Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 11

Father's Day

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on ABC
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Father's Day
Lindsay bends the rules while investigating the murder of an undercover cop, and gets a rude awakening when her dirty ex-cop father suddenly reappears in her life. Meanwhile, Cindy still feels distant from the rest of The Club and Lindsay meets a handsome stranger.

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  • The groups dynamics are challenged, and Lindsay finds the possibility that all shes known about her father may be wrong.

    This was a strong episode that opened several avenues for future episodes. IE will Lindsay reconcile with her father, will she investigate her father and discover things worse than what she thinks she knows, will there be chemistry with her coffee stand love interest, and could he eventually be a new character? Will the warning from her father driver her to do more and cause her even more unwanted attention from those envious of her talents and connections? As well this episode brought up tensions in Claire's marriage of, which on the surface appear to be mostly sexual. This episode opens the door for a great season finale and offers up enough options for a strong first half of a second season!!moreless
  • Fast moving, but easy to follow.

    Great to see this series back and at a much better time period. The plot was fast moving, and kept on going, but was easy to follow, without giving away the ending.

    Love the interaction between the women, even when they butted heads. But when it really counted, they were there for each other. Cindy's moments undercover were classic and really showed the difference in the women. They may fight crime together, but they all do it differently. The same could be said of Jill. Though I've always found fault with the lack of real San Francisco locations, they did a special effects thing where they zoomed in on SF from high in the air. I loved it. Too many people don't understand that the city is really facing east.

    One final note, is this new 'boy friend' of Lindsey's really the Kiss-Not-Killer? They guy made me nervous for the moment they met at the coffee cart.moreless
  • This was a wonderful return for a greatly under-rated series. Mixing the undercover-cops plot with the new-man-in-Angie's-life story, as well as the old return-of-the-long-lost-dad routine worked very well.

    A lot of people have been looking forward to this show returning since November. Very few new programs from the start of the season have been gone as long as this one. It was well worth the wait.


    Angie and the gang are investigating the murder of an undercover detective and an interesting exchange leads them to believe that the perp may be another undercover cop. We've seen similar storylines on other 'Law and Order' type shows before, but this had a new twist.

    It was hard for me to buy the reporter as an 'agent of the police' thread - but that's why this is called 'WOMEN's Murder Club' I guess.

    Many people are going to be very interested in Angie's new love interest (he couldn't be the Kiss-Me-Not, could he?), and I loved her line, "... I'm better at police work, than this." She's really got that special 'something' going on, doesn't she?

    The return of her father (Gerald McRainey) was a little forced, and it reminded me way too much of Crossing Jordan, but I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it.


    Seemed like they featured Ms. Harmon (I know, it's Mrs. Sehorn - but I prefer her as a single, if you don't mind), and as you can probably tell, that's just fine with me.moreless

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    • Cindy: (On Pete) Who's that?
      Jill: We don't know, but Lindsay likes him.
      Lindsay: Grow up!
      Jill: He likes you. He's doing the classic 'take-a-second-look' fake phone call. He'll turn the other way in about five seconds!
      Lindsay: That's ridiculous. (Jill smiles and Lindsay turns to Pete and sees him looking at her, Lindsay smiles back) Okay, not totally ridiculous.
      Cindy: Go talk to him, and while you're at it, forget about Tom.
      Lindsay: Oh god, that's over, officially, it's over. And I am ready to get back out there I'm just not a make-the-first-move kinda gal.

    • Cindy: You all knew the victim was a cop, and you didn't tell me...
      Claire: When an officer gets killed, people get scared.
      Lindsay: We hadn't even notified the wife yet.
      Cindy: Well don't you think that I would have held the story? What, suddenly you don't trust me?
      Jill: Cindy, we absolutely trust you.
      Cindy: Well what a funny way of showing it. I thought that we were friends, I thought that we were in this together.

    • (Lindsay runs up the stairs, and meets Cindy, Claire and Jill)
      Claire: Hey!
      Lindsay: Hey, how much did you hear?
      Claire: Didn't hear a thing!
      Jill: We've been collectively considering the question of why an eligible man wouldn't ask a smart, funny, strong, beautiful women for her phone number.
      Claire: I had nothing to do with this...
      Lindsay: And?
      Cindy: It's the gun.
      Lindsay: The gun?
      Jill: It scared him off.
      Lindsay: I wasn't carrying a gun...
      Cindy: Oh, but he could sense a gun.
      Jill: Yeah, face it Linds, some women are always carrying a gun even when they're not.

