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Wonder Pets!

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Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling are class pets in a schoolhouse. When they are left alone in the classroom after each school day ends, they wait for a special phone to ring and alert them to an animal in trouble. The Wonder Pets must save the day and teamwork is their main tool! They travel around the world --- visiting such varied locales as Egypt and Hawaii --- and even imaginary storybook worlds. Packed with tons of fun and catchy lyrics and instrumentals, brought to you by the same people behind award-winning Broadway shows such as Avenue Q.

The Wonder Pets! airs weekdays on Nick Jr. at 11 A.M. Check schedule listings, as sometimes special marathons are scheduled (often on Fridays) and times are subject to change. The show can also be seen on Noggin daily at 3:30 P.M., though Noggin does not yet have the second season. If you watch in Canada, you can now catch the program on Treehouse TV (including the second season) Tuesdays at 5:30 P.M.

The Wonder Pets! is currently in it's second season following strong ratings for its first ten episodes, which premiered in March 2006. The Wonder Pets! is reported to consistently rank as one of the top three preschool programs on all U.S. networks.

The Wonder Pets! is produced by Little Airplane in association with Scholastic. The series began as a series of short segments aired on Nick Jr. about Linny the guinea pig and was later expanded to a full series. The sho was created by Josh Selihg, who has also worked for programs such as Little Bill, Oobi and Sesame Street. Writers for the show include, among others, Sascha Paladino and Chris Nee, who have worked for programs such as Blue's Clues, ToddWorld and Maya and Miguel.

Sofie Zamchick

Sofie Zamchick

Voice of Linny the guinea pig

Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn

Voice of Tuck the Turtle

Danica Lee

Danica Lee

Voice of Ming-Ming Duckling

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  • Underrated Show

    Many may say this show is for babies, but I disagree. I was into this show when I was 8 and I really like the characters because they are cute and funny. I love Ming Ming's line, "This is serwious!" I also like how the trio works as a team to rescue any animal. This can teach kids about teamwork.
  • Meh, not bad, not great, just good

    Yes, i know all the bad stuff (Ming Ming talks like a baby, There's too much singing, Too much teamwork, but it's good (or bad for you haters).
  • I, am... SEWIOUS!

    stupid show. annoying, I use to watch it when i was little and i regret it. so i suggest you don't watch it
  • At least it's tolerable, like Peppa Pig.

    This show is okay, I guess, but it's not that entertaining. The plots are the same every episode, like in other mediocre or detestable shows. There are only like 3 songs in each episode, so that's 3 strikes, you're out! JK but seriously, I hate shows with bad musical numbers. Also, it's another semi-cancelled show. Again, what I mean by that is you need to wake up about 12:00 midnight or stay up all night to freaking watch the show, like kids wake up THAT early just to watch cartoons!moreless
  • An abomination that just lets us all know that the world has been losing steam since the mid-2000's.

    did I make myself review this? Oh, well. This show is one of the very worst shows to ever hit TV. The show ran from 2005 to 2009, comprising 4 seasons with 13 episodes in each season, making a total of 52 episodes. That is quite a long time for bad shows like these to run. Usually failed shows only last like 15 episodes, which is a third of how long this show ran for.

    And the pets look are cutout photographs of real animals, how original is that? *sarcasm* And all they do is sing throughout the entire episode, and I had to cover my ears every time they did that. Seriously, they do it like five times per an eleven minute episode! Which means they do it TEN times in one full episode. That's UNBELIEVABLE. That's almost as many times as Atlantis Squarepantis into ONE episode! Yes, I went there. Not to mention animation that looks like rainbow vomit. One episode I remember ripped off another abomination, SUPER WHY. Super Why is equally bad though.

    I never thought kid shows were good, but THIS just really fails. So all in all, please avoid this show at all costs. This show gets a 0/5 and a 0/10, and gets an F-. I'm off to review something else.moreless

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