Women's Murder Club

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the Club

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on ABC
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Welcome to the Club
Lindsay, Claire, Jill and Jacobi investigate the murder of a prominent San Francisco reporter, and get unexpected help from the victim's co-worker, who has an interest in serial killers. In their private lives, Lindsay faces up to the past when her ex-husband is brought into her police department in a leadership role, and Jill faces a domestic crisis.moreless

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  • Don't Call Them "Babe"

    I was initially attracted to this show because of the title which, love it or hate it, is undeniably attention-grabbing. I also love most procedurals, and a procedural show with some kick-ass ladies usually makes for some great TV.

    I really liked the interaction between the main cast, and the writers should definitely utilize that more, as it's clearly the show's strongest asset. Angie Harmon, Laura Harris and Paula Newsome have great chemistry together, and they all had some great dialogue in their scenes together. It would be great to see why they're friends though, and maybe get some insight into how they met and decided to form this club.

    The mystery wasn't hugely captivating, but a pilot is really supposed to introduce the characters, and not so much the case-of-the-week element. I thought Lindsay and Jacobi made a great team, and I liked their banter, which has that great "acting like they don't like each other, when they clearly do" thing going on.

    Angie Harmon really surprised me. After years of seeing her doing nothing but walking around a jury on Law & Order, it was refreshing to see her do something different, and I was surprised at how good she was at the comedy. I didn't like the inclusion of her ex-husband in the show, but if it promises more humor in the scripts, then I'm all for it.

    A promising pilot with a great cast and a decent script. It's not without it's problems but, for what it is (a Friday night show mainly aimed at women), it's pretty good.

    Director: Greg Yaitanes

    Writer: Sarah Fain, Elizabeth Craft

    Rating: B+moreless
  • All in all not a bad start

    Having watched the first two episodes now (third to watch later) I am quite enjoying this. Cop/crime shows are my favorite. While this doesn't touch most off the other shows of this genre I watch, it doesn't disappoint either.

    However I can't really see it going beyond more then the one season. I guess it avoids that dreaded axe in it's first season it may survive a second. If not I'll have to contend with The Bill or one of the CSI spin offs. Maybe they should do CSI London, how cool and brilliant would that be to watch, i'd definitely watch!moreless
  • Another crime show, except this time the women outnumber the men.

    Okay, I'm enumerating my observations because I'm feeling extremely lazy right now.

    1. I think they used the blur effect in between scenes a little too much. It's painful to the eyes when you try staring at it for an hour.

    2. The dialogue is okay but there are times when it's all over the place. It's either they're speaking too fast that you can't quite catch the words they're saying, or they speaking too fast AND talking about a lot of things simultaneously.

    3. Angie Harmon and Marc Vann on the same episode? It's like watching a crossover between Law & Order and CSI. ^_^

    4. Some scenes are too short. If I understood my film teacher correctly, short scenes are used to indicate fast pacing. Some scenes in this episode didn't come close to being fast and yet the scenes were short, they're over by the time I finish saying "WTF?"

    5. Laura Harris looks a little stiff, like she doesn't know what she's doing. I saw her in an episode of CSI and I thought she was brilliant then...maybe she needs some time getting used to the role of a Deputy District Attorney.

    Overall, I think this still needs more than a little tweaking, but it looks promising. I'm giving this series a chance.moreless
  • Great start.

    I heard that this serie is based on a book or books, i never read it, but i liked to show, at least the first episode.

    We get to meet the woman that work at the police department and also some of the men.

    The history was interesting, with a nice ending and nice characters, loved the dog, by the way :)

    I'm hoping that this will eventually be one of my favorites, because it reminds me of csi, criminal minds, law & order, which are some of my favorite shows.

    Waiting kinda ansiously for the next episode to be as good or better than this one :)moreless
  • Lindsey Boxer, Jill Bernhard, Claire Washburn and Cindy Thomas are on the tail of a killer. James Patterson's series comes to television.

    I was really excited when I found out that WMC was coming to television. I have truly enjoyed the books series. I am uncertain about the television series as yet. It was a little slow. I hope that it will get a little better as time goes on. I know they have a few kinks to work out. It happens with a lot of series. It was not a horrible pilot, but not the best. I hope that I will come to love this show as I have his books though. I think it will get better. There is the fact that no one will be able to match Patterson's writing. Plus some things have changed from the books, but nothing vital.moreless
Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Luke Bowen

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James Huang

James Huang

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Kyle Secor

Kyle Secor

Hanson North

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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Lindsay: Seems like 'one thing, as they says, leads to another' a lot with you.

