Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 3

Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lindsay, Claire and Jill are heading to a crime scene. Jill surprises Lindsay with a photograph on her cellphone of a man she is setting her up with: an EMT called Simon Perry. Lindsay says she doesn't do blind dates.

Jacobi shows the women the body of a middle-aged woman who has been found murdered in an alleyway. They talk to a transvestite prostitute, who tells them the woman was in the wrong neighborhood for the men that usually seek out hookers there. The women guess that the body was dumped there. Cindy shows up in the alley, apparently she has a new police scanner. Lindsay finds a purse in the alley and identifies the victim as an Emily Sherman. The deceased's cellphone rings, it's the victim's daughter...

The woman's 17-year-old daughter Alexis identifies her mother's body. She says that her mother raided her closet for an outfit as she was going on her first date in over five years. She doesn't know who she was seeing, but she knows that she went to the gym before the date. Claire tells Lindsay that there are abrasions on Emily's ankles and wrists, but she can't figure out what made them. She was killed by asphyxiation, but whatever was put in her mouth to stop her talking has been taken by the killer.

Lindsay and Jacobi check out Emily's gym and talk to her personal trainer Garret, who was very proud of her weight loss. He tells them that Emily met her date over the internet. Cindy turns up and meets with the Club. She has hacked into Emily's dating site and they find out the name of her date. Visiting Jared McCarthy, they discover he's an S&M addict, but no killer. He was stood up by Emily and has an alibi for her time of death.

Denise criticizes Jill for placing Alexis with an elderly neighbor. Jill says that she struggled to find a family member Alexis could stay with, and felt it would be easier on her to stay with somebody she knows. Denise demands that Jill place her into foster care. Lindsay and Jill head over to the elderly neighbor, who says that Alexis went home. They eventually find Alexis with her boyfriend Milo. Milo says that Alexis's mother really liked him.

Lindsay yells at Tom when she discovers all her Kiss-Me-Not Killer evidence collected over the years has been handed over to the feds. Tom brings up that their marriage crumbled because of her obsession, and Lindsay responds by telling him that she's dating an EMT called Simon. After, Claire confides in Lindsay that she and Ed haven't slept together ever since his shooting, which put him in a wheelchair.

Jill is allowed to temporarily adopt Alexis, and takes her home. They bond over pictures of Alexis and her mom. Jill reveals that her father died when she was eight, and after her mother re-married, she was put into the foster care system.

Lindsay and Jacobi return to the gym, and Garret says that Emily wasn't keen on Milo. He also recognizes one of the men on Emily's dating site: Dino Palley. The very same man Cindy is currently on a date with. Cindy begins questioning him about his dating history. Dino wants to change the conversation, and suspects she has been snooping around him and his account. Cindy exits, and calls Lindsay, telling her that she found Dino on the site after he became Emily's internet stalker. Cindy reaches her car, but is followed by Dino. She defends herself with pepper spray. Brought in the station for questioning, he says that he was just giving Cindy a rose. He also has an alibi for Emily's murder.

Meanwhile, Alexis runs away from Jill's home. Milo is also missing. After discovering that somebody tried to revive Emily before her death, Lindsay guesses that Alexis and Milo killed her for her money, before backing out and trying to wake her up. Jill doesn't want to believe it. After, Lindsay is introduced to Simon, who asks her out to dinner. When Tom enters, Lindsay suddenly becomes extremely touchy-feely with Simon, saying they've been seeing each other for a while.

Milo is found and brought into questioning. He tells Lindsay and Jacobi that he and Alexis were running off to Vegas to get married, so she wouldn't have to be placed in foster care. They stole money from Emily's bookstore so they could afford a car. But there wasn't enough. Instead Alexis went to the gym where Emily had pre-purchased $2,000 worth of fitness lessons. Garret wasn't in work, so she headed over to his apartment and hasn't returned.

Denise finds out about Jill's adoption of Alexis, and writes an administrative warning report. She tells her to slap a band-aid on her bleeding heart, and warns that her days in the DA's office are numbered.

Lindsay visits Garret's apartment, and he says that Alexis left hours ago. Lindsay is called by Claire, who tells her that both Emily and Alexis are allergic to latex. After some checking, Claire discovered that Emily had a latex gag stuck in her mouth, which brought on anaphylactic shock. The abrasions on her arms and legs were a side-effect of the allergy. Just as she's being told this, Lindsay discovers latex restraints in Garret's garage. Suddenly, he attacks her from behind. Lindsay breaks free and beats him in the head with a shovel, before shooting him in the knee caps. Running into the house, she finds Alexis bound and gagged in Garret's closet.

Lindsay, Claire, Jill and Cindy meet at the diner. Lindsay explains that Garret was obsessed with Emily and became jealous that she was dating other people. After an argument, Garret accidentally knocked her out and was forced to lock her in his trunk. Tied up with latex restraints, she died. Cindy is finally accepted into the Club.

Later, Lindsay apologizes to Tom for obsessing over the Kiss-Me-Not Killer and ruining their marriage. She also comes clean over her and Simon, and how she doesn't even know him. Tom says that it took two people to destroy a marriage, and encourages her to date, and she later goes to a bar with Simon.

Alexis leaves to stay with her father, and Jill proudly pins her employee warning report to her office wall. Claire discovers that Lindsay bought her some lingerie as a gift, and initiates sex with her husband for the first time.