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  • Great show

    I met Angie in this series.

    Goes in the same line of Rizzoli and Isles.

    Love both, but her interaction with Sasha is awesome and unsurpassed!

    Would love to return to the air, but do not want Rizzoli and Isles over!
  • Almost like "Rizzoli and Isles"

    Almost better. Canceled of course. GREAT!!
  • Bring It Back Now!!!!!!

    This was one of the best shows I have watched in a long time. I've read all of the books and want to see them on the screen. I had just gotten my husband addicted to it And they take it off!!!!Unacceptable!! Why are they taking all the good stuff off and putting on garbage? Some of the stuff on now is the same old stuff we've seen for years we need something new not a repeat of the same stuff, over and over again. Womens Murder Club gave us that something different and now it's gone. I don't understand the programmers theories.
  • Great show!Bring iVery entertaining Please bring it back.

    Women's murder club is one of my favorite shows to watch. I felt it was fun and entertaining. The networks seem to leave a lot of the demeaning and inappropriate shows on. Such as the survivor really shows just for one. Fear factor, Bevus and but head, Tripping the rip,The simpsons,King of the hill, two and a half men etc... This was new and showed women in a positive light unlike Married with children that ran forever. I couldn't wait till it had run it's course. I don't understand the programmers. I respectfully ask for it to be brought back.
  • Bring back this amazing show!

    The show is set in San Francisco, which first made me feel warm and fuzzy because a few good shows have come from there and have now ended such as Charmed and Killer Instinct. I started to watch this show, after I had seen a promo for it on YouTube and then found out that it was based upon the books by James Patterson, who is my favourite fiction crime writer. Within the first episode I became hooked. It introduces the entire main cast and lets you know all about their lives, whilst solving the first crime. The show is quite similar to the books, which made me fall in love with this show even more. We soon see that Lindsay Boxer (played by Angie Harmon) is a divorced cop who seems to be the gel that holds the group together. We find out that she is divorced and her ex-husband has now become her boss. Which can only be described as awkward, to say the least. I totally love the whole Lindsay and Tom thing which is going on which has so far consisted of them getting divorced, him getting engaged, them having sex together, a pregnancy scare and a marriage. We see a different side of Lindsay in episode 5 which involved a pregnant woman. In this episode we also find out that Lindsay was pregnant before and lost the baby and it deeply affected her relationship with Tom, and the relationship that she has with herself. Dr Claire Washburn (played by Paula Newsome) is the M.E. in the show, and she is a great character. She is a loving friend to all of the girls, and a wonderful wife and mother. A.D.A. Jill Bernhardt, (played by Laura Harris) is tough on the outside, but very soft on the inside. Her relationship with Lindsay is very close. The newest member of the group is reporter Cindy Thomas (played by Aubrey Dollar), she determined to prove herself in the world of the press, and yet to wants to be the best friend she can for the rest of the girls. Overall this is an amazing show, based on some of the best books ever published. This show was cancelled after only one season, due to three episodes having low ratings. All I can say is, Bring Back this golden gem, because since this has finished, my life now seems empty.
  • Women's Murder Club is based on James Patterson's best selling series of books. It fcus on four friends who have different roles in San Fransico's fight against crime.

    Women's Murder Club was a casualty of the writer's strike and ABC's habit of canceling quality shows. The "club" is comprised of four friends. Detective Lindsay Boxer of the SFPD, assistant district attorney Jill Bernhardt, medical examiner Claire Wahsburn and reporter Cindy Thomas. Each member provides their own perspective on whatever case is being investigated.

    Throughout the first and only season of Women's Murder Club, the recurring theme was the case of "The Kiss Me Not Killer", a serial killer which Lindsay has been obsessed in catching. However, each episode had a stand alone plot, which made it easy to follow. The "Kiss Me Not Killer" was revealed before the show ended.