      Miles: My wife is married to her work, what am I supposed to do?

      Lindsay: Oh, so because you don't get enough attention everything is your wives fault? Did you ever think, I don't know, maybe your wife's job is important to her or you should be a little more understanding?

      Miles: (To Jacobi) What's her problem?

      Jacobi: She is touched over how choked up you are over this whole thing.

    • Jill: Linds I did something bad.

      Lindsay: What? Are you okay?

      Jill: Yeah, it's just I... I didn't tell you that Tom asked about you.

      Lindsay: Whatever.

    • Miles: Excuse me, but instead of patting yourselves on the back, shouldn't you be out arresting the real killer? Walton James? Theresa's stalker...

      Jacobi: Where were you yesterday morning?

      Miles: Wait, this guy followed her around for five years. We used to have to meet where she knew he wasn't watching, she was afraid he'd lose it.

      Lindsay: Any alibi will do.

    • Tom: Hey Lindsay, we should talk.
      Lindsay: Yeah sure, just not now.
      Tom: "Not now", the Lindsay Boxer refrain.
      Lindsay: Don't be an ass, Tom.
      Tom: Don't be an ass 'lieutenant!'

    • Officer: That goes upstairs to the new bosses office.
      Lindsay: They named the new lieu? (Jacobi nods) It's not you? What idiot did the idiots in charge give it to?
      Tom: This idiot.
      Lindsay: Tom?
      Tom: I tried to call you four times.
      Lindsay: I'm going to need a minute.

    • Lindsay: I need a search warrant for Miles Van Aiken's car, restaurant, his house...
      Jill: Yeah, based on...?
      Lindsay: ...I don't like the cheating bastard?
      Jill: Sweetie, you know I love you like an annoyingly pushy, emotionally stunted sister, but I need probable cause.

    • Lindsay: The not talking when we were married, that's totally different than the not talking now.
      Tom: It is?
      Lindsay: I avoided the talks back then because, according to Claire, I... I was scared of being in love with you.
      Tom: And now?
      Lindsay: Well, now I... I'm not in love with you, so there's simply no need.

    • Tom: Look, Linds, we were married. That comes with stuff. Good stuff, bad stuff, but stuff, and we can not talk about it, but it's there.
      Lindsay: Works for me.

    • Lindsay (to Dr. Van Aiken, about her husband): So you stole for him. You killed for him. Ultimately, you confessed for him. If it weren't so utterly evil, it'd almost be poetic.

    • Tom: Walton couldn't handle Theresa having a boyfriend, killed her in a jealous rage.
      Lindsay: No, Theresa made sure Walton didn't know about Miles.
      Tom: Lindsay, case is closed.
      Lindsay: It isn't closed.
      Tom: Yes, it is.
      Lindsay: Isn't.
      Tom: Is.
      Lindsay: Damn it, Tom, just let me do my job.
      Tom: Fine, if after you do your job, you come into my office, you sit your ass down, and we talk. No excuses.
      Lindsay: Fine.
      (Lindsay leaves)
      Jacobi: You planned that.
      Tom: Halfway through. It was fun, huh?
      Jacobi: Yeah, hoot and a holler.

    • Lindsay: Tom wasn't the right guy. He was a youthful mistake.
      Claire: That lasted six years. Four of them really happy, if you remember.
      Lindsay: And now he's my boss.

    • Jill: Why would Tom take the job? Do you think he's maybe... exploring the idea of getting back together? It's possible. Things change.
      Lindsay: Well, I care about my job the same amount as I did when we were married. That hasn't changed.
      Claire: But Tom didn't leave you because you cared about your job. He left because it was all you cared about.
      Lindsay: Why are we friends?
      Claire: Because I always tell you the truth, just like I did when I warned you, that whole thing about the Kiss Me Not Killer...
      Jill: Obsession...
      Claire: I did not say it, but yes, obsession, was going to cost you your marriage.

    • Cindy (about Theresa): Do you know who did this to her?
      Lindsay: Do you know anything about her personal life?
      Cindy: She had one?

    • Cindy (seeing Lindsay trying to open Theresa's secretary drawer): Don't you need a warrant for that? Cindy Thomas, metro desk. There's nothing in there, anyway.
      Lindsay: And you know that how?
      Cindy: Common knowledge. Theresa never left anything in the office. Plus, I picked it already. It's empty.

    • Lindsay: Guess who's moving in with a boy?
      Jill: Considering moving in. We're... (sees Claire twisting Theresa Woo's arm) God!
      Claire: Well, given your usual terrible taste in men, this is good news. I actually don't hate Luke.

