Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 7

The Past Comes Back to Haunt You

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on ABC
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The Past Comes Back to Haunt You
The Club have 24 hours to stop an innocent man's execution and find the real killer of the woman he was accused of murdering. Meanwhile, Jill discovers corruption in the D.A.'s office, and Lindsay worries that her one night stand with Tom may have resulted in pregnancy.moreless

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  • When a murder victim turns out to be a witness in a long ago murder trial the club takes up the case of a man nearing the end of his time on death row.moreless

    This series is still Law and Order (whatever version) West. One case is the centerpiece of each episode. The personal stuff distracts from seriousness of the case but who really cares if Lindsay is pregnant or will Jill's doctor boyfriend put up with her breaking their dates or how long will Claire's husband … I think I just put something from Grey's Anatomy in this but I digress.

    The Past Comes Back to Haunt You is about a mishandled murder trial, which will lead to the execution of an innocent man by the end of the episode. All four members of the team contribute but it is a confession from the prosecutor in the trial that he suborned perjury from a key witness leading to the conviction.

    The problem I have with this storyline is that it is implausible. If an ADA and police detective decided to look into an old case and if they could prove misconduct by the prosecutor I find it doubtful that they could stop the execution, get a confession from the prosecutor and catch the actual killer before the state executed the convicted man. But then letting an innocent man die would be such a downer. I really like the acting in the series. Angie and Laura are hot and the setup for the series keeps me coming back but the writing needs to get better. Perhaps the strike will allow the writers to recover their creativity or give the producers time to find another group of writers. Or else…moreless

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    • Claire: According to your blood-test, you are not pregnant.

      Lindsay: Oh...

      Claire: What you are is anemic.

      Lindsay: Oh...

      Claire: You have a deficiency of red blood cells, that's why you've been feeling so rundown. This is a list of vitamins to get. Take the vitamins, eat some actual meals, and you'll be 100% in no time.

      Lindsay: Okay, thanks.

      Claire: This is good news, right, not being pregnant with your ex-husband's baby?

      Lindsay: Yeah, of course, great. I just...

      Claire: Thought maybe you and Tom could have a do-over?

      Lindsay: No. Maybe. I don't know, I just... look at me, look at my life. This isn't exactly mother of the year material. Maybe God's just telling me I already had my chance.

    • Lindsay: Can you re-test the blood sample?

      Claire: Glad to. Any other test I should run?

      Lindsay: Not right now!

    • Lindsay: We're just keeping our distance.

      Claire: Clearly that's working for you. I'll do your pregnancy test.

      Lindsay: Hello, I'm in the middle of solving a murder! And Cindy just said she had something on the crime. And if you tell anyone about my sleeping with Tom, I will come after you with that bone saw.

      Claire: I'm not saying a word. I'm putting Mr. Cooper in the fridge, and I'll catch up with you in ten.

      Lindsay: I so don't feel better now that we've talked.

    • Lindsay: Excuse me, none of this proves that cute Jamie Galvan didn't kill Ben Cooper last night.

      Cindy: Jamie didn't kill anyone.

      Jill: I'm with her.

      Claire: I'm undecided, but sympathetic.

      Lindsay: I'm touched, that everyone wants to see the best in people. I'm a cop, I don't have that luxury.

      Cindy: You go on your gut all the time! You can take one look at a guy and-

      Lindsay: And I haven't seen Jamie Galvan because after he kidnapped you he disappeared off the face of the earth.

      (Cindy looks away, uncomfortable)

      Lindsay: ... By which I mean no one has heard from him, am I right?

      Cindy: Yeah... Totally.

      Jill: Worst. Liar. Ever!

      Lindsay: Don't make me charge you with obstruction!

      Cindy: Every time a girl gets a little flustered you start whipping out the charges.

      Claire: Please spare us all the pain of watching you try to bluff!

    • Lindsay: Did you go to death row and talk to Paul Galvan?

      Jill: I did. I looked him in the eye. I think he's innocent. I'm going to apply for a stay of his execution.

      Cindy: Our club rocks.

      Claire, Jill and Lindsay: It's not a club.

    • Claire: I'm not cutting this man open until you tell me what's wrong.

      Lindsay: OK, look, just between us... it's the third week of the month. At least it's supposed to be, for me. But it's not.

      (Claire looks confused)

      Lindsay: I'm late!

      Claire: Late. You work too hard, you don't eat right, cycles get off balance sometimes. I mean, at least we know you're not pregnant.

      (Lindsay gives a weak smile and looks uncomfortable)

      Claire: I mean we'd be talking about an immaculate conception, right?

      Lindsay: Well, I... may have had a one night stand.

      Claire: Girl, a one night stand is a big step forward for you! OK, in a way. Who's the guy?

      Lindsay: (under her breath) ...Tom.

      Claire: Tom?

      Lindsay: Yes.

      Claire: Tom? Your ex-husband-slash-boss-who's-getting-remarried-in-a-matter-of-weeks Tom? OK, really more of a backwards step. Oh my God! And no one thought to use protection?

      Lindsay: Yes! We thought. The condom was kinda old.

      Claire: How old was this antique condom?

      Lindsay: Oh, you know what, let's not go down that road.

      Claire: Latex is very durable.

      Lindsay: Please don't focus on that point. It was a one time thing.

      Claire: Oh my God.

      Lindsay: It was a mistake!

      Claire: Oh! My! God!

      Lindsay: Whatever! Will you stop saying 'oh my God'?!

    • Cindy: I'll chat up the locals, see if there was anything more interesting for sale here at the House of Lamps, Lamps and More Lamps.

    • Lindsay: Tom.

      Tom: Hey, Linds. How are you doing?

      Lindsay: Fine. Why do you ask?

      Tom: Well, my mama taught me a little thing called being polite.

    • (After finding out Jamie Galvan got into Cindy's car.)

      Lindsay: Tell me everything, start with a description.

      Cindy: Um, okay, he was kind of... cute.

    • Lindsay: So between the last time we saw you and now, you met Paul Galvan's son.

      Cindy: Please don't give me the laser vision, it makes me really nervous.

    • Lindsay: (Noticing the forklift Cindy is sat on) Tell me you didn't drive this here.

      Cindy: Please! I drove Maggie, my little red car.

      Lindsay: And then you sweet-talked Officer Cho into sneaking you past the tape -- wait, your car has a name?

      Cindy: Doesn't yours?

    • Claire: Let me feel your forehead.

      Lindsay: I do not have a fever... Mom.

    • Lindsay: Are you with me on this?

      Jacobi: 100%.

      (The building in front of them explodes, knocking them backward)

      Jacobi: Make that 95.

    • Cindy: Listen, my instincts are telling me that...

      Lindsay: Shh! You - not old enough to have instincts!

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