Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 2

Train In Vain

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on ABC



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    • Music Featured In This Episode
      Tomorrow Is a Long Time by Nickel Creek (when all the women go home)

    • Goof: Real San Francisco residents never refer to their subway system as "the BART", instead it is simply referred to as "BART".

    • The real-life San Francisco Chief of Police Heather J. Fong has a non-speaking cameo about half way through the episode wearing her Class A uniform. During the episode the police chief is referred to as a "he".

  • Quotes

    • Philip: (After Lindsay and Jacobi tells him his ex-wife was murdered) I did this to her. (Lindsay and Jacobi look shocked) I didn't mean that.

    • Lindsay: (After Tom hangs up the phone) Grumpy mayor?

      Tom: Turns out that man has a silver platter and he just handed it with my ass on.

      Lindsay: Sorry.

      Tom: Part of the job, can't take it personally. (Lindsay holds up a gun) Is that what I think it is?

      Lindsay: Do you think it's the murder weapon?

      Tom: I do.

      Lindsay: Then it is what you think it is.

      Tom: You know what this means?

      Lindsay: That you can call the mayor back?

      Tom: And give him what...

      Lindsay: Good news?

      Tom: Very good news. Come on, we are going to solve this case, the city is going to get back to normal, things are looking up. Come on, gimme a little shimmy. (Tom starts dancing)

      Lindsay: This is so not professional.

    • Jill: (On Luke) Yeah he's great.

      Lindsay: You say "he's great" the way people say green tea is great. Like we're supposed to drink it but we really want to drink coffee.

      Jill: You hear all of that in my voice?

      Lindsay: Is there someone else? Someone a little more coffee?

      Jill: No, this is not about green tea or coffee. I just haven't told him I sleep with a wave machine.

      Lindsay: You do know cops are like human lie detectors.

      Jill: It happened once, it's not an affair.

      Lindsay: Who?

      Jill: I'm not going to tell you...

      Lindsay: You're so telling me who.

      Jill: Hanson.

      Lindsay: Ewww...

    • Lindsay: I met Heather.
      Jill: You did? When?
      Lindsay: In Tom's office, she brought him a shirt, he was half undressed, and here's the weird thing: I walked in and he didn't even flinch.
      Jill: Why would he flinch? You've both moved on...
      Lindsay: I would still expect a flinch.

    • Jill: (Giving Claire a box). I want you to keep this for me.
      Claire: Is it somebody's ashes?
      Jill: It's a getaway box.
      Lindsay: Get away from what?
      Jill: If me living with Luke isn't going so hot... say I have to get out in a hurry... I'd have to stop and pack stuff. It ruins a whole dramatic exit.
      Claire: So if things don't work out with Luke, you're living with me?
      Jill: No, I'm just going to come pick up the box.
      Claire: Oh.
      Jill: Mabye I'll spend one night.
      Lindsay: Oh, so romantic.
      Jill: I've never lived with anybody before, it makes me nervous. You of all people should understand.
      Lindsay: Just because my relationship went down in flames doesn't mean that yours' is going to.
      Claire: And if it does, at least you know that there is no chance of Luke becoming your boss.
      Lindsay: Hey, I am totally okay with the 'my-ex-is-now-my-boss' thing. Tom is professional, I'm professional, it's all very professional.
      Claire: Hm.
      Lindsay: Seriously, we are both very okay with this. Since you brought up the subject of work...
      Jill: No, she didn't bring up work, she brought up Tom. We're taking a work break.
      Claire: Which means no discussion of the Kiss Me Not Killer.
      Lindsay: I never 100% agreed to that.
      Jill: What's left to discuss? We have nothing. No DNA, no fingerprints, no fibers. I don't even know who she is, the poor girl.
      Lindsay: We're missing something, no killer is that good. They always make a mistake.
      Claire: Not this one, not yet.
      Jill: Lindsay, I'm not saying that you shouldn't do all in your power to bring this son of a bitch down. You should. We all should and we will. But you need to be able to put it away sometimes. Like, for example, now. Let's just try to be in the moment.
      Lindsay: You're the one with the getaway box.

    • (Looking in the vending machine)
      Lindsay: Artie Lazar's on his way in.
      Jacobi: Chips, candy, cupcakes... is an apple too much to ask for?
      Lindsay: Aside from driving his truly obnoxious motorcycle 55 through a school zone, his record is clean.
      Jacobi: And here I was hoping he had a prior for solicitation of murder.
      Lindsay: Get the dark chocolate. It's healthy...er.
      Jacobi: You realize we've got jack on this guy.
      Lindsay: Well that's why God invented lying to suspects.

    • Jill: Never hire a meth-head to do a professional hitman's job.

    • Jill: Did you go to a biker bar?
      Cindy: I went to seven. They're a little scary. But the people are surprisingly helpful once they figure out that you're not a cop. Bikers are not fond of cops.

    • Hanson: I know you're still mad about the gun thing...
      Lindsay: The gun thing?! You mean where my partner and I were almost killed? That gun thing?

    • Lindsay: I don't like him as the shooter. He emptied a clip on us and didn't hit a thing.
      Jacobi: I like that in a shooter!

    • Lindsay: Thank God I've moved on. Cause if I hadn't moved on, that would have been awkward... seeing him... half naked... in front of his fiancée... Heather.

    • Cindy: You're gonna miss me when I stop coming around...
      Lindsay: Give me a chance to find out!

    • Jill: Mad Dog is in capable hands, believe me.
      Lindsay: Yeah, Luke is pretty amazing in action. It's kinda sexy, actually. Except for the part where he kept telling me to get lost... nah, that was kinda sexy too.

    • Cindy: Rodney Boyce, the temp at Lazar Software, had a police record.
      Lindsay: I didn't get a hit on him.
      Cindy: In Canada. He was arrested for assault on a police officer. Well, okay, technically... a mountie.
      Lindsay: What was he doing in Canada?
      Cindy: Fun place to go when you're in trouble with the law? Plus, the beer.

    • Cindy: Hey! Hey, uh, can I officially release Artie Lazar's name?
      Lindsay: How are you always around?
      Cindy: I'm good at what I do.
      Lindsay: Yeah, sure, we're on the record.
      Cindy: So, uh, am I in the club?
      Lindsay: There is no club!
      Cindy: Oh yeah, I am in!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Politické hry (Political Games)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: February 11, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: February 19, 2008 on Network 10
      New Zealand: July 21, 2008 on TV3
      Finland: September 21, 2008 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: May 18, 2010 on Prima

    • This episode was rated TV-PG-LV.

    • Linda Park makes her first appearance on the show, and is added to the main cast.

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