Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 4

Grannies, Guns and Love Mints

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on ABC
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Grannies, Guns and Love Mints
The Club investigates an underground drug ring that's being run out of a nursing home. Lindsay feels pressured into going on a date. Jill makes a huge decision in her relationship with Luke.

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  • Boxer and Jacobi try to catch a drug ring in a nursing home.

    I think this show is improving. I'm starting to get used to the blurry scene changes too.

    The case was a little disturbing for me, to be honest. I mean, old people as drug mules? I also didn't think that the nursing home's administrator was the ring leader.

    I also think I'm getting used to the focus on the characters. At first I thought they were bombarding the viewers with a lot of information, but I guess it was because the show was new. Now I think they're given enough focus to keep the viewers interested, though I would like to learn more about Cindy now that she's in the club. All we know about her is that she's incredibly good at her job but she's lonely. It's good that she's got the other women now.

    Everybody getting into Lindsay's love life was fun to watch. And that underwater handcuffing was a nice touch.

    Laura Harris somewhat got my attention this time. Her character really looked shaken up when she saw her law school buddy's body in the morgue. Her acting was pretty good and I think she's starting to get comfortable in her role.

    The show seems to be picking up. I hope it continues all the way.moreless
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    • Cindy: Morning.

      Lindsay: Hi, what's going on?

      Cindy: Nothing, just thought that I'd stop by on my way to work.

      Jill: I'm not due in court until twenty minutes. We still haven't heard about your date.

      Lindsay: Aww, please. (Lindsay walks away)

      Jill: Lindsay, come back here!

      Cindy: Hey, wait up.

      Jill: Where are you going to?

      Lindsay: I have to talk to Claire.

      Cindy: Man you walk fast.

      Jill: Long legs. I think someone doesn't want to talk about it because it went a lot better that she wants to let on.

      Cindy: Did it go a lot better?

      Lindsay: (With noted sarcasm) All right you got me. It might have been the best date I've ever been on, we had an unbelievable dinner and we talked until they closed the restaurant, then we went home and had sex all night and I really and truly believe that this guy is the one.

    • (After Lindsay has tackled the suspect into a pond)

      Jacobi: You handcuffed him underwater? Very impressive Houdini.

      Lindsay: Don't you sweet talk me. You could have tackled him.

      Jacobi: I just got this suit.

    • Lindsay: I don't want to get old. I just don't think it's a good idea. You know, things stop working and people have to take care of you... No.

      Jill: Isn't that what kids are for? You birth your own caregivers for your twilight years?

      Lindsay: Wow, that is some maternal instinct you have there.

      Jill: Truth is you can't count on family.

      Lindsay: Or spouses. Women outlive men long after they've outgrown them. We'll probably end up in a condo in Boca Raton. I see lots of floppy hats and big sunglasses and acrylic nails in our future.

      Jill: I think you need to go home. You're getting delirious.

    • Fong: Boxer, how was your date?
      Lindsay: That's it. (She stands on a desk and whistles loudly) Listen up, I have an announcement! Since everyone seems to be so damn interested in my social life, yes, I went on a date. It was a one time thing, I am not officially back on the market, even if I was I wouldn't go out with any of you losers. OK? (Without turning around) Stop staring at my ass, Fong!

    • Jacobi: Rumor is you went on a date. Some of the guys are asking me if it's true. They want to know if they can ask you out!
      Lindsay: What, like you're my father and they need your permission? Tell me you've never told anyone they need your permission to ask me out!

    • Claire: If you're strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.
      Jill: And if you're not strong enough?
      Claire: Then that is what your friends are for. To give you a gentle push or a kick in the ass...

    • Lindsay: How long's he been in there?
      Jacobi: About twenty minutes.
      Lindsay: Good, he should be just getting squirmy by now.
      Jacobi: And hot. I turned the heat up in there before he got here
      Lindsay: You're evil. This is why I love you.

    • Claire: Nice vacation, good last meal, a couple drinks on the plane, and you doze off during the in-flight movie, not a bad way to go.
      Cindy: I hope I go in my sleep.
      Jill: I hope I go on top of Clive Owen. You die your way, I'll die mine.

    • Jacobi: You also got a phone call from your boyfriend Harold. Says he needs to talk to you.
      Logan: That's who you should be talking to if you wanna know what's going on at Pacific Shores. Especially with Edna, since Harold was sleeping with her.
      Lindsay: Shut up!
      Logan: He was. Her, Winnie, and several others. Look, there's more bed-hopping going on at a retirement community than a swingers club. Trust me; I walked in on things no man should ever see.
      Jacobi: Must be his "love mints".
      Lindsay: He is half-past 100 and Edna was a sweet old lady.
      Logan: They're old, not dead. Bet she was having more sex than you are.

    • Tom: (On Lindsay) She'll understand if she doesn't get an invitation, right?
      Jill: I think she'll get through it.
      Tom: Okay, I hope so, I mean she barely got through our wedding.
      Jill: That really wasn't her fault, was it?
      Tom: I guess not, my family can be a little... trying.
      Jill: A little? Your brother stuck his bare ass in the wedding cake.
      Tom: But in his defense, it had been cut.

    • Jacobi: (On the retirement home) How much do you think it costs to stay in a place like this?
      Lindsay: I don't know but stay close, I don't want anybody mistaking you for a runaway resident.

    • Jill: (as Tom exits) You take far too much delight in watching him squirm.
      Lindsay: C'mon, that was fun. I love seeing him in that awkward "I hope they're not talking about my penis size" moment.

    • Lindsay: No one was strip-searched... unless Jacobi got a little freaky behind my back, he does have that "Golden Girl" fetish.

    • Winnie: So, are you seeing anybody?
      Lindsay: No.
      Winnie: Why not? You know I've always told you, the best way to get over a broken heart is to fall in love with someone new.
      Lindsay: Really?
      Winnie: Either that, or a hot and heavy affair with a total stranger.

    • Hollis: You... got a minute, Inspector?
      Lindsay: Yeah.
      Hollis: I was wondering if you wanted a coffee sometime?
      Lindsay: Who are you?
      Hollis: Hollis. I'm Robbery Homicide.
      Lindsay: You are not asking me out over a dead body!
      Hollis: Just coffee. Your partner thought it was okay.
      (Lindsay turns and glares at Jacobi, who exits the room)
      Lindsay: Get out of my crime scene!
      Hollis: But-
      Lindsay: Go!
      Claire: (Leading Lindsay out of the room) Lets take a walk.
      Lindsay: I don't wanna walk.
      Claire: Yeah, you do!

    • Lindsay: Harold's woken up. Maybe he has something for me. Other than an erection.

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