Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 2

Train In Vain

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's late at night, and Lindsay and Claire are helping Jill move out of her home. Jill asks Claire to keep a "getaway box" for her full of emergency supplies in case she gets cold feet and decides not to move in with Luke. The women have agreed to a night without work talk, especially when it comes down to the Kiss-Me-Not Killer. Jill explains that they found no evidence on the latest victim's body, and the case isn't moving forward. Lindsay still remains determined to stop him.

The women are called away to a crime scene on the San Francisco BART system. Three people have been murdered in a subway car. The victims are Noreen Davenport, a businesswoman, Carlos Fuentes, a former soldier who lost a leg, and Rodney Boyce, a software engineer. Lindsay guesses it was an organized, hired killer. The only evidence is a bloody footprint of the killer. Cindy turns up, and Jill is shocked to see her. Cindy tells her that she got through police lines by saying she's a friend of Lindsay's, and then reveals that she's been promoted to crime desk reporter at the San Francisco Register. Jill tells her to leave and wait for the press conference.

Jill is met by ADA Denise Kwon, who wants her reassigned to a different case, as Jill has never worked on a case so major before. Jill protests, and Denise gives in. In the morgue, Rodney's boss, Arthur Lazar, identifies his body.

Lindsay and Jacobi go to notify Carlos Fuentes's next of kin of his death. As they reach the property, bullets start flying. They chase after a man and eventually catch him. He's Alberto, Carlos's brother. Under questioning, Alberto claims that he respected his brother for fighting in Iraq and didn't kill him. Lindsay books him for the attempted murders of her and Jacobi.

Hanson visits Jill in her office, and tells her that if she and Luke break up, he'll be there for her. Jill spots Denise near-by, and tells Hanson to leave. Claire returns home, and she is saddened to see that her wheelchair-bound husband, Ed, hasn't made dinner for the kids, and is instead slumped in front of the TV. Claire is called by Lindsay, who says that they've found the gun used to kill the three victims. Lindsay tells Tom about the development, and he's ecstatic, even doing a "shimmy" dance...

Overnight, Lindsay finds an army supply store that sold the same type of boots which made the footprints found at the crime scene. The store has been busted twice in the past for selling illegal firearms. Lindsay goes to tell Tom in his office, and she finds a woman helping him change into a new shirt. It's Heather, Tom's fiancée. Lindsay is bewildered, and quickly walks away after some short introductions.

Lindsay and Jacobi talk to the owner of the army store who, in return for the cops not turning him in, tells them he sold the gun to a "Mad Dog Vinny", who said he needed the gun for protection. Lindsay and Jacobi raid Vinny's trailer, and discover he has overdosed. He's rushed to hospital. Lindsay tells Jill that she saw a ridiculously expensive motorbike outside Vinny's trailer, and guesses that it was his paycheck for killing one person on the subway. The other two victims were probably just innocent bystanders.

Jill confesses to Lindsay that she is having an affair with Hanson... for the third time. She is determined to end it. Lindsay says it's no wonder Denise hates Jill. Jill doesn't understand, and Lindsay elaborates. Denise and Hanson got together when Jill and Hanson first split up. Tom shows up, angry that Lindsay didn't tell him earlier about her lead. Lindsay protests that it was because he was playing "dress-up" with Heather, and it didn't seem appropriate. Lindsay tells Tom that Vinny was probably being paid off, and requests that Tom doesn't hold a press conference, as whoever paid him off will probably go into hiding if they discover the cops know what happened. Lindsay receives a text message from Cindy, requesting a meeting.

Lindsay, Jill, Claire and Cindy all meet up at Lindsay's house. Cindy can't believe she's finally reached the Club's "inner sanctum". She called them as she's found Rodney Boyce's laptop, as it was pawned by Mad Dog Vinny. Claire discovers files from Lazar Software on the laptop and finds some discrepancies in Lazar's records.

Lindsay and Jacobi talk to Arthur Lazar, who leads them to Lazar Software's accountant, who happens to be his son Artie. They bring Artie in for questioning, and he tells them that he heard they'd already caught the subway killer: it was Mad Dog Vinny. Artie and his father are allowed to leave. Alberto, who is being held in a cell nearby, assumes Artie killed his brother.

Lindsay and Jacobi confront Tom and Denise over the surprise press conference which has now ensured Artie walk free. They said they had no choice, as the Mayor requested it. After, Jill tries to convince Lindsay to let Alberto go under probation. Lindsay eventually agrees. Jill tells Alberto the good news, but makes him promise that he'll leave the gang he's involved with.

Later, Alberto and two gang members attack Artie Lazar outside his offices. Artie says that he didn't mean to have Alberto's brother killed; only Rodney Boyce was supposed to get murdered. It turns out to be a sting operation, and the two gang members are really undercover cops. Artie is arrested by Lindsay and Jacobi, and she thanks Alberto for his help.

Meanwhile, Jill goes to the hospital, and gives Luke her "getaway box". They kiss. Claire returns home and discovers Ed has cooked dinner. He's made a complete mess of the kitchen, but Claire is touched. Cindy turns up at the station and asks Lindsay if she's finally in the Club. Lindsay protests that there is no club, but Cindy can tell she's made it.

Lindsay and Tom make up over Heather's cassoulet. Tom reveals that the Kiss-Me-Not Killer's latest victim has been identified. As the victim was taken across state lines by the killer, it's been handed over to the feds. Tom swears it's not personal, but Lindsay's clearly upset. She storms off, telling him to thank Heather for the dinner...
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