    • Barista: Coffee light, a mocha supremo with extra caramel. Jacobi is hooked on sugar!
      Lindsay: Yeah! There was a guy here yesterday...
      Barista: Oh yeah, Mister Blueberry Muffin.
      Lindsay Yeah, (Lindsay pays the coffee cart kid the money for her coffee)
      Barista: Oh wow, okay: non fat latte, double shoot. He works in that office building. Next time he passes by do you want me to mention you were asking?
      Lindsay: (Lost in thoughts) Yeah.
      Barista: Yeah?
      Lindsay: No!
      Barista: No?
      Lindsay: No, no! Thank you!

    • Lindsay has just asked Jill for some sealed documents
      Lindsay: You're not gonna help me?
      Jill: This isn't about you. Just like it wasn't about Cindy, were friends, but we all have jobs to do! I'd like to keep mine!
      Lindsay: Okay, I'll find Andy McCarthy and Henry Kraft. And if you don't help me I will find a way!

    • Lindsay: What would prompt you, a guy, who thinks a woman is "very pretty", to not ask for her phone number - totally hypothetical.
      Jacobi: You're right, it's stupid.
      Lindsay: Uhh, told you.
      Jacobi: Maybe I'm married.
      Lindsay: No ring.
      Jacobi: I have a girlfriend.
      Lindsay: Walks like a single guy.
      Jacobi: Gay?
      Lindsay: Heck, no!
      Jacobi: This is San Francisco...
      Lindsay: I'm positive!

    • Pete: You seem...
      Lindsay: Annoyed and frustrated?
      Pete: No, I was gonna say "you seem to like coffee". I'm Pete, Pete Raynor.
      Lindsay: Hi, Lindsay Boxer.
      Pete: Hey.
      Lindsay: Hey.
      Pete: I've been feening for a blueberry muffin for hours.
      Lindsay: You don't look blueberry.
      Pete: No? What do I look like?
      Lindsay: More... scone.
      Pete: You know something, Lindsay Boxer, you're very pretty.
      Lindsay: Wow! That's... that's quite a jump from scones.
      Pete: We can always go back to pastry...

    • Jill: I don't know how you do it. If some guy held a gun to my head, I'd be a total mess (Pete walks by) Unless it was him...
      Lindsay: You're drooling.
      Jill: You're not?
      Lindsay: No. Just... observing.

    • Lindsay: You know when we start to make our move, right, you'll see us coming in. The moment that you do, drop to the ground! Don't run, don't move left or right, okay. Just pancake on the ground!
      Cindy: Pancake, got it!
      Lindsay: Scared?
      Cindy: Terrified.
      Lindsay: Good.

    • Cindy: (After being invited to a hostage crisis) If you're doing this because you feel guilty, I wanna say "awesome!".

    • Pete: Lindsay Boxer.
      Lindsay: I have a question for you.
      Pete: Me first! How'd you find me?
      Lindsay: I'm a detective!
      Pete: Yeah I heard.
      Lindsay stares at him
      Pete: The kid at the coffee cart.
      Lindsay: I told him not to say anything.
      Pete: Your question?
      Lindsay: Right. My question is, why does a man have a nice conversation with a woman that he thinks is pretty and then doesn't ask for her number?
      Pete: Maybe the man thought about asking for her number.
      Lindsay: Oh. How hard did he think about asking?
      Pete: It occupied his whole afternoon. Including a number of calls to friends for advice. But then he remembered that he's only in town for two weeks.
      Lindsay: Where are you going?
      Pete: Cambodia. I build hotels. I'm there for a year.
      Lindsay: So you think in two weeks I'll get attached, and then you'll break my heart!
      Pete: No Lindsay. I think in two weeks leaving might break mine. Still, I was about to come find you. Are you a good detective?
      Lindsay: Well I'm better at my job than I am at this.
      Pete: Well then, detective, who are those flowers for?
      (Lindsay looks at the flowers at the table)
      Lindsay: I... I don't have enough information.
      (Pete gives Lindsay a card)
      Lindsay: "To Lindsay".
      Pete: Want to get something to eat?
      Lindsay: Yeah.
      Pete: Don't forget the flowers.
      Lindsay: Okay.

    • Lindsay: He flirted, I flirted... and well... I... nothing.
      Claire: Maybe he's shy.
      Lindsay: I'd say he's the opposite of shy.
      Claire: Maybe he's gay!
      Lindsay: I'd know. I'm positive! (Claire smiles and walks away) I'm positive!

    • Cindy: (On the ground) I'm a pancake, I'm a pancake, I'm a pancake.
      Lindsay: Hey! Nice job pancake.

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