Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 3

Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on ABC
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Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts
While investigating a woman found dead in an alleyway, Jill bonds with the victim's teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay is encouraged by her friends to return to the dating scene and Claire attempts to bring the romance back into her marriage.

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  • Lil' Orphan Laura

    Probably the best episode so far, with an intriguing mystery and some major character development for the three members of The Club.

    I loved that Jill finally got some character development. As much as I love Laura Harris, I found her character to be a little cold during the first two episodes, and the least endearing of the four women. I find it hard to like somebody who'd have numerous affairs with a man so obviously a jerk, so it was welcome to see her show some true emotions. While the whole "girl thrown into foster care" story isn't hugely original, it finally made Jill somewhat human.

    I also liked the personal scenes with Lindsay and Claire. The Lindsay/Tom subplot is better handled when written in a comedic way, and I liked seeing Lindsay make a complete fool of herself when around Simon. Claire's subplot was also really cute. We finally learned why her husband is in his wheelchair, and approached the subject of sex in their relationship. I loved that Lindsay bought her the lingerie at the end. If they had more scenes like this, which really show the strength of their friendship, the show would be a whole lot better.

    The case of the week was pretty good. I liked the inclusion of an LGBT character in a San Francisco-based show, and the mystery itself featured a ton of red herrings and twists. The S&M guy was also pretty hilarious.

    The strongest episode so far, as it balanced the dramatic and comedic elements of the show better than the previous two hours. If Women's Murder Club continues in this direction, it would be one awesome show.

    Director: Sarah Pia Anderson

    Writers: Gretchen J Berg, Aaron Harberts

    Rating: A-moreless
  • A new murder case brings deeper insight into the Women's lives.

    After a couple of rough eps, the series is starting to gel and this episode was good to give us better insight to the characters.

    Lindsey, we see, is still obsessed with that serial killer and I like how her ex points out how her obsession was a key factor in her divorce. At first, the stuff with her blind date was for laughs but it too had deeper meaning as she tells Estes that if she couldn't make it work with him, why try anyone else? That he tries to give her that push out shows how he still cares for her and it's good to see Lindsey try to let go of him as well. Jill got a great standout as we learned about her life in foster care which explains her issues with commitment. I'm sort of sorry that the orphan girl didn't stay with her as it might have been a nice dynamic but it was good to see her on the ropes a bit with her boss and handling the fact she couldn't solve everyone's problems.

    For Claire, we got insight to her marriage and how hard it was to be romantic with him. Lindsey's advice for her to initiate for a change was good and shows Claire more adventorous than we thought, a nice side to her. Finally, Cindy joins the team which is good to finally get the club going. It promises more fun with her at crime scenes and helping the ladies with their personal problems. I liked how over her head she got with the "date" but still managed to get out of it okay, showing she really fits in with them.

    So the main case may not have been that interesting but the characters made it work very well and show the true potential the series has to become something unique to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Lindsay: What's going on at home Claire?

      Claire: Nothing. Specifically in the bedroom.

      Lindsay: OK, we've never actually talked about this. Is it difficult because of the...

      Claire: The wheelchair?

      Lindsay: Yeah. I mean, can Ed...?

      Claire: He can. We just don't.

      Lindsay: Well who usually initiates?

      Claire: Before the shooting, my husband. Always, and everywhere.

      Lindsay: Well, step up to the plate, sexy mama, seduce the man!

      Claire: You know I can't do that. And how did we go from the autopsy report to my sad sex life?

    • Claire: I didn't realize our matchmaking efforts were upsetting you so much.

      Lindsay: I just don't understand why it's such a big deal for everybody.

      Claire: Well, Jill, she's a bit of a busybody. And in my case, I just think I'm trying to live vicariously.

      Lindsay: Through me? Please don't say that.

    • Cindy: I looked for a press area, but there wasn't one.

      Lindsay: That's because a prostitute slaying in this part of town at 3 AM isn't news.

      Cindy: Did you know that the crime desk assignment came with a pepper spray keychain and a police scanner? It's like my new Tivo, I can't turn it off.

      Lindsay: Cho, why are you standing here socializing when there's potential evidence three feet behind you?

      Officer Cho: Um...

      Lindsay: Unless this is your purse, Cho.

    • Lindsay: I thought we wake the dead, not the other way around. Dammit, I ordered extra caramel. Did you change my coffee order again?
      Claire: Yes, because that's not coffee, that's diabetes on ice.
      Lindsay: It's late, carbs help me think.

    • Lindsay (to Tom): I just came to say good night. And I hate you!

    • Tom: From what I hear, you're not even dating...
      Lindsay: Can we be done? And just so you know, I am dating. Simon. An amazing EMT who loves me just the way I am. Obsessions and all.
      Tom: Oh, well... good.
      Lindsay: Not good Tom. Bigger and better!

    • Cindy: Cocktails, nicknames. Does this mean that I am... in the club?
      Lindsay: Okay, there are some ground rules.
      Cindy: I already know a few... no ducking the tape at crime scenes, no first names in public, assume that everything is off the record until I'm told otherwise. What else?
      Lindsay: Make me laugh when the chips are down.
      Jill: When I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong, even when you think I don't wanna hear it.
      Claire: Keep my secrets. Trust me with yours. Oh, and buy me shoes on my birthday.
      Cindy: So I'm.. I'm in?
      Lindsay (hands her the check): You're in.

    • Lindsay: (While seeing a woman hung up with a gag in her mouth in a kinky S&M session) And people wonder why I don't date...

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jacobi: From what, The Seagull?

      The Seagull is a dark play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

    • Lindsay: So, anything else, Lois Lane?

      Lois Lane was Superman's reporter love interest in the classic comic books, TV series and movies.

    • Lindsay: You didn't ask to get back in the game, did you Emily? You were very comfortable on your couch in your pyjamas, with a good pinot, watching Prime Suspect on DVD.

      Prime Suspect is a famous British crime drama starring Helen Mirren as a female police inspector working in a male-dominated profession.

    • Jacobi: What's in Vegas, Milo?
      Milo: I don't know? Celine Dion?

      Celine Dion is a famous French-Canadian music star, who currently performs in Caesar's Palace five nights a week in Las Vegas, Nevada.