to watch. I'm definitely looking forward for Season 2.
  • Best show on TV! And its a cartoon!

    I am so excited I watched the X-men in the 90's and I was a huge fan! This show show does a fantastic job of combining the old storylines we all know and love with those from the movies. This series has excelled where the movies have failed. I love the characters, the storylines and the various elements that are causing the X-men grief! This is one of the better shows on television! Sad a cartoon beats out most of the crap out there, but watch and you WILL NOT be disappointed! I can't wait for season two hopefully they will do more with Rogue and Shadowcat, I'm over Jean Grey and Cyclops!
  • Show about some mutants who are being persecuted by a government agency.

    In Wolverine and the X Men there is a mysterious explosion at a refuge for mutants called X Mansion. The mutant leader Wolverine escapes the blast and manages to free his fellows from imprisonment. They are being hunted by a organization called the Mutant Response Division. The show in my opinion is alright for watching, certainly not from a genre i much care for (this whole good versus evil thing seems very outdated in light of such more progressive series as Recess or Pepper ann etc) however it is alright i guess. The animation style is one element i like, and has just the right level of realism to make it good but not so overly realistic as would make the show more worthy for live action production.

    The music i don't like or hate and the characters i am indifferent to as it's hard to relate to characters such as these with their strange and bizarre nature, thus one enjoys the show for the fight sequences and general adventure tone as one would a book of such a genre.

    Thus i'd give it 8/10 as a show.
  • The X - Men Magic Continues

    The Show takes place on year later from an incident at the Xavier Institute , That Disappears Dr. Xavier & Jean Gray ( Probably Cuz They Are Physco Mutants ). The MRD ( or Mutant The Mutant ) r now after all the mutants & don't mind capturin non - Mutants for investigation. Meanwhile The City Politics has taken the mutant "Problem" upto an Xtreme level & Now Its Upto Wolverine Re - Unite All the X-Men & find out what happened at the institute & save the city from choas of the brotherhood. The Show Features Logan / Wolverine
    Henry 'Hank' McCoy / Beast
    Scott Summers / Cyclops
    Bobby / Ice Man
    Kitty / Shadow Cat
    The NightCrawler
    Ororo Munroe / Storm
    EMMA FROST ( The Hot White Chic In The Pic Above )

    Even Though It Does not contain many of the old & cool heroes like Gambit . The Show is great to watch in terms of its story concept & animation. Even Considerin that I found this show in HD in some places.
  • Not bad at all, if you are willing to open your mind.

    The truth is, this show is the best X Men adaption we got since the nineties show (including the movies!)
    It is more true to the source, and the animation is great. The story might be a little hard to get for those who are not familiar with the X Men, but for the fans- it's really a pleasure. it doesn't follow the story exactly like it is in the comics, but on one hand, it's a lot more true to the source than the movies or X Men: Evolution, and on the other hand, it diverts enough from the source to make it worth watching (instead of just reading the comics). It's not perfect, but I will definitely keep watching it.
  • Blame it on the artist,Blame it on the makers,Blame it on everybody.

    Who had the right mind to create this show?Why does a bunch of shows has to be made after a movie?It's a bad idea to do that and they made it out of THIS SHOW?!What a bad idea.I can't believe that Nick Toons Network would do this like how of what they to Speed Racer.I don't like this show like all of the stupid Nick shows like True Jackson,VP or The Naked Brothers Band.Nickelodeon is starting to make really bad shows like what they did to a bunch of shows.This is the worst superhero show ever made by Nick in the history of worst shows.
  • With 100 words as the minimum, a lot can be said about this show. But this is enough to express how wonderful this show is.

    With 100 words as the minimum, a lot can be said about this show. But this is enough to express how wonderful this show is.

    For those of us who were fortunate enough to see the early 90's version of the X-Men, the animation may be a bit off-putting; however, the unique animation mixed with its complex/fascinating storyline allows for one great cartoon. This animated series mixes elements of the comic books, the movies and its own creative elements to provide an absolutely phenomenal view of the X-Men.

