Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 13

Never Tell

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2008 on ABC



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    • Claire: Hey.
      Lindsay: Hey.
      Claire: We just wanted to ask, cause we are taking you to dinner after all of this. Pizza, Japanese or Greek?
      Jill: We want to hear all about the big adventure.
      Cindy: And your goodbye with Pete. What he said, what you said.
      Lindsay: Yeah, he's leaving at nine so I might not make it.
      Jill: Not if you talk that way you won't.
      Lindsay: Ah... Pizza, Japanese, Greek, you pick. Suprise me. (Lindsay leaves her friends and talks to Jacobi) Remember if I don't make it out of this, I never liked you that much anyway. (Jacobi smiles)

    • (Lindsay enters an IP address, and a live video stream of her father appears)
      Tom: My god, it's your dad.
      Billy: (On the phone) Bring me my father, I'll give you yours in exchange. You have five minutes to decide Inspector... or I blow his brains out. (Billy hangs up)
      Tom: It's not a rescue Linds, it's a suicide mission.
      Lindsay: I tell Billy, it's possible he blows Marty's head off.
      Jacobi: Think it was a secret? Now it's out, game over. He wants to kill you Lindsay and then himself.
      Lindsay: If it were your father, what would you do? (Picking up the phone) Boxer.
      Billy: What's your answer, Lindsay?
      Lindsay: We have a deal, where do we meet?
      Billy: 15 point 7 miles east on Midway Road. Five o'clock, don't bring company.
      Lindsay: I want to speak to my father.
      Billy: You can talk when you get here. (Billy hangs up)
      Tom: We have one hour to figure out how we do this so you and your dad don't die.
      Lindsay: Okay, I got an idea but we're going to need some help.

    • Lindsay: (Picking up her phone) Billy?
      Billy: Why did you push me?
      Lindsay: I don't want to push you, I want to talk to you.
      Billy: No Lindsay, no talking this time. I'm not forgiving you. You took something that belongs to me. Which means I have to do the same. 454-35...
      Lindsay: That's my cellphone, how'd you get that number?
      Billy: See you soon, Lindsay.

    • Lindsay: (Referring to Billy) You want your father out of police custody? You want us to keep your secret? Let's see how you like it when it's blasted all over the news...

    • Jacobi: (To Lindsay, as she stares deeply into the Kiss Me Not Killer board) Found a sailboat yet?

    • Cindy: (Reaching Lindsay) Are you okay? (Lindsay silently pets Martha) Lindsay?
      Lindsay: He left Corinne Stevens in my bed. I think I should go tell Richard Stevens his wife is dead. Dead because of me...
      Cindy: She's blaming herself.
      Jill: An endless voice in her head saying it's her fault.
      Claire: (To Lindsay) Turn it off because you're wrong. Corinne Stevens has been in rigor for more than a day. She was killed six to nine hours after she was abducted and she was already dead when Billy asked for his father's release.
      Cindy: You need to stop feeling guilty. We need you at a 100% to catch this guy.
      Claire: I don't want another woman on my table with her lips sewn shut. So what are we gonna do about it?

    • Lindsay: (Answering the phone) Boxer, homicide.
      Billy: You didn't do what I asked, Lindsay. You still have my father.
      Lindsay: Billy, let's talk about it.
      Billy: You want to be my friend?
      Lindsay: I want to tell you that I know what happened. I know what your father did to you and your sister.
      Billy: Too late. You should have listened.
      Jacobi: (Reading the location tracker) We almost have him.
      Lindsay: Billy, I'm listening now. What do you want to tell me?
      Billy: You made me do it again.
      Lindsay: What are you talking about? Billy?
      Jacobi: Lindsay...
      Billy: By the way, nice dog!
      Jacobi: He's calling from your apartment!

