Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 13

Never Tell

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • Finally Lindsay gets what she's wanted and needed since the start of her obsession with the kiss me not killer.

    This was the perfect ending of the first season, although I wish it was not the end of the season. Lindsey finally lets somebody into her life, someone that makes her happy, someone she can love. After years of obsessing with the kiss me not killer.. what he looks like, why he does what he does, she finally understands everything, after solving the case she can finally let it go and rebuild her life. She finds someone that she can love and who loves her back, even if it will be a long distance relationship for a year. Hooray! This too may be a chance to rebuild her relationship with her father, to whom she had been estranged from for several years.... IF he lives after getting shot by the kiss me not killer.. The characters of Jill, Cindy and Claire are a great fit, they along with Lindsay are reasons to watch. Well it WAS my reason. I just read it was cancelled yesterday! ABC takes off a great show like this and puts on stupid shows like Caveman.. Where is the justice in that?? Hey ABC, pull your collective heads out of your butts and THINK! This is a great show, and I for one, am very tired of the networks cancelling good shows. I was an avid abc viewer but cancelling Women's Murder Club was the last straw.. I refuse to watch ABC anymore. They give us great shows like this then kill it.. When will the networks start listening to it's viewers and give us what we want.. Truly great quality shows like Women's Murder Club.

    I am disgusted with ABC and will be removing ABC from my programmed channels on my tv. Maybe if enough viewers BOYCOTT, Maybe they'll finally listen and give us back a show we all love! Go to ABC.com click on the botton "contact ABC", lodge a complaint about them cancelling and tell them you are boycotting and let's get WMC back on the air next season!!