    The viewer was able to see into the personal lives of the club members as well. Lindsay had intimacy issues and found it difficult to move on after her divorce. It didn't help that her boss was also her ex-husband, who was planning his wedding to a kindergarten teacher. Jill had just taken a huge step in her relationship, moving in with her boyfriend. Claire must deal with a full time career and family. She's the breadwinner of the household, her husband is confined to a wheelchair following an accident. Cindy is the newcomer to the club. We really didn't get to know too well. Most of the time she was portrayed as starry eyed and naive. She desperately wanted to fit in. It would have been nice to see more of what made her tick.

    The relationship between the characters was the hallmark of the show. They knew each other well and what each can offer to the investigation. The supporting cast was good as well. Lindsay's partner Warren Jacoby was a father figure and partner. Lieutenant Tom Hogan, played by the underrated Rob Estes, was their boss. Enterprises' Linda Park played district attorney Denise Kwan, Jill's boss and at times adversary. Although Woman's Murder Club is an ensemble, the star is definitely Angie Harmon. She plays Lindsay. Angie is a great actress who deserves to have her own show. Bring Women's Murder Club back! Who knows, maybe Lifetime can pick it up? It's really sad when a quality show gets canceled in lieu of crappy reality shows like The Bachelor or comedies that aren't even funny.
  • Bring back this amazing show!

    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!
    Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!Bring back this amazing show!
  • I am still in shock over ABC's decision not to bring back this show. How stupid! Someone needs to be fired. Another station should pick them up. After all, no one believed in Desperate Housewives either. Take off Dirty Sexy Money instead.

    Lindsay and the other women were fabulous. They not only solved murders, they were women with real problems. I wanted to see who the "Kiss me not killer " was. ABC could have atleast brought the show back for another season. Anyhow, Lindsay was my favorite character. She was beautiful and tough. Claire and Lindsay were ideal bestfriends. They solved cases together and took care of personal problems together as well. The other two women also added something special to the show and the friendship.I wish that Lindsay and her ex had gotten back together before he remarried. That would have been nice.
  • This was a fantastic show with great actors. Why was it canceled so quickly?

    I really enjoyed the James Patterson book series and I was so excited about this show. When I started watching it I loved it and then it happened – the STRIKE!!! I believe that is one of the things that killed this show. I believe ABC should have given this show one more season to develop the characters more and develop a fan base! It really had some interesting story lines developing (the Kiss Me Not Killer!!) and I think each of the characters had so much that could have been developed and taken so far. I wish another network had picked this show up! It was so interesting.
  • please dont!!

    i think if they stuck to the original storyline more ppl would of gotten into it. I mean come on. Tom isn't hardly even mentioned in the books but in the show he plays a huge role. Not only that, in the books Lindsay is top dog of homicide and thats the reason why the girls get together in the first place. They are all women on top of their fields so they felt like they were sticking it to the men. I loved this concept. I think the show lost that whole concept. What i did like about the show is that they didnt portray Lindsay to be a pushover. Another thing that did annoy me though is that Jill was married to an abusive husband, and none of the women in the show even resembled their counterparts in the books. What was with that??? Besides that it was a good show, just got a bit lost along the way. cheers
  • Love the show bring it back!!!

    I wish you would bring this back read the books loved them and loved the show!!! Please bring it back.There isn't very many shows women can relate to COP shows. This is one of the good ones. Love the characters how strong they where and how the can depend on each other.you could go so many different directions with this show . It had suspense and romance. not very many shows have that. Why did you take it off the air anyways. Dont make since. Well I would love to see it back on the air. Or one better but dont think there could be one.
  • COME ON!!! This was one crime show a girl could totally get into!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!

