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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Mysterious Spaceship!
      The Wonder Beat manages to destroy the mysterious prism that was affecting Kenichi's vision and escape the mysterious creature that attacked them, but suddenly a large spaceship appears! They evacuate before the time limit, but have to go back in when they discover that the mysterious creatures are alien invaders, and are up to no good once again. Susumu and the rest of the White Pegasus team must find out the true goal of the aliens while curing Kenichi's vision.moreless
    • Go Forth! To the Universe Inside Your Body!
      After being ordered to destroy the rogue planet X-23, the captain of the spaceship Greensleeves, Professor Sugita, disappears along with his ship. Back on Earth, Sugita's son, Susumu, is drafted into the special medical operations team White Pegasus. When Susumu's friend, Kenichi, falls ill with a strange disease, Susumu and the rest of the White Pegasus team are called into action...moreless
  • Specials