    I recommend this to any fan or non-fan of the X-Men, as they will surely be in for a treat!
  • I couldn't be more dissapointed with the direction they have taken the X-Men with this cartoon

    I couldn't be more dissapointed with the direction they have taken the X-Men with this cartoon. I understand that the X-Men have many different universe as the past is constantly changed by time traveling mutants. This seems to be another possible universe where Wolverine has somehow by the grace of god become the leader of the X-men. This is a travesty to the true X-Men universe. A bunch of Wolverine queer loving propaganda. The wreckless hot headed brute becoming the leader of the X-Men, giving orders and comeing up with the strategies? To make it worse, Woverine lectures Cyclops about being wreckless. Rogue having no powers except absorption (trying to tie in with the universe that the movies have created). The only X-men that gets accurately depicted is Nightcrawler, they made him awesome, as he should be. The most inaccuratly depicted X-men is Cyclops. They have made Cyclops wreckless, unfocused, impatient, no tactical knowledge, with no leadership abilities. In actuallity he is the true leader, 2nd most powerful (Jean is 1st), and most tactical x-men. The company that has bought this franchise is completely intent on destroying the true X-men universe. This could never compare to the show of the 90's that focused on all the X-Men equally with unparalleled teamwork and leadership.
  • The best Xmen show since the one in the 90's but that dosent mean it's great:)

    Ok cmon say it you know this show will never ever ever live up to the first one on fox saturday mornings but truth is there will nver be A show about the xmen at least ,A cartoon that good ever at least with this you get some good characters decent storys and it's not that cheesy it needs some work but cmon there making xmen for A new generation so for someone who grew up with the best Xmen the best spiderman and the best batman there never gonna live up to it but this show has it's ups and down but I would watch it if your A fan of the xmen because it won't butcher the series like many other did
  • A good show but a little hard to follow if you're not to familiar with the source material.

    Wolverine and the X men: X mansion gets blown up, team slipts apart, key members missing, it's up to Wolverine to reunite them (yes, Wolverine the anti-social one) and fight off the MRD and Sentator Kelly's oppressive anti-mutant laws. It's good, there's action, it fast paced but go back a second...what's it all about?! This is the kind of show appericated by hard core comic geeks, so little time is spent (itinally) indroducing the characters. To the non-X Man worshipper it feels a little bit like you're starting in the middle of a story, it could use some narration or something and the flashbacks the characters have through out the series seem a bit too cyrptic.
  • Good usage of source material

    This current new gen version of x-men does total justice too the x-men universe within their storyline. season 1 has been a fantastic arc and from start to end had a good balance of story and filler episodes as well as it didn't waste time getting to the point. the one thing with showing the original iceman was a good throw back paying homage to the roots of the franchise but threw me off at first. introducing the phoenix seemed a little early and although the future was changed the sentinel/master mold story wasn't resolved in the present. it will be interesting too see how the future is now that the future has changed and the discrepancy or xavier being aware of the change will have to be addressed right away. little things like that will begin to ruin the show if every season the show is basically started over with a new arc because they are trying to create the perfect future.
  • This show comes very close to topping the original X-men: Animated Series, which is a very hard thing to do in my eyes. I think they are doing an amazing job blending in new and old characters and stories. I can't wait to see more.

    The premise for the show is such a fantastic idea, and really lends itself to incorporating their version of several story lines from the comics. Having Professor X relaying things from possible futures allows them to run an underlying "Days of Futures Past" theme throughout season 1, I can't even tell you how excited I am for an "Age of Apocalypse" story for 2nd season! Seriously, the animation and story are very well done, there are a great list of guest characters that comic fans will be excited to see, and I'm loving the somewhat serialized aspect of the show.
  • Ele é um otimo desenho.

