Women: Stories of Passion

Showtime (ended 2008)


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  • Season 3
    • Miami Beach Tango
      Miami Beach Tango
      Episode 29
      A middle-aged married woman on vacation in South Beach Florida begins taking lesions in love from a young Cuban dance instructor.
    • Paradise Found aka Love For Sale
      A writer enters a bordello where she, in the persona of Eve, seeks more than just material for her next novel.
    • Angel from the Sky
      Angel from the Sky
      Episode 12
      A commitment shy researcher is haunted by erotic dreams of a Mexican folk hero from the old southwest until one day she see him while awake.
    • Sophie Shpooricky's Night of Love
      Sophie refuses to believe in her Polish grandmother’s folk magic remedy for finding true love preferring instead her role of a band groupie for her rock star boyfriend “Snake”. When Sophie catches Snake with another woman she and her friend Lily go into Macarthur Park and perform the ancient ritual of "June 18th, The Night of love” (with the help of grandma’s special 150 proof vodka) and meets the mysterious lover of her grandmother’s stories.moreless
    • Luck Is a Lady
      Luck Is a Lady
      Episode 10
      Set in the 1950’s the wife of a powerful Las Vegas man uses her sexuality to gain the help of a lounge singer in a robbery from her husband’s casino.
    • The Feather
      The Feather
      Episode 9
      Its 1861 and the American civil war is beginning. Abigail is newly wed to and living alone in an isolate setting while her husband is with his regiment. Lonely and unable to work the farm alone Abigail becomes romantically attracted to Hogawa, a Native American, but the times and conventions mean that they can never fufil their desire.moreless
    • Trio
      Episode 8
      A young woman joins the couple down stairs in a ménage a trois but when the other woman becomes pregnant she is again left alone.
    • The Tender Thief
      The Tender Thief
      Episode 7
      Dr. Andrea Morris, a radio talk show host who specializes in love is incredulous when multiple listeners relate their stories of midnight visits from a mysterious lover who leaves them happy satisfied and exchanges a rose for one of their valuables. Andrea is angry and frustrated until the night she meets “The Tender Thief” and experiences a similar erotic dream.moreless
    • The Photographer
      The Photographer
      Episode 6
      When an older woman sits for a portrait with an artistic minded photographer personalities clash but the sparks ignite more than conflict.
    • Voodoo
      Episode 5
      A serious minded doctor begins experiencing erotic dreams about a medical researcher unaware that he is using Voodoo to get her attention.
    • The Gigolo
      The Gigolo
      Episode 4
      A powerful woman feels the need to be controlled and frightened in order to reach sexual fulfillment so she hires a gigolo to follow her controlled “scripts” until he insists on writing the script. He creates a fantasy wedding that turns out to be really frightening…the contract is real and legally binding.moreless
    • The Lucky Bar
      The Lucky Bar
      Episode 2
      The daughter of a Chinese entrepreneur, who owns the Lucky Bar, dreams of using her seductive charms to help her father’s business deal.
    • Lover From Another Planet
      When a neglected housewife leaves her husband, space aliens enlist her to instruct them in human sexuality. As a reward they provide her with her perfect mate.
  • Season 2
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