Women of Ninja Warrior

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Women of Ninja Warrior

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The Women of Ninja Warrior is a group of one thousand contestants that compete to finish the four grueling obstacle courses that put their agility and strength to the test. This contest brings the worlds top fighters, jump ropers and ordinary house wives together to see who will be considered to be a ninja warrior!

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AIRED ON 3/8/2008

Season 1 : Episode 7

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  • Women Of Ninja Warrior is the best athletic competition on television. It's even better than the men's Ninja Warrior competition. It's great fun and I recommend it to anybody and everybody.moreless

    I'll start but saying that I despise G4TV with all my being. With that said, they have a gem on the channel called "Women Of Ninja Warrior". There is an obstacle course that 100 women try to beat to move on the the next round. There are 4 rounds total, with the last being an extremely difficult challenge that is rarely overcome. You'll be entertained by the many characters that enter the competition, and you'll love cheering them on as they try to become the next Ninja Warrior. I find it to be better than the men's Ninja Warrior competition because most of the men that enter aren't that different from one another, whereas most of them women are charismatic and easily set themselves apart from each other. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a guy and I notice women more than men.

    It's a great show and I reccomend you see it immediately.moreless
  • This is a show about women trying to beat a tough obstacle course. There are 7 compitions in all which are all exciting. It is another version of Ninja Warrior which is a much harder and more complicated Obstacle Course.moreless

    This is an amazing show. I started watching it with my brother, and I got hooked on the show. Every so often I go ahead and watch some of my favorite compititons. Some amazing women are in the diffrent compititions here. All of the women in these compititions try to make it to the final stage. Most of them just want to win others just are happy to participate. The competitors range from 10 year olds to 40 year olds and from Home Makers to Acrobatic Dancers. Some of the women come back to participate all the time. This is an amazing show. I suggest to anybody who liked the original Ninja Warrior to watch this show.moreless
  • Surpised, it's a great show!

    Women of Ninja Warrior is the spin off of the hit show, Ninja Warrior. In this show, only the women take on the course that are designed for them. The people that come there rage from athletes to house wives. There are a lot of different course that are in this show. many of them are new. in women of ninja warrior, they are testing your balance more then anything. they have the dimono hill that tests to see if you can walk on thin movable things. You also get tested on speed when you have to run up a 45 degree angle run up a hill. That is hard.

    Overall, this is a good show and it shows that women are just as good as men. you win only 2 million yen compared to ninja warrior's 10 million yen.moreless