Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 6

Play Through the Pain

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on ABC



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    • Cindy: My dad died 18 months ago. He loved Joe Donovan. I loved my dad. We used to watch every game together. Now I watch for us both.

    • Cindy: So you know how I totally won Maurice's trust with my doe-eyed charm and razor sharp knowledge of sports stats? He sent over two box tickets to Sunday's game.

      Claire: Isn't accepting gifts against newspaper policy?

      Cindy: I thought about that, but I don't really cover sports so I don't see it as a conflict of interests.

      Claire: Nice rationalization there, Skipper.

      Cindy: You'll think so too when I tell you that I um, I want to give the tickets to Nate and Ed. You know, fathers, sons, football, it's a thing.

    • Kid #1: (pointing at Lindsay) Is she a cop?

      Kid #2: She's too pretty to be a cop.

      Kid #3: A lady can be a cop?

      Lindsay: I'm an Inspector, actually. Homicide.

      Kid #2: What's homicide?

    • Lindsay: You and Joe were close, right?

      Drew: Oh, I get it. I'm hot, he's hot, we worked closely together, probably couldn't keep our hands off of each other... it always leads to sex, right?

      Lindsay: You tell me.

      Drew: Look, I was Joe's work wife; contract negotiations, image licensing, you name it. And occasionally some emotional hand-holding, but only when it came to football, and even then I didn't enjoy it. Tenderness, intimacy, that was Paris' job. Besides, I spent the night with my lover... Rachel.

    • Jacobi: Any idea who'd wanna kill Joe?

      Drew: Well, I did leave my old agency to start my own company. They weren't pleased that I took their star client, so maybe they killed Joe to punish me?

      Lindsay: Right, because this is all about you...

    • Jacobi: It's Joe Donovan. (Lindsay shoots him a blank stare)

      Jacobi: Joe Donovan? San Fran's Q.B. for the, I don't know, last 15 years? Three Superbowl rings? Future hall-of-famer?

      Lindsay: Q.B. stands for quarterback, right?

      Jacobi: You must be the pride of Texas.

    • Cindy: I had Joe's poster on my wall growing up. Number 11, big guns. Ah, this is so surreal.

      Jill: Okay, one: how old are you? And two: a football player? I would have guessed more, y'know, N'Sync? Backstreet Boys?

      Cindy: My parents only had one kid, so... you're looking at the son my father always wanted.

    • Kid: Are you married?

      Lindsay: I used to be. Well, I mean he, eh... doesn't matter. Hey, who wants to see a gun?

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