    A great show for the new generation of women who love to kick bad guy behind! Being a teenage girl I love seein new shows with women in positions of power. It makes me feel i can get there someday, even if it is only fiction. Great story lines, great suspense, it even has the old sexual tension but with a married man!!! come on, what more could a viewer ask for! NOTHING!! thats what. Yet the horrible people who decide what we watch and what we don't have robbed us poor people of another great hour of drama, that some can't live without.
  • "Grey's Anatomy" meets "Law & Order," almost -- a girl's police procedural

    I admit: I started watching this show after downloading Seasons 9 to 11 of Law & Order, the years that Angie Harmon was on as ADA. It's a close race, but I think she's probably my favorite ADA, so I checked up what she's up to now and ran into Women's Murder Club. Another police procedural, but this time, she plays Inspector Lindsay Boxer, it's in San Francisco, and it has an all-female cast.

    It's easy to make this out to be the twenty-something chick's version of Law & Order, but it has an overwhelming focus on the investigating side. Basically, there are four women in somewhat of a homicide club, conveniently with an inspector, district attorney, medical examiner, and investigative reporter. Each show starts at the crime scene of a murder where the four usually meet up. The story of each episode, meaning the actual "police procedural" part of the show, really only focuses on Inspector Boxer, aside from the usual report from the ME and DA, and some leads from the reporter. Usually, the case is solved with ten minutes left in the episode to either discuss the continuing background case ("Kiss-Me-Not" serial killer) and character backgrounds (or really, the men in these women's lives). It's a pretty straight-forward plot, in the ten episodes so far.

    The lives of the four, the interactions, and the cases all make for pretty good primetime television. It's something good to watch casually, there are good lines, and Jill Bernhardt is a ridiculously fashionable DA.

    On the other hand, the acting and storylines could use a lot of work. Rob Estes (who plays the Lieutenant / ex-husband / etc.) seems to have only one dramatic facial expression (the "who me? no way!" look), and the Lindsay and Heather scenes are very overdone. The Kiss-Me-Not storyline is sloppy and too forced. And in comparison to a show like Law & Order, the police procedural part needs a lot of work. In one episode, each case tends to have several storylines (suspects, questioning, evidence) that lead to finally solving the case, but so many of those storylines are tossed out and unexplained by the end of the episode.

    However, for a show that really tries to balance procedurals with character, it does a good job. Sure, it's unrealistic and the jobs of these women are heavily skewed (when does a DA do so much work on the site of the crime?), but they've got good writers, well-written characters, and a kind of show that can work case by case. I could definitely see this show getting cleaned up and coming out as more than just a guilty pleasure show for casual watching, even if its main audience are twenty- or thirty-something women.
  • Women's Murder Club was great!! Bring it back.

    Women's Murder Club is a great show - bring it back. It is the only show I watched on ABC, so now I have no reason to even look at ABC. The characters are what you can admire and the actors portray them skillfully. Angie Harmon and Rob Estes are great. I didn't think he could be better than Silk Stalkings but this is close. The other characters are fun to watch and believe you could be as skillful as they are given the chance. What more do they need - great actors, wonderful story lines. Why was it cancelled?
  • James Patterson has a great storyline here!

    This show makes women very proud. The strong cast make all of the difference in the world. There are ups and downs, highs and lows just like in real life. The characters are great, the story is great. When watching this series, you can put a face to the names in the books. You can relate to each one of them! I can not imagine why ABC would drop this series. More people than I can list tune in every time this show was on. There is no clear reason why it should be taken off the air! Bring It Back! Atleast maybe have another network such as LifeTime pick it up!
  • If this series keeps the same quality as the books, it will be an unique series.

    If you did not read any of the Woman´s Murder Club book, you have no idea of what you are missing. When it comes to James Patterson´s writting, he is one of the few authors who will make you read until the very end of the book. Let´s hope the excelent plot and mystery you find on each book is kept on this series, as it would be a disaster if any episode fails to make you feel uncertain about what is going to happen next or to feel the episode is over at the middle of it. Let´s Just Hope.
  • Why did they cancel this show? I love James Patterson, I've read nearly all of his books. Is there a problem with a strong female character that the network didn't like about this show? I don't understand why it got cancelled.....

