Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 13

Never Tell

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • The series last episode solves the mistery of who is the "Kiss me not killer". It's an interesting end for Lindsey's obsesion with this murder and it'd have been a good end for "Women's Murder Club" if Lindsey hadn't answered the phone in the last shot.

    A man is killed and soon Lindsey discovers he was not the person the killer wants to kill but the young wman who has been kidnapped. The called "Kiss me not killer" has appeared again and with him Lindsey Boxer's worst obsesion. She's a clever detective so she discovers who the killer is, what she didn't expect was her own father to be kidnapped as well.

    Lindsey goes where the murder is to try to save her father and, she's the hero of the series isn't she?, so everything ends in a good way... until the last shot of the series. How could ABC cancel this good show in that way? Lindsay thought her father was ok but she receives a call about hi health and the screen fades into black. That ruined a good ending for the show. And it's really a pity. Brign it back "Women's Murder Club" to the TV... at least to know what happens with Linds' dad.