Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 6

Play Through the Pain

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lindsay wakes up in bed, and pieces together fragments of the previous night she spent with Tom. She is called away by Jacobi to visit a crime scene. The victim is a star quarterback named Joe Donovan, found dead in his hot tub with his wrists cut. But the size and length of the cuts show that Joe didn't commit suicide... he was murdered.

At work, Lindsay apologizes to Tom for kicking him out of her house after they slept together. After, Lindsay and Jacobi talk to Joe's agent Drew Kaplan, who shatters rumors that Joe was planning to retire. He was about to hold a press conference confirming he's signed for another year.

Cindy shows the girls a tape she got from a source which shows Joe engaging in a fight with another quarterback, Maurice Jackson, during practice. In the fight, Maurice threatens his life. Maurice is brought in for questioning, with Hanson acting as his legal council. Maurice claims the fight was a misunderstanding, and denies that he murdered Joe to take over as first round pick. Hanson tells Jill that he's instructed Maurice to keep his mouth shut, but will give the Club access to his client if Jill goes to dinner with him.

Cindy catches Claire's son Nate taking a peek at Joe's body in the morgue, and they bond over their love of football. Toxin results come back which reveal Joe was knocked out and then had his wrists cut, which explains why there was no struggle. Lindsay and Jacobi question Joe's wife Parris, who appears stressed and is popping pills. Later, Tom and Lindsay try and talk about their night together, only to be interrupted by Tom's teacher fiancée Heather, who is visiting the station on a field trip with her students. Lindsay is surprised when Heather later apologizes for their first meeting, as she was happy at the time for making Lindsay jealous of her engagement. They hug, but Lindsay is clearly disturbed by her kindness. Tom tells Lindsay that Heather should never find out about their night together, and that it was a mistake.

Meanwhile, Cindy slips her way into the team's locker room and sweet talks Maurice Jackson, asking him about Joe. He reveals that Joe was having strange pains and illnesses recently, but he never told anybody why. Lindsay and Jacobi go to speak to the team doctor, Dr Boyd, but find Drew Kaplan in his office instead. A chase ensues, but they finally catch her. The duo gets her to confess. She was trying to steal Joe's medical records but only to cover up his steroid use, as they may impact on future earnings if leaked. She says she was doing it for Joe's children. Jacobi later finds Dr Boyd, who reveals that he was supplying him steroids to help him fight his Parkinson's disease, which he was suffering from.

Jacobi spots a car belonging to the Donovan's nanny, Julie, on surveillance tape of their mansion. The nanny was supposed to be in Napa at the time. Bringing her in for questioning, Lindsay finds her weeping hysterically. She denies everything, but confesses to meaningless crimes like stealing candy as a child. After, Parris tells Lindsay that she knew about Joe's illness, which makes Lindsay suspicious. She guesses that Joe was planning on using his upcoming press conference to reveal to the world he had Parkinson's. Learning of Joe's close friendship with Julie, Lindsay confronts Parris with the information they've gathered. She guesses that Parris killed him as she couldn't stand having to take care of an ailing man suffering from a terrible disease. Police imagining software shows Parris driving the nanny's car (presumably to frame her), and the knife used to kill Joe was identical to those at a party Parris attended earlier that night. Lindsay promises that Parris will go to prison for a long while.

Later, Jill meets with Luke, who is being sued by the parents of a girl who died because of his misdiagnosis. Jill goes to dinner with Hanson, who agrees to act as his lawyer during the case, but only because he has feelings for her. Across town, Lindsay and Jacobi share a friendly drink on the roof of the station...
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