    I absolutely love James Patterson, I've read nearly all of his books. My cousin is reading all my books now. They could make TV shows about the "Alex Cross" series and I'd watch them all. The Murder Club series were good books. Is there a problem with a strong female character that the network didn't like about this show? I don't understand why it got cancelled.....With all the feedback on here, it looks like it was a popular show. Maybe we can get it back with a petition or something. This network sure hasn't picked a great lineup for 2008. I sure won't be watching much on this station.
  • Really love it!

    I just loved the show since the first episode. It's a great cast with power women. I really like Lindsay Boxer, she has a great personallity. It's amazing how they solve every case on there own way and still dealing with personal things. I really liked Lindsay and the kiss-me-not killer. When Jacobi screamed at Lindsay about the partnership. I really liked the way Lindsay react. I would do the same thing.
    The girls of women's murder club are some power womens in my oppinion. They're so strong and always there for each other. I Just love the show a lot! '
  • I've been reading the books. Just starting watching my DVR recordings of the show. Love it!

    I have been reading James Paterson books recently. The Women's murder club series of books is terrific. I recorded a few of this past seasons TV version. I really have enjoyed what I have watched so far. It is fun to place faces on the characters I've been reading about. The book describes some of them differently, but no big deal.
    I hope the show continues. I plan to continue watching the show. Of course I will continue to read the books. I will be adding the show to my personal favorites along with "lost," "rescue me," and so on. Keep up the good shows.
  • This show should so not have been cancelled!

    This show should so not have been cancelled!

    It was different from the other crime shows out there and it should be given another season at least to see if the ratings improve.

    All the actors can act which is always a start and the relationship between all the characters was great, believable and well developed. It was also great that the women were the main character because in a lot of crime dramas the men are always heading up the cast list.

    Also I love the shots of San Francisco - even if it isn't actually filmed there.

    Again - Women's Murder Club should NOT have been canned!
  • James Patterson? Keep them coming. I've read all the books and love the show even better.

    They couldn't have picked a better Actress to play Linsay Boxer. I haven't seen a show this good since way back to "Police Women" staring Angie Dickensen. I hope they bring this series back. This was a well plotted story of the Kiss Me Not serial killer. Linsay caught up with the guy, after absorbing her live with it for so many years it took her marriage. But I like the fellow she is falling in love with now better. And she needs a relationship that is sporadic. Gives her her own time in which she needs for her Job and herself. Was glad to see her and her Father get back into a relationship even if it work related. When she called him Daddy, it showed her real love for him. A great story and series, I hope James Paterson will keep this one going for all of us.
  • why the hell would they cancell this show? it is awesome... everyone loves it in australia idiots... bring it backk

    why the hell would they cancell this show?
    it is awesome... everyone loves it in australia
    idiots... bring it backk why the hell would they cancell this show?
    it is awesome... everyone loves it in australia
    idiots... bring it backk why the hell would they cancell this show?
    it is awesome... everyone loves it in australia
    idiots... bring it backk
  • I think this show is fresh and new show putin it on a shelf of its own! its so different from the csi shows and is just as exciting. it is as gud as the da books

    This show is a fresh take on the ever increasing number of crime shows. it is shown from a different side compared to other shows with the leading charactors being woman which quite refreshing and impowering. the other shows like csi all have woman as charactors but the leador or hero is always a man. the show is adapted from the books by James Patterson who is an incredable writer who captures the audiences attention from the first page to the last. the cast are such good actors that you are glued to the screen the moment the show starts. it is a show i wud recommend you watch and is a guilty pleasure
  • The strike is off - now bring the show back! This show rocks!

    The show is a great tribute to Patterson's works. Each episode has added depth to the characters. We want to see more! Great ensemble cast + excellent writing! Initially I thought this would be "just another mystery" show - but it has turned out to be a action/mystery/detective show from a women's perspective. CSI, Law and Order, etc are great shows - but often from the male perspective. The reality is this show appeals to those of us women that like to believe that women are complex creatures with multifaceted personalities. Cheers to the producers and writers that made this show happen.
  • 4 Sexy Woman solve murders on a weekly basis...

