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  • It could be worse, but it could have been a lot better.

    I loved the X-men growing up, I liked X-Men Evolution, and I wanted to like this show, so I'm going to be as fair as i can about this Review. Wolverine as a character isn't who he was, in the 80's and the 90's he was always the lone wolf, does what he wants, Stout smelly little Canadian that we all loved. This version is more indicative to this time. He's been made to be a pretty boy, a leader and a bit depressing. essentially he's been tamed, and seems like a shell of what he should be.

    I suppose my problem is simple, they disregard who the characters are. And while writing new stories is acceptable when go from comic to cartoon or film, the characters should be preserved. And its not just Wolverine that has lost who he was, its everyone. I think a few things kinda set you off from the get go on this show. One is the complete removal of Xavier and using him like Zordon of old Power Rangers fame. Its really hard to take the show seriously after that. In all fairness the show does try to have a plot, which is more than you can say for a lot of shows. The voice actors are mostly well cast. The animation is something of a curveball. It looks good at times, and has some very impressive scenes but there are obvious mistakes in every episode. Like the hole in the wall Rogue used to spy on Quicksilver.

    In the end I'd say X-men Evolution had the best animation and story. The original had the best art style and voice acting. What this series brings new to the table is an obvious attempt to be different, while the first season seemed like they were rushing a lot of things; trying to plug to many characters, all the while trying not to let anyone upstage wolverine. It is a flawed but watchable show, I just hope the obsession with wolverine fades a bit over the years, so he can return to his roots.