Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on ABC
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The Club investigate the decapitation of a wine broker, and suspicion falls on his business partner. Agent Ashe tries to get Lindsay to investigate the Kiss Me Not Killer with him, and Lindsay is forced to come clean over the threat on her life. Tom and Heather return from their honeymoon.moreless

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  • This is what I want to see!

    The characters have been established, relationships established -now we get the interplay. Boxer comforting the new wife. Boxer's feelings for and fear that her ex is injured. Boxer's wrestling with the Kiss Me Not case and what that means to her life/psyche. Boxer's friendship with the other "club" members. All of that was nicely intertwined into an episode with it's own stand alone plot and as part of the overall serial killer arc. I especially like Boxer's partner. It is (sadly) very refreshing and novel to see an attractive older African American man in a role like this. He is not stereotypical in anyway. In this episode I especially enjoyed seeing him talk about his love and concern for her. I am extremely happy to see that they're not just trying to pair them off either. Nor are them making him a parent figure. there was no overly protective, benevolent sexist attitude. Just a true friend's concern. He's a truly intelligent, experienced partner who is a good friend to Boxer.

    There's a fairly diverse cast whose characters have interesting, fleshed out and different personalities who interact well together. This episode shed the flaws of fearlier ones) stereotypical small talk about day spas, shoe shopping, stereotypical relationship discussions) - it could focus on both building an interesting plot, having action and sublty exploring the relationships between characters we have gotten to know and like.

    Well done, I'm glad I stuck it out and that it's evolved to this point.moreless
  • Claire Washburn...AWESOME CHARACTER!!!

    Why has nobody spoken of what a great character Claire is? She is absolutely one of the funniest characters in a drama series I have seen. Paula Newsome brings seriousness mixed with humor to this role and ALWAYS ends up making me laugh at her one-liners. A few shows back when Lindsay needed a pregnancy test from Claire and Claire was wondering about how old was the "antique condom" Lindsay and Tom used ...I nearly spit my sip of wine across the room I was laughing so hard. Terrific acting Paula, one of the best characters in a long time in a drama series. Too bad she won't get nominated for en Emmy, although one can hope.moreless
  • FBI guy forces Lindsey to relook at all the Kiss-Me-Not cases. I have a prediction...

    It becomes clear to me that the FBI guy is in fact that the Kiss-Me-Not killer. His actions and the way he acts around the characters makes me feel that he is the killer getting close to Lindsey so that he can killer up close and personal.

    Notice how no one has checked his credentials? I think the episode itself was great but I was a little surprised that it took so long to get to the old fairy tales considering one of the club members owns all those old books. It would have made more sense if they figured it out and had to go to the library to get the books.moreless
  • Lindsay is forced to work with the FBI on the Kiss Me Not Killer case.

    I think the last time I wrote a review for this show was for the pilot episode, and I remember saying that I was intrigued but not impressed (or something to that effect).

    Well, I have changed my opinion. I think this show rocks. The drama, action and comedy are meshed so well, I love it.

    But I'm supposed to write a review for this particular episode, right?

    Story-wise, it was predictable. I think the case about that wine dealer was just a background to what the episode was really about - Lindsay and the Kiss Me Not Killer.

    Jacobi really stole the show for me. That scene with him berating Lindsay for not telling him about the KMNK threat was beautifully done, I could almost feel the hurt he was feeling for being betrayed (so to speak) by his partner. Damn, it felt like Jacobi was shouting at ME, and I don't even exist in their world. It goes to show that Lindsay may be one tough cookie, but she still needs people to get through all the trials in her life no matter how much she tries to deny it. I also liked how Jill did not lose her cool in that last scene with the Club. I hope she's right, I hope they catch the KMNK and end Lindsay's, uh, torment.

    What I did not like much was the issue with Heather and her new name. I actually didn't see the whole point of putting her dilemma into the episode, then again, maybe it's so that her and Lindsay could bond a little more, and show that Lindsay's really moved on.

    I give this episode 5 out of 5 SFPD badges for Jacobi's performance. Amazing!moreless
  • I love Jill and Jacobi.

    Tonight's episode was all about Lindsay but the episode belonged to Tyrees Allen and Laura Harris. Every week we gain a little more insight into Jacobi and Boxer's relationship and what makes them work as partners. His speech to her about why she should have told him about the threat from the Kiss-Me-Not-Killer was great and so telling. I loved it.

    Jill has always been mine favorite member of the club (I think its the clothes) because of her caring attitude about the victims. I loved her and Luke and really wanted them to work out but tonight she was so cute as a flirty single. I just like her whole personality and tonight we gained a little insight into her past. The episode was interesting because each member played a role to include Tom while Lindsay was trying to deal with the FBI guy Ash berating her about the Kiss-Me-Not-Killer. I am not sure about Heather but we will see where the writers go with this. I did like the Ash having enough sense to leave Claire's house at the end and let the girls work. I hope they continue with this kind of dynamic.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Agent John Ashe

Guest Star

Ever Carradine

Ever Carradine

Heather Donnelly

Guest Star

Suzanne Cryer

Suzanne Cryer

Mia Spaulding/Dylan Carter

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: While performing the initial once-over of the crime scene, Lindsay states to Jacobi that the victim, Silas Spaulding, is 41 years old. Mr. Spaulding's drivers license lists his date of birth as September 22, 1969, making him 38 years old.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lindsay: (On the Kiss Me Not Killer) I think he's doing the Prince Charming thing.
      Cindy: (Entering the room) Kiss Me Not thinks he's Prince Charming?
      Lindsay: No... I don't know...

