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Based on the best-selling series of books by James Patterson, Women's Murder Club tells the story of four friends from different walks of life who come together to form a unique murder investigation team. Their jobs as a homicide detective, a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and an assistant district attorney give them a formidable range of skills, and their strong friendship provides the basis for the teamwork that's necessary to crack each case.

Women's Murder Club was broadcast on ABC, and produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Rat Entertainment. The series aired 13 episodes in total and was canceled on May 12 2008, a day before the airing of the series finale.
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  • Almost like "Rizzoli and Isles"

    Almost better. Canceled of course. GREAT!!
  • Bring It Back Now!!!!!!

    This was one of the best shows I have watched in a long time. I've read all of the books and want to see them on the screen. I had just gotten my husband addicted to it And they take it off!!!!Unacceptable!! Why are they taking all the good stuff off and putting on garbage? Some of the stuff on now is the same old stuff we've seen for years we need something new not a repeat of the same stuff, over and over again. Womens Murder Club gave us that something different and now it's gone. I don't understand the programmers theories.moreless
  • Great show!Bring iVery entertaining Please bring it back.

    Women's murder club is one of my favorite shows to watch. I felt it was fun and entertaining. The networks seem to leave a lot of the demeaning and inappropriate shows on. Such as the survivor really shows just for one. Fear factor, Bevus and but head, Tripping the rip,The simpsons,King of the hill, two and a half men etc... This was new and showed women in a positive light unlike Married with children that ran forever. I couldn't wait till it had run it's course. I don't understand the programmers. I respectfully ask for it to be brought back.moreless
  • Bring back this amazing show!

    The show is set in San Francisco, which first made me feel warm and fuzzy because a few good shows have come from there and have now ended such as Charmed and Killer Instinct. I started to watch this show, after I had seen a promo for it on YouTube and then found out that it was based upon the books by James Patterson, who is my favourite fiction crime writer. Within the first episode I became hooked. It introduces the entire main cast and lets you know all about their lives, whilst solving the first crime. The show is quite similar to the books, which made me fall in love with this show even more. We soon see that Lindsay Boxer (played by Angie Harmon) is a divorced cop who seems to be the gel that holds the group together. We find out that she is divorced and her ex-husband has now become her boss. Which can only be described as awkward, to say the least. I totally love the whole Lindsay and Tom thing which is going on which has so far consisted of them getting divorced, him getting engaged, them having sex together, a pregnancy scare and a marriage. We see a different side of Lindsay in episode 5 which involved a pregnant woman. In this episode we also find out that Lindsay was pregnant before and lost the baby and it deeply affected her relationship with Tom, and the relationship that she has with herself. Dr Claire Washburn (played by Paula Newsome) is the M.E. in the show, and she is a great character. She is a loving friend to all of the girls, and a wonderful wife and mother. A.D.A. Jill Bernhardt, (played by Laura Harris) is tough on the outside, but very soft on the inside. Her relationship with Lindsay is very close. The newest member of the group is reporter Cindy Thomas (played by Aubrey Dollar), she determined to prove herself in the world of the press, and yet to wants to be the best friend she can for the rest of the girls. Overall this is an amazing show, based on some of the best books ever published. This show was cancelled after only one season, due to three episodes having low ratings. All I can say is, Bring Back this golden gem, because since this has finished, my life now seems empty.moreless
  • Women's Murder Club is based on James Patterson's best selling series of books. It fcus on four friends who have different roles in San Fransico's fight against crime.

    Women's Murder Club was a casualty of the writer's strike and ABC's habit of canceling quality shows. The "club" is comprised of four friends. Detective Lindsay Boxer of the SFPD, assistant district attorney Jill Bernhardt, medical examiner Claire Wahsburn and reporter Cindy Thomas. Each member provides their own perspective on whatever case is being investigated.

    Throughout the first and only season of Women's Murder Club, the recurring theme was the case of "The Kiss Me Not Killer", a serial killer which Lindsay has been obsessed in catching. However, each episode had a stand alone plot, which made it easy to follow. The "Kiss Me Not Killer" was revealed before the show ended.

    The viewer was able to see into the personal lives of the club members as well. Lindsay had intimacy issues and found it difficult to move on after her divorce. It didn't help that her boss was also her ex-husband, who was planning his wedding to a kindergarten teacher. Jill had just taken a huge step in her relationship, moving in with her boyfriend. Claire must deal with a full time career and family. She's the breadwinner of the household, her husband is confined to a wheelchair following an accident. Cindy is the newcomer to the club. We really didn't get to know too well. Most of the time she was portrayed as starry eyed and naive. She desperately wanted to fit in. It would have been nice to see more of what made her tick.

    The relationship between the characters was the hallmark of the show. They knew each other well and what each can offer to the investigation. The supporting cast was good as well. Lindsay's partner Warren Jacoby was a father figure and partner. Lieutenant Tom Hogan, played by the underrated Rob Estes, was their boss. Enterprises' Linda Park played district attorney Denise Kwan, Jill's boss and at times adversary. Although Woman's Murder Club is an ensemble, the star is definitely Angie Harmon. She plays Lindsay. Angie is a great actress who deserves to have her own show. Bring Women's Murder Club back! Who knows, maybe Lifetime can pick it up? It's really sad when a quality show gets canceled in lieu of crappy reality shows like The Bachelor or comedies that aren't even funny.moreless

    Murder Club reopens April 29


    More Lipstick, Murder coming

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