Women's Murder Club

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • Bring back this amazing show!

    The show is set in San Francisco, which first made me feel warm and fuzzy because a few good shows have come from there and have now ended such as Charmed and Killer Instinct. I started to watch this show, after I had seen a promo for it on YouTube and then found out that it was based upon the books by James Patterson, who is my favourite fiction crime writer. Within the first episode I became hooked. It introduces the entire main cast and lets you know all about their lives, whilst solving the first crime. The show is quite similar to the books, which made me fall in love with this show even more. We soon see that Lindsay Boxer (played by Angie Harmon) is a divorced cop who seems to be the gel that holds the group together. We find out that she is divorced and her ex-husband has now become her boss. Which can only be described as awkward, to say the least. I totally love the whole Lindsay and Tom thing which is going on which has so far consisted of them getting divorced, him getting engaged, them having sex together, a pregnancy scare and a marriage. We see a different side of Lindsay in episode 5 which involved a pregnant woman. In this episode we also find out that Lindsay was pregnant before and lost the baby and it deeply affected her relationship with Tom, and the relationship that she has with herself. Dr Claire Washburn (played by Paula Newsome) is the M.E. in the show, and she is a great character. She is a loving friend to all of the girls, and a wonderful wife and mother. A.D.A. Jill Bernhardt, (played by Laura Harris) is tough on the outside, but very soft on the inside. Her relationship with Lindsay is very close. The newest member of the group is reporter Cindy Thomas (played by Aubrey Dollar), she determined to prove herself in the world of the press, and yet to wants to be the best friend she can for the rest of the girls. Overall this is an amazing show, based on some of the best books ever published. This show was cancelled after only one season, due to three episodes having low ratings. All I can say is, Bring Back this golden gem, because since this has finished, my life now seems empty.