Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 8

No Opportunity Necessary

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on ABC
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No Opportunity Necessary
The Club investigate the murder of an illegal immigrant, where the only witnesses are the victim's father (who was also shot), and his young daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay calls in Heather to get through to the girl, and Jill turns to Denise for help when an immigration official turns up.moreless

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  • It´s got me hooked

    You can call me sentimental, but it is horrible what everything a man has to go through to get to the US looking for a better life for him and his family, something that he should have in his own country.

    You know, things like this can happen. An illegal man tells a secret to one of his own and is betrayed, his son killed in the way. He had worked so hard to give his children what they never had and it´s taken away in a matter of minutes.

    I´m liking this show. I don´t know what it is. Maybe it´s the chemistry among the 4 women. I think the 4 characters are well defined.

  • This was very good, finally !!!!!

    A boy is killed and his father gets hurt.

    The man's little girl is a student from Tom's fiancee.

    Lindsay and Tom go out to do work together and things get complicated.

    This episode had a great number of interesting / fun / dramatic scenes, way better than the last couple ones.

    The story was very good, the characters were also pretty good and the finish of the story was very good too.

    I was very happy with this episode, and im hopping that they keep doing good ones like this, because the last were kinda boring and the story was not very interesting to me.moreless
Ever Carradine

Ever Carradine

Heather Donnelly

Guest Star

Nikki Micheaux

Nikki Micheaux

Nadia Delashummt

Guest Star

Therese Noell Howe

Therese Noell Howe

Isela Quiroga

Guest Star

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    • Lindsay: I finally figured out why Tom took the lieutenant job. And it wasn't to be closer to me. Heather didn't want to have to worry about him being out on the streets, so he, he settled down behind the desk. And that can't be easy for him, you know. But he did it anyway. Because she asked him to. And he, he loves her.

      Jill: Well clearly he's whipped.

      Lindsay: Actually he's kinda great. They're, they're great... together. So, it turns out Tom's not so bad at being in a relationship. Which mean he isn't the problem. Or he wasn't. I, I was the problem.

      Cindy: Well if it makes you feel any better, I want to be just like you... when I grow up.

      Lindsay: (To Claire) And I know you're going to Tom's wedding. I saw his guest list in the car.

      Claire: I was gonna tell you.

      Jill: She was so not gonna tell you.

      Cindy: There's been a lot of freaking out on the subject.

      Claire: But Jacobi's going too.

      Jill: Oh, maybe he'll bring Nadia.

      Lindsay: Now I am disturbed.

    • Claire: Lindsay and Tom? On the streets together? OK, this is not good.

      Jacobi: I have people I need-

      Claire: Whoa whoa whoa, you know this is not good. You're her partner.

      Jacobi: And Tom's my boss. Officially they're on police business. Unofficially this whole thing is none of my business.

      Claire: You know.

      Jacobi: I don't know anything.

      Claire: You know they slept together. And you let her run off with him?!

      Jacobi: They're on a case.

      Claire: Please! We are the only ones that know. We have to, like, do something. Like, you know, have an intervention or-

      Jacobi: Claire! If I knew something, I'd say whatever it is with Lindsay and Tom, the only people who can figure it out is Lindsay and Tom.

      Claire: So you're going to the wedding. Assuming there's a wedding.

      Jacobi: There's a wedding. And yes I am going.

    • Claire: I took a closer look at Javier's protection bracelet and there's a few strands of human hair woven into the twine.

      Jacobi: I find myself incapable of not saying 'yuck'.

    • Tom: What'd I miss?

      Lindsay: Well, these two have serious communication issues. Cezar, in addition to sleeping with his ex, is a complete buster. According to the munchkin.

      Tom: I leave you for five minutes, I come back to guns, blood and a full blown domestic dispute?

    • Cindy: Okay, the situation was completely not dangerous. Anyway Javier got into it with a guy named Jay Bird over a girl.

      Lindsay: OK, me telling you to stay out of this was not a suggestion. (checks the criminal database) There are fourteen Jay Birds in the system, of course. (Tom's abandoned phone rings on the front seat. Lindsay checks it and sees that it's Heather) Uhh... I need to call you back. I am not done yelling.

    • (Claire is about to cut a bracelet off Javier's wrist)

      Cindy: Wait, don't! That's a protection bracelet. Brujahs sell them to ward off negative energy and evil forces.

      Claire: But it didn't protect Javier. (Claire cuts the bracelet off and Cindy sighs in distress and crosses herself)

      Lindsay: Brujahs and witches. Really? You're going to talk to us about witches and keep a straight face?

      Cindy: They're not witches in the black magic Halloween sort of way.

      Jill: You used the words 'evil forces' and you crossed yourself.

    • Lindsay: You get anything from the neighbors?

      Officer Han: Just the usual 'no habla ingles' wall of silence. You ever think how much easier our job would be without the illegals?

      Jacobi: Your family come over on the Mayflower, Officer Han?

    • Jill: Since [Lindsay]'s not here, let's talk about her. I booked a whole slew of treatments at the Transcendence Spa for the day of Tom's wedding.

      Cindy: Distraction. Good plan. I'm in.

      Claire: OK, who wants to hear about the contents of Javier's stomach?

      Jill: You are not going to Tom's wedding!

      Claire: OK, I have to go. Ed's Tom's friend, and Ed wants to go, and Ed never wants to go anywhere. I'm a horrible person, right?

      Jill: You're not a horrible person, you're a good wife.

      Claire: I have to tell her. I mean, I do, right?

      Jill: You have to tell her.

      Cindy: This is one event that makes me very happy to not be a founding member of the Club.

      Claire: Ooh, I'm a horrible person.

    • Lindsay: Hey...

      Claire: Hey!

      Lindsay: Did I miss something?

      Jill: We were just talking about Jacobi and his date with Nadia the ice princess.

      Cindy: He's way too sexy for her.

      (Jill shakes her head and Claire and Lindsay stare at Cindy)

      Cindy: Is that just me?

      Lindsay: First, ew! Second, you were totally talking about me.

    • Lindsay: Why are your wedding programs bumpy?

      Tom: Seeds. We're having a green wedding, so after the reception our guests can plant the programs, grow flowers.

      Lindsay: Wow. That's, uh, really responsible. Really thought out. You didn't think things out at our wedding.

      Tom: Says the woman who suggested pizza for our reception...

    • Tom: Tom Hogan is back on the streets. Tom Hogan is on the move.

      Lindsay: Tom Hogan is talking in third person, and it's scaring me.

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