Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 13

Never Tell

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • The best episode of this show

    This episode is the last ever one of this show. This show was cancelled, the day before this episode aired. The story of the kiss-me-not-killer is solved in this episode. A man is killed and Lindsay soon realises that he was not the killer they were looking for, even though the evidence points to him. Soon Lindsay's father is kidnapped by the real kiss-me-not-killer.

    Lindsay heads off to where the killer is holding her father. She manages to save the day, but perhaps at a cost to her personal life. She races to the airport to see her boyfriend, Pete, before he leaves. She manages to catch him, they hug and kiss, and he goes to catch his plane. At the end of the episode Lindsay goes to a restaurant and meets up with the other members of the club there. Whilst there she gets a phone call about her father, who is in the hospital. The screen fades out to black, and there the episode, and the show, ends. It's a pity that ABC couldn't give this show, more time. It was a brilliant show, with good characters, storylines, and actors. ABC, why cancel a good thing, after only 2 bad episodes?
  • The series last episode solves the mistery of who is the "Kiss me not killer". It's an interesting end for Lindsey's obsesion with this murder and it'd have been a good end for "Women's Murder Club" if Lindsey hadn't answered the phone in the last shot.

    A man is killed and soon Lindsey discovers he was not the person the killer wants to kill but the young wman who has been kidnapped. The called "Kiss me not killer" has appeared again and with him Lindsey Boxer's worst obsesion. She's a clever detective so she discovers who the killer is, what she didn't expect was her own father to be kidnapped as well.

    Lindsey goes where the murder is to try to save her father and, she's the hero of the series isn't she?, so everything ends in a good way... until the last shot of the series. How could ABC cancel this good show in that way? Lindsay thought her father was ok but she receives a call about hi health and the screen fades into black. That ruined a good ending for the show. And it's really a pity. Brign it back "Women's Murder Club" to the TV... at least to know what happens with Linds' dad.
  • Another great show bites the dust.

    A prosecutor, detective, medical examiner and a reporter. All strong, assertive, intelligent women. They work well together, solving crimes, supporting each other and watching out for each other. What could be so wrong with this formula? Ask the men who run the network! Whew, now that I have gotten that off my chest... This final episode did not disappoint. From the very beginning, the writers have teased us with bits and pieces about Lindsay's obsession with the serial killer - "The Kiss Me Not Killer." In this episode, Lindsay learns the identity of the killer and must come face to face with him. It was tense and a good resolution (no spoilers here!). The romantic in me was very happy to see Lindsay find a man to love. Even though we'll never get to see what happens with them, I can imagine some jet setting and romantic getaways. I wish we had some more time to get to know these characters, especially Claire and her paralyzed husband. Ah...well...I'll have to fill in all of the blanks myself. Sorry to see this show go...
  • Finally Lindsay gets what she's wanted and needed since the start of her obsession with the kiss me not killer.

    This was the perfect ending of the first season, although I wish it was not the end of the season. Lindsey finally lets somebody into her life, someone that makes her happy, someone she can love. After years of obsessing with the kiss me not killer.. what he looks like, why he does what he does, she finally understands everything, after solving the case she can finally let it go and rebuild her life. She finds someone that she can love and who loves her back, even if it will be a long distance relationship for a year. Hooray! This too may be a chance to rebuild her relationship with her father, to whom she had been estranged from for several years.... IF he lives after getting shot by the kiss me not killer.. The characters of Jill, Cindy and Claire are a great fit, they along with Lindsay are reasons to watch. Well it WAS my reason. I just read it was cancelled yesterday! ABC takes off a great show like this and puts on stupid shows like Caveman.. Where is the justice in that?? Hey ABC, pull your collective heads out of your butts and THINK! This is a great show, and I for one, am very tired of the networks cancelling good shows. I was an avid abc viewer but cancelling Women's Murder Club was the last straw.. I refuse to watch ABC anymore. They give us great shows like this then kill it.. When will the networks start listening to it's viewers and give us what we want.. Truly great quality shows like Women's Murder Club.

    I am disgusted with ABC and will be removing ABC from my programmed channels on my tv. Maybe if enough viewers BOYCOTT, Maybe they'll finally listen and give us back a show we all love! Go to ABC.com click on the botton "contact ABC", lodge a complaint about them cancelling and tell them you are boycotting and let's get WMC back on the air next season!!