    Bom Wolverine and X-men é um pouco diferente de outros X-mens, principalmente por causa de seu novo layout, por sorte o desenho já chegou em diversos paises como para o Brasil, o desenho mostra basicamente o que qualquer desenho de super herois mostraria, porém agora que o Professor Xavier está em coma, e Wolverine teve que assumir os X-mens e Scot não vai muito com a cara dele fica dificil, muita gente não percebeu também que teve a volta de alguns X-mes que não participaram do X-men Evolution, e também que sairam alguns como o que soltava espinhos que no momento não me lembro o nome, a Jim também sumiu e por isso entrou uma nova ''integrante'' para fazer as mensagens telepaticas, o que piora também para o grupo é ficar sabendo que o professor irá ficar em coma durante 20 anos e quando ele acordar o mundo estará cheio de robos que irão destruir todos os mutantes do mundo, e que os unicos que poderam impedir isso são os proprios mutantes, outro ponto que me chamou muito a atenção foi a Vampira ter ficado do mal e ido para a equipe dos filhos do magneto, sei que muita coisa pode mudar, mais acho que ela fez uma escolha totalmente errada, além disso acho que ela poderia ajudar a achar a Jim junto com os outros X-mens e na minha opinião a Jim está em Genocha como Professor estavá ao lado de Magneto.
  • Something for all ages, but especially for fans of the X-books.

    I was skeptical when this series was first announced, because Wolverine is not a natural leader for the X-men. However, he has been proven to be the most popular X-man among fans in general.

    Although I've been collecting comics for a rather short period of my life, I have come to understand that this series is in fact written by some of the current writers of some of the X-men books (Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost). This is a very positive sign for the future of the series and a dream come true for the comic fans. Who better to write the animated series than the writers of the source material?

    Also, since I've read up on some of the better X-men storylines (like Grant Morrison's New X-men & Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men), I'm realizing that X-men mythos is slowly but surely mixing its way into the series.

    The fact that they're including some of the newer X-men (i.e., Dust) with the classic X-men is a good sign of things to come from this series. On the other hand, this series is not simply rehashing old X-men storylines from the comics per se. The writers are mixing in the old with the new as well as making it identifiable on its own.

    This series has the potential to become the pinnacle X-men animated series, but only time will tell.
  • The best marvel show they have ever made!

    Wow! that's what comes to my mind when i finished the last episode. I must agree that the begining of the serie was a little lame, but it all was carefull thinking so the action could be built. Last 10 or so episodes had been faboulous. It kind of stick to the original comics... offcourse, certain changes have been made, but, the "new" story line is a pretty marvel story, with "what's coming?" ending in every episode, with an unpredictable future, or how they're gonna save it... well, what else can i say... i mean, It's the best marvel show they have ever made!
  • The Brotherhood kidnaps Nitro, a mutant with the ability to explode. The X-Men must return Nitro to MRD before his unstable power kills half the world's population.

    I've been watching Wolverine and the X-Men faithfully every Friday, but after each episode I feel not fully satisfied. Time Bomb is no different. First, the series adds characters, Nitro, Psylocke, for sake of pleasing fans, rather than for the story arc of the first season. Second, in order for me to grow to like these new incarnations of the X-Men, each member has to make an appearance every episode. Rogue was in the first episode and now the seventh. Both episodes she's the whiner and because she doesn't have her super strength and flying abilities, she can't do much. It feels like not one character is fully developed. Third, the action is slow. During the fight scenes, one character steps in, uses his power, we move on to the next character. But what happened to the first character. Finally, foremost this is a kids' show so I understand the show's simple dialogue and plot lines, but it makes for boring stories, predictable plot and clumsy pacing. In Time Bomb, why does Wolverine have to tell Iceman to create a landing strip. Make Iceman smart and cut to the action. Same with Storm. Nobody should be told to take action. I only hope, if the series makes it past its first year, the writers amp up the story and character development.
  • A pleasant change from the previous X-Men cartoon, X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men tries to get more to its roots.

    Wolverine and the X-Men revolves around a world one year after a devastating, mysterious explosion rocks the Xavier Institute, leaving Professor Xavier and Jean Grey missing, and causing the dissolution of the X-Men. Wolverine has taken it upon himself to find out what happened to Xavier and Jean Grey, but old adversaries such as the Brotherhood and Juggernaut make his detective work much more difficult, and necessitate his reformation of the X-Men.