    • Lindsay: 'kay, sorry I'm late, I had to stop at the bureau and get my stuff back.
      Claire: No problem. So, uh, how was the goodbye?
      Lindsay: It was not so much a goodbye, as a continuation.
      Jill: He's staying...
      Lindsay: No, but he's coming back. From time to time. Eventually. (The Club looks awkward) It's better than it sounds. It is!
      Cindy: The long distance thing never works. Take it from me...
      Lindsay: Hello, a little support maybe?
      Claire: She's right, he's been pretty great so far.
      Lindsay: Exactly, and I can take some vacation time and go visit him.
      Jill: Uh-huh, when was, um, when was the last time you took a vacation?
      Cindy: Seventh grade, maybe?
      Lindsay: Okay, you know what, you people have no faith in romance or two people who care about each other... (Answering her cellphone) Boxer!
      Claire: Ten bucks say in half hour from now, we're at a crime scene.
      Cindy: I was so looking forward to shrimp...
      Lindsay: (On the phone) I don't understand, I thought he was fine, I thought it was nothing. No, never mind, yeah, I'll be right there.
      Claire: Linds?
      Lindsay: It's my dad...

    • Lindsay: Okay, there's like a thousand things I want to say right now, so... Okay, for a long time I've been hanging on to a lot of feelings about... everything. And I finally finished this... nightmare. And, the point I'm trying to make is that... I think I can be happy. Well, I wanna be happy. And, I'm just really sorry that I didn't realize it until you were about to leave. And I just wanted you to know that... that I'm gonna miss you more, more than I wanna think about.
      Pete: That's nice to hear, Linds.

    • Jacobi: You did okay today. I might have to treat you with something resembling respect.
      Lindsay: Yeah, don't go overboard.
      (Both Lindsay and Jacobi smile)

    • Lindsay: I took Pete up to the attic this morning, showed him Crazy Lindsay's Serial Killer Exhibit.
      Claire: What happened?
      Lindsay: He had a bunch of questions. I don't know if he'll get past it.
      Claire: Of course he will, he loves you.
      Lindsay: It's a little early to be talking about love.
      Claire: Lindsay, he sleeps in your place when he's not in a hotel. He cooks, he walks your dog, he puts up with your crazy hours and never complains. That's not love?
      Lindsay: It would be amazing, if I wasn't spending his last day here, living inside Billy Harris' head.

    • Cindy: I know a shrink in juvy where Billy spent time. I just talked to him. They can't tell you anything, doctor/patient privilege, but he's my friend. I know this guy, he'll help us.
      Lindsay: Cindy, this isn't your job. You can get in a lot of trouble.
      Cindy: That's half the fun.

    • Jacobi: (Picking up the phone) Jacobi.
      Lindsay: Hey, what you got on Billy Harris?
      Jacobi: Well, he works in his father's shop. Now, Harris didn't have him on the employee's list. Shift manual says he's been out sick for three days.
      Lindsay: (To Martin) Works in his father's shop.
      Martin: Ask Jacobi...
      Lindsay: I know what to ask Jacobi! (To Jacobi) Where does he...
      Jacobi: He lives in his father's house. Don't get snippy over the phone.

    • Jacobi: (Finding Lindsay mesmerized by the board dedicated to the Kiss Me Not) Stare at that board long enough, you see a sailboat.
      Lindsay: Hey, Ted.
      Officer Wheeler: Hey, so the lab says that the paint from the killer's shoe is called Skylar Blue.
      Jacobi: It's a specialty paint, used for restoring old cars and trucks.
      Lindsay: How old?
      Jacobi: We're talking Elvis and hulahoops.

    • Lindsay: She's been missing ten hours.
      Cindy: What is this? Kidnapping?
      Lindsay: Off the record?
      Cindy: Linds, it has been so long since we were on the record, I've put the record away.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nikomu to neříkej (Do Not Tell Anyone)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: June 11, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: February 20, 2008 on Network 10
      Czech Republic: August 3, 2010 on Prima

    • Women's Murder Club was officially canceled by ABC a day before this episode aired.

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