Wolverine and the X-Men

Season 1 Episode 14

Stolen Lives

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 31, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks
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When Logan gets an anonymous call that Christy Nord is in danger, he leaps into action. She's the grown daughter of a man Logan abducted when he was a Weapon X Agent, and now he feels responsible. But when he checks on her, he finds out it's too late - Weapon X has taken her. Help comes from a surprising ally - Mystique. Now the two of them set out to infiltrate Weapon X, and bring Christy back safely. But the more time Logan spends with Mystique, the more he realizes she has her own agenda.moreless

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  • Weapon-X

    Still don't understand why some people are upset with the fact that Wolverine goes solo again. It's kinda his thing, he wouldn't be Wolverine if not for the loner part. Personally i find this episode brilliant. Not only you find out of Mystique's role in the whole Weapon-X program, we also get to see Wolverine recovering another part of his memory just like in the previous episodes, and a glimpse of X-23, which i hope will play a far bigger part in this show than in Evolution and probably see her more often, it's kinda Wolverine's "legacy". However this episode is more dedicated to Wolverine fans, you do not get to see any other x-men (fine by me), personally i could "eat this dish" all day long, feed me Wolverine's twisted past whenever.moreless
  • Logan joins Mystique in another X-team-less adventure

    This is another one of those episodes where Wolverine runs off solo, but like the Gambit guest star from earlier, this time he's accompanied by Mystique. What bugs me most about episodes like this is that we get so little of the TEAM- you remember them? The other X-Men, right? I really like this show, but I admit they don't do a good job of showing the X-men together. For the most part every episode will only revolve around one character, and everyone else will show up like a 'clean-up' crew at the end.

    Anyway, here, we get the continuation of the Maverick storyline from a few eps earlier. I plot I didn't care much to see continued. Logan and Mystique return to Weapon X, and we learn Mystique was once part of the program, and she and Wolvie were once lovers. Whatever. They saved the little girl, and we got a brief glimpse of X-23, Logan's clone. This is the only cool part of the entire episode.moreless
  • skip it

    This entire episode is based around Mystique being in Weapon X, and an ex lover of Wolverine. And to add to the rediculousness, Mystique was seconds away from being fused with adamantium. It was still fun to see more of Kristie Nord (even though she is a made up character that is simply a copy of Petra Kristensen). No, you know what, many talented people worked very hard on the comics. A tv show with so much potential doesn't need to destroy their work. I don't know what's wrong with the writers for this show, but they must be taking cues from the research team that made the x-men movies.moreless
Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren

Christie Nord

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Peter Lurie

Peter Lurie


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Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Abraham Cornelius, Professor Thornton

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