    This show is a nice change from X-Men: Evolution, which greatly changed character histories and created new characters ad hoc to suit the story. In Wolverine and the X-Men, actual characters from the Marvel Universe are present, and in great diversity; characters such as Spiral, Mojo, Bishop, Wolfsbane, Senyaka, The Shadow King, and even The Incredible Hulk make appearances. Although certain events in the Marvel Universe have been changed for this show, such as how Angel became Archangel, and Spiral's four cybernetic arms paired with two regular arms (compared to the Marvel Universe, in which she had four normal arms and two cybernetic arms), the changes seem to fit into the show much better than the quagmire that was X-Men: Evolution.

    Some of the voice acting needs improvement; Wolverine sounds almost as over-acted as Christian Bale's "Batman" did in The Dark Knight, and some of the characters' accents need work (Professor X and Gambit, to name a couple), but some of the voice acting is very well done, such as that present in Marrow, Shadowcat, and Beast.

    Overall, this is a good show that's much more in the style of the original than X-Men: Evolution. If you're a fan of the original X-Men show, and/or are just a fan of the Marvel Universe, this show is definitely worth a look.
  • An imaginative, super-futuristic prison with other-world powers of confinement appears in this episode. Polaris is young and not yet in the conspiracy with Magneto. To clariy the questions this episode poses, watch all the episodes of Wolverine.

    Now that the movie about the origins of Wolverine is coming to the big screen, I sat with my grandchildren and watched the cartoon and caught the episode, "Hunting Ground." I thought it was fabulous. Although there are elements of the story line that are a mystery to me because I haven't watched this cartoon in so long, I caught the realness of the characters, the obvious humorous lines and the hidden meaning of some of the dialogue. Great imagination and writing by the writer! I looked to see if other episodes were also authored by this person and so far I haven't found another one. I hope he will write another episode again and I will continue to follow the Wolverine cartoon series with my grandchildren.
  • A decent Try

    Well, where should i begin?? It's not that this show is overly bad yet at the same time it leaves a lot to be desired. One of the draw backs that i noticed is that it is trying to tell a lot of story in those short 30 minuets, more often then not i get the feeling that they are rushing the story just to fit in as much fighting as possible while still trying to have some sort of story. But with so much trying to be crammed in, surprisingly little actually gets done. One other thing, do we really need 4-5 episodes to remind us who the bad guys are, that a mutant betrayed them, and they were set up? i think not i mean there has only been a few episodes i think we can remember what happened. Other than that, the show looks pretty nice, and all he characters seem to have their old characteristics and flaws. Im sure ill come back after the season is over and give this another review but for now it gets an 8, maybe if it learns to slow down and tell the story then maybe it could move up in the rankings.
  • Mojo captures Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch from Genosha, before forcing them to compete in a tv show.

    this reminded me of why i loved the x-men cartoon on saturday mornings that i used to watch when i was a kid. action packed, funny and with great characters. this episode feels like a throwback to that and is definitely one of the best episode so far. nightcrawler was awesome, and the animation was realy cool. just like this series alot and think that this episode does it justice. some of the episodes before have been a little slow, or felt like filler, but this one was organic, really awesome and took me back to my childhood saturday mornings.
  • This show is excellent despite limitations.

    Despite a rough animation style and rougher voice acting, this show is excellent. It captures the essence of the X-Men comics. While the premise of Wolverine being the leader is no doubt due to the upcoming Wolverine movie, it adds a dynamic to the show that makes it fresh while retaining a classic feel. The fights are often cut short in an obvious effort to minimize on-screen violence. This does, however, force the writers to accomplish more with less. The fights are rarely determined by superior strength, but instead by some kind of choice, revelation, or conquering of some internal conflict. The variety of characters is also a huge plus for the show. Characters that have yet to see an on-screen version or have had little screen time are showing up regularly throughout the show. This lends a fun ensemble feel. It also allows for lots of merchandising. Overall, I will be happy if this show never ends.
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