Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 9

To Drag and to Hold

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on ABC
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To Drag and to Hold
The Club delve into San Francisco's drag queen community while investigating a murder. Meanwhile, Tom and Heather tie the knot, and Luke finally discovers the truth about Jill and Hanson's affair.

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  • I really liked this episode

    So much happened in this one episode that I don't know where to start. I love each of these women and their relationship. I love how Lindsey really was focused on the case and trying to not interfere in Tom's wedding. I also like Jill and felt so sorry for her after her boss outed her relationship with Hanson in front of Luke. I really want those two to make it.

    I really enjoyed the drag queen storyline with his partner and son. It was so sad but yet had a wonderful conclusion thanks to Cindy. Her character is really growing on me. I am also excited about how the episode ended with the FBI agent and the Kiss-Me-Not killer.moreless

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    • Jacobi: What were they fighting about?
      Oliver: Inspector, my mother was a simple girl from Abiline when she bought this place, and she taught me, "When your castle's full of queens, you stay on the other side of the moat."

    • Lindsay: I left a message for Claire's sub Roberta, to call me on my cell as soon as she is done with the Whitney autopsy. Am I forgetting anything?
      Cindy: Um... No, no, not forgetting, no.
      Lindsay: What was that?
      Cindy: What?
      Lindsay: That hesitation. And now the lack of eye contact and the foot tapping, what?
      Cindy: Nothing! It should wait until tomorrow. I promised Jill and Claire I would keep you on a very specific schedule.
      Lindsay: You know you want to tell me or we'd be out the door by now.

    • Lindsay: Jill, we've got it covered here, ok? Go home, get some rest.
      Jill: Honestly, this case is the only thing keeping me from losing it.
      Lindsay: Well, now you know the method to my madness.

    • Lindsay: How did you get in here?
      Cindy: The bouncers know me. I am Grace to, like, ten Wills in this city.

    • (Cindy walks in the room and Lindsay is crying.)
      Cindy: What happened?
      Lindsay: He said "I do".

    • Claire: So where's your date?
      Jacobi: Why bring a snack to an all-you-can-eat buffet?

    • Lindsay: OK, you know what I hate about Heather? Every time I see her or talk to her, she says something that makes me respect her a little bit more.

    • Lindsay: I can drop you at home.
      Cindy: Nuh-uh, no no no no no. I promised Jill and Claire that I wouldn't leave you.
      Lindsay: That was when we were spa-ing. And now I'm working.
      Cindy: Lindsay, you just heard your ex-husband's wedding vows. Have you taken five minutes to process how huge that is? Why would you, you're a hardened homicide inspector... Here's the thing; at some point you're gonna be hit with a wave of loss and sadness so massive you're not even going to be able to breathe, so will you just shut up and let me be here for you?
      Lindsay: Let's go.

    • Thaddeus: (About his parents) No, they're Republicans, they're not murderers.

    • Lindsay: What's that?
      Jacobi: Nothing... Babcock got us a group discount at the International House of Ties. I'll put it away.
      Lindsay: Why would you do that?
      Jacobi: Because it's a one hundred percent silk reminder of your ex-husband's wedding. Some would find it distracting.
      Lindsay: I am laser-focused on this case. A little Italian neckwear isn't gonna distract me.

    • Heather: Excuse me. I was looking for Tom. Have you seen him?
      Lindsay: We haven't... I didn't mean to...
      Heather: You need to leave.
      Lindsay: Absolutely.
      Heather: No, all of you. I'm sorry, don't take this the wrong way, I don't wanna be a bitch, but... this is my wedding. And you're not doing me any favors by being here when I know that you would all rather be somewhere else. (To Claire) You can't stay off the phone. (To Jill) You were the center of a drunken spectacle. (To Cindy) I don't even know you. (To Lindsay) And you. Crashing weddings and lurking in the alley? This can't be fun for you.
      Lindsay: It's not.
      Heather: He's not yours anymore, Lindsay. So do yourself a favor and let him go.

    • Lindsay: Can we please fast forward to Sunday when this stupid wedding will be over with? It's all anybody can talk about! You were just talking about it, weren't you?
      Jill: Actually, the opposite. As in where you, Cindy and I will be instead.
      Lindsay: (Reading pamphlet) "The Transcendence Spa, Come Experience Bliss". I hate bliss!
      Jill: We know. But nothing rids the body of impurities and thoughts of your ex-husband's nuptials faster than a green tea body wrap.
      Lindsay: I would rather have a bathtub full of bourbon!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Cindy: I'm Grace to, like, ten Wills in this city.

      This is a reference to the NBC sitcom Will & Grace, where Grace was the straight best friend to gay lawyer Will.

    • Title: To Drag and to Hold

      This is a play on the common marital phrase "to have and to hold", which is also the title of a book written in 1900 by Mary Johnston.