    • (About the Kiss Me Not Killer)
      Lindsay: If I let him, this bastard's going to destroy me. And that would OK, you know. That would be worth it, if I could stop him. But I can't. I tried. For years I tried. I gave everything. I gave up everything... and I failed. Elaine Lewis is dead because I failed. So I need you to just let me off the hook here, OK? I need you to let me let all this go.
      Ashe: ...No.

    • Jacobi: I took a peek at the love note the FBI received. It's a great picture.
      Lindsay: Jacobi-
      Jacobi: You didn't tell me. Did you tell anyone? Did you tell Claire? Jill? Your reporter friend?
      Lindsay: He's a coward. He would never go toe-to-toe with me.
      Jacobi: Oh, so you think you're safe because of that gun on your hip. Or that extra one you've got strapped to that skinny little calf. Oh yeah, I know you're packing. This psychopath has murdered three women that we know of. And he doesn't just do it in one way, oh no, he uses all manner of torture.
      Lindsay: I'm trained. I can handle him.
      Jacobi: He could shoot you with a sniper rifle from across the street. He could put a bomb on your car! He could get into your apartment and slit Martha's throat and get to you before you even got a hand on one of your precious guns! ...You wanna work yourself into the ground, fine. You wanna sit home every weekend, fine. Hell, you wanna have sex with your ex-husband, who happens to be our boss, and pretend that it didn't happen, fine! I might think it's sad and stupid, but that's your business! But this, this is my business! And not just because I love you! I could be in that car he bombs. I could be standing next to you on that street.
      Lindsay: (crying) I'm sorry. Jacobi, I'm-
      Jacobi: I don't know what you think this is, but it's not partners. Because partners are in this together! And you... baby, you just made sure you're in this all by yourself.

    • Lindsay: You already know everything in these files. So why are we doing this?
      Ashe: What I have access to are the words you put down on paper. What I need is access to what you were thinking when you wrote them down.
      Lindsay: I was thinking it sucks that Sarah's father isn't going to be able to walk her down the aisle. I was thinking there's no mortician on the planet that could make Melissa's 48 stab wounds disappear so she could have a decent funeral. I was thinking that Elaine was probably alive long enough to watch him pull out her insides! Nobody cared about access to my thinking when the FBI yanked this case from me!
      Ashe: So you're pouting.
      Lindsay: I don't like you.
      Ashe: I'm not very impressed with you either.

    • Lindsay: The only thing that I fear is that while you've been lurking around my apartment for the past 9 days, the Kiss Me Not Killer is out there looking for his next victim.
      Ashe: The FBI believes the next victim is you.
      Lindsay: Because he sent a picture of me with X's on my lips? He is looking for attention, or he's creating a distraction. Either way, cruising me while I jog is not going to find him.

    • (In the bathroom)
      Lindsay: Heather? It's Lindsay.
      Heather: (Crying) Lindsay Boxer.
      Lindsay: Uh, can I come in?
      Heather: Yeah I guess so.
      Lindsay: (Opening the bathroom door) Hi.
      Heather: Lindsay Boxer is a great name. I'm going to be Heather Hogan!
      Lindsay: Heather Hogan is not bad.
      Heather: It's ridiculous! Heather Hogan! Heather Hogan from Hoboken!
      Lindsay: Well, when you say it like that...
      Heather: That's how Tom's mother says it.
      Lindsay: Tom's mother says everything in the most vile and offensive way possible, it's just part of her charm!

    • Jill: I'll clear it with Denise.
      Lindsay: Wait. Your voice didn't do that thing when you said Denise's name.
      Jill: What thing?
      Lindsay: The rumbly, trembly hate filled thing... which I'm sure nobody but me has ever noticed.
      Jill: Denise is no longer a problem. Ever since she got drunk at Tom and Heather's wedding and announced to Luke that I had sex with Hanson, thereby ending my relationship, she's been a peach. Turns out, my boss is actually capable of guilt.

    • Lindsay: (Reading the inscription on the wedding ring) Silas and Mia, 2005.
      Claire: Married less than 3 years, that's still the honeymoon phase... for some couples.
      Lindsay: Well, I'd say the honeymoon is over.

    • Cindy: Thanks for calling me.
      Jill: Well you're in the club after all.
      Ashe: You have a club, huh?
      All: No!

    • Ashe: You were gonna tell me about Sarah Rice.
      Lindsay: Waitress. Grew up in Marin County. Strangled in 2003. She was 26.
      Ashe: You sound like you're reading from a phone book.
      Lindsay: You want an interpretive dance?

    • Cindy: Hey, is it true that a homeless guy found a head?
      Lindsay: Hey, yeah, let's not make it sound like a good thing!

    • Ashe: I've profiled dozens of serial killers. They rarely make idle threats, Inspector Boxer.
      Lindsay: Good thing I sleep with a gun under my pillow.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jacobi: I go to get a cup of coffee and next thing I know I got Captain America riding shotgun.

      Captain America is a famous Marvel Comics character, renowned for being a patriotic comic book icon.