Women in Prison

FOX (ended 1988)


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  • Great theme song! Here are the lyrics:

    Poor little girls,

    Now your trapped in this cruel, crazy world.

    You feel so ashamed,

    You insist you were framed,

    And you cling to your soul,

    At least till parole.

    So misunderstood.

    Now you're missing the life that was so good.

    While other girls make dates,

    You make license plates.

    Now it's life in the joint,

    Clean your cell, what's the point.

    So (your tour*) resumes back and forth across the room.

    Have them forward your mail.

    Now you're in jail.

    *The words in parenthesis are hard to understand so i'm not sure I got them right. Please correct them if you know what they are.

    The song was written by Ray Colcord. I don't know who sang it but he had a great voice.