    Though only one episode of this amazing new show has aried in Australia, I can tell it is and is going to be a hit. This show has everything Women, Humour, Murder, Mystery and a whole lot more going for it. The asting is exceptional and it is halarious at times. The mysteries they encounter are great, and the main murder ark one is to die for. Each murder mystery uses each of the women's talents Lidneys savay detective work, Jills law mind, Claires medical mind and Cindys savay reporter skills. Each episode is a thrill ride, who did it, how they did and how are they going to catch them. I can't wait for more episodes.
  • Fantastic crime drama revolving around 4 best friends.

    I love this programme. The characters are from books wrote by James Patterson, the stories them self are completely different. You don't have to had read the books before you watch WMC at all. The programme is about LAPD. The main character Lindsay Boxer is a detective, her best friend is Claire who is the Coroner, Jill is a Lawyer and Cindy is a Journalist. The four of them meet to discuss a case Lindsay is working on and together they solve it. I personally think what also makes this programme so good is the relationship between Lindsay and her boss. Tom. This is also her ex-husband. You can see the tension already. This is a fantastic programme and I defentily recommend this programme.
  • This show has become one of my favorites to my Friday night lineup.

    This show has become one of my favorites to my Friday night lineup. It's got girts, crime, and mystery; what else can a guy ask for? Except for maybe beer & pizza... Seriously, this is a toned down version of several of the other crime shows (with a little different type of humor) on today. Although Melinda Gordon is still the best looking woman on Friday nights (or any other night for that matter). Although sometimes hard to believe (working for your ex); the show has been able to take several personal issues that we all face today and make sense out of them. Overall; this is a keeper; at least for the next several years...
  • This show rocks. The characters are well written, the story lines have variety and keep your interest, the primary characters have faults. They don't insult your intelligence but instead present characters and plots that are believable.

    This show rocks. The characters are well written, the story lines have variety and keep your interest, the primary characters have faults. They don't insult your intelligence but instead present characters and plots that are believable. You may not identify with or even like the four main characters but even the supporting cast is well developed. The show has action, humor and interpersonal relationships that we can identify with. Unlike some other shows, the fact that they are in San Francisco is not integral to the story line in that you would be able to identify with these characters no matter what city the show is supposedly in. I look forward to watching this show and it has a high priority status on my Tivo.
  • Less stereotypes, more murder solving!

    I don't remember the books being this stereotypical. They were much more about the murders.

    I like the idea of a show focusing on powerful women doing their jobs.

    What I do NOT want to see is the same tired stereotypes of women talking about shoes/dating/men and worrying about fat or relationships. Especially new characters that I don't know yet, so I REALLY don't care about their personal problems! (esp. having the Asst. DA cheat in the first episode, so I have to start off not liking her).

    I don't recall the detectives on Law & Order spending this much time discussing carbs or their sex lives!

    Those gripes aside, I like the show (I've only seen the first 3 so far). I'm willing to keep watching on the hope it will improve.

    IMO it's well cast. I like Angie Harmon. And I always like a show that's (supposedly) set in San Francisco! The establishing shots of San Francisco are nice (though obviously the rest is shot in L.A. or on a set).

    More emphasis on the fact that these woman work on cases together, please. Yes, they're friends and they support each other, but let that grow over time, don't spend half the episode on their chit-chat (especially the tired stereotypical kind).
  • An excellent new show!

    I have always been a big James Patterson fan, but had never read this series of books. I thought I'd try the show on an off-chance, and I am so glad that I did! The characters are easy to warm to, the story lines are believable, and there is a good mix of comedy and drama. It would fit really well into the CBS schedule (crime drama). The first couple of episodes were interesting, but then they became even better as we got to know the characters and their backgrounds. I'm hoping the writer's strike doesn't mean this will end mid-season - I want to see what happens next!
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