    • Luke: Come one, Jill, it's just a key.
      Jill: It's moving in. Whole can of worms. Can't we just... be in love and happy and have lots of sex?
      Luke: Ooh, we can do that, too.

    • Lindsay: I'm not gonna miss you, you know? When you get your promotion, and I get a... shiny, new partner... young, handsome... two good knees.
      Jacobi: If I get the lieutenant spot, I'll make sure you get plenty of me from behind my shiny, new boss-man desk.

    • Claire: Theresa Woo, God bless her, bashed or exposed half of San Francisco for sex or corruption or...
      Lindsay: Sexual corruption... She won, what, six pulitzers for The Register in the past ten years?
      Claire: So wait a minute, you were standing there on the street and... crash?
      Lindsay: Uh, I was, at that exact moment, talking to Tom. He called.
      Jill: Tom called?
      Claire: What did he say?
      Jill: Have you called him back?
      Lindsay: Theresa Woo... fell... on my car...
      Claire: But why would Tom call you?
      Lindsay: Our 2-year divorce anniversary is Sunday. Maybe it was a nostalgia thing.

    • Lindsay: Jacobi has twenty-two years on the job. More citations than I can count. He's seasoned, he's... grizzled! Do you know how many bad guys you have to catch to get that... grizzle?

    • Claire: We're friends. We share information.
      Cindy: What, like a club?
      All: No!

    • Jill: You haven't even had sex with anyone since he left.
      Lindsay: Says who? I could have been secretly whoring around the past two years...

    • Lindsay: I would like a tail for Miles Van Aiken to make sure he doesn't try to leave the city.
      Tom: If I say yes, will you agree to talk?
      Lindsay: I will pencil you in at ten minutes past a woman is dead!

    • Lindsay: She even kept some of his favorite soda on the fire escape. I think she liked him. He planted her flower box, and probably took out her trash. Carried those really heavy water bottles...
      Jill: Right, like a silent, lurking husband.
      Lindsay: It sounds... almost nice.

    • Jacobi: (to Lindsay, whilst looking through Theresa Woo's address book) Woman was obsessed with her job. Address book doesn't even have an "in case of an emergency" contact. At least you have a couple of human friends.

  • NOTES (9)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vítejte v klubu (Welcome to the Club)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: January 23, 2008 on Network 10
      Denmark: February 4, 2008 on TV3
      Portugal: April 28, 2008 on FOX Life
      New Zealand: July 14, 2008 on TV3
      Finland: September 14, 2008 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: May 11, 2010 on Prima

    • This episode was completely re-written and re-shot after the ABC Upfronts in May 2007, as producers thought the original pilot was needlessly complicated and featured too many regular/recurring cast members. The original pilot saw Cindy written as an established member of The Club, a mystery involving a serial murderer dubbed "The Vendetta Killer" and a proposed season-long arc involving a killer who was caught by The Club and who Jill is trying to put away for life. Other differences included Lindsay being promoted to the lieutenant position, Cindy dating a biker (played by Joshua Leonard), Hanson working in the mayor's office, and the women actually referring to themselves as "a club" (as opposed to being repulsed by that title in the aired pilot). Elsewhere, the show had two additional cast regulars: Elizabeth Ho played Yuki Castellano, Jill's lawyer colleague who wanted in on The Club (basically Cindy's role in the aired pilot), and Robert Patrick Benedict played Owen Haight, a CSI tech. Lindsay's ex-husband Tom had a smaller role (and wasn't a cop, but did sleep with Lindsay despite being engaged) and was played by Christopher Wiehl; and a guest appearance by Robert Patrick as a department psychiatrist was left on the cutting room floor. Matthew Davis was also cut, his character Joe Sandoval being set up as a love interest for Lindsay to recur throughout the season.

    • A murder victim was named Brian Lowry in an original draft of the script as a hit at a prominent columnist for the tradepaper Variety. This was changed in a later draft.

    • Jill was killed off at the end of the episode in an early draft of the script. This was subsequently changed.

    • ABC ordered an additional day of shooting in April to film a new scene that helped "clarify the plot" for the episode.

    • Three of the main cast appeared in unpicked ABC pilots for the 2006-2007 season. Angie Harmon led the cast of Secrets of a Small Town, Laura Harris appeared in Hollis and Rae, and Tyrees Allen played in A House Divided.

    • ABC issued a pilot order for Women's Murder Club on January 9, 2007.

    • Executive producer Brett Ratner was originally attached to direct the pilot, but had to back out when his film Rush Hour 3 didn't wrap on time. He was quickly replaced by Greg Yaitanes.