Women: Stories of Passion - Season 1

Showtime (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • City of Men
    City of Men
    Episode 13
    In a totalitarian future the world’s population is divided between two cities that separate the world’s men and women.Once each year the men and women are brought together for mating ritual.

    All art is suppressed except official erotic training films that are controlled by two official pornographers. In preparation for that ritual Anna and her assistant come to the city of men to make new training films.moreless
  • Blind Love
    Blind Love
    Episode 12
    The Interviewer hears the story of an erotic dancer named May who is handicapped in her search for love by a lack of self-confidence.
  • Gun Shy
    Gun Shy
    Episode 11
    A lonely commitment-phobic female cop finds herself oddly attracted to a pimp. However, when he attempts to take her hostage and is killed she finds herself alone again… and free.
  • Sing, Sing Me the Blues
    A young wife and mother relates the story of her youthful affair with the uncle of her best friend. This doomed love ended in a downward spiral of drugs and left her heart broken and pregnant.
  • Table Service
    Table Service
    Episode 9
    The interviewer listens to Jo, the assistant to a successful movie producer, who harbors secret desires for her boss Tony but realizes he doesn't see her that way. While working late one night Tony is visited by his latest lover and Jo, secretly watching the couple's activities, begins to fantasize being with him.moreless
  • Warm Hands, Cold Heart
    A powerful woman had no difficulty putting her career before her personal life so when she and her husband take a weekend getaway for their anniversary she is surprised how quickly her personal side takes over. Part of their weekend is a massage from Victor whose warm hands arouse her senses to the extent that she never shut down her personal side again.moreless
  • As Always, Madelaine
    In the early 1960’s a young American actress meets an English student working as a waitress in a Bermuda café. Thirty years later the two women meet again, discuss their time together and the reasons they parted.
  • The Boxer
    The Boxer
    Episode 6
    On a bet a divorcé inspires an underachieving boxer in a match against a more successful fighter with ownership of a gym and even more at stake.
  • Wishful Thinking
    Wishful Thinking
    Episode 5
    A case of pre-wedding jitters leads to the appearance of a Genie who grants Callie not just three wishes but a “whole day in which she can do anything, sexually” with the guarantee that no one will remember a thing.
  • La Limpia (The Cleansing)
    When Sophia reads la cartas (Tarot Cards) for a younger man she begins to have more than a “little” interest in his future. However, when she begins to act on her feelings she is overcome with guilt (brought on by a presence from her late husband’s spirit) until she performs a cleansing to wash away her connection to him and free her to love again.moreless
  • Kat Tails
    Kat Tails
    Episode 3
    The interviewer meets with a women who tells her a tale of obsession caused by a visit a porn shop named “Cat Tails” where she meets an erotic performer named, “Lovely”.
  • Astral Eros
    Astral Eros
    Episode 2
    With her husband away on a business trip a woman undergoes an out of body experience involving her upstairs neighbor.
  • For the Sake of Science
    Graduate Biochemistry students attempt to build a Platysmagraph (a device that measure sexual response) using themselves as test subjects. While testing, Josie discovers things about her body for the first time.