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  • Not good.

    I can't believe this is from the same company that made 3rd & Bird, Oobie, and that other show with the potatoes. This one was really aggravating with the duck's baby talk. =
  • God, I hate the Wonder Pets.

    Is this supposed to be children's entertainment? I am so glad Robot Chicken gave it what it deserved with a parody. I'd rate this 0 stars if I could.
  • Underrated Show

    Many may say this show is for babies, but I disagree. I was into this show when I was 8 and I really like the characters because they are cute and funny. I love Ming Ming's line, "This is serwious!" I also like how the trio works as a team to rescue any animal. This can teach kids about teamwork.
  • Meh, not bad, not great, just good

    Yes, i know all the bad stuff (Ming Ming talks like a baby, There's too much singing, Too much teamwork, but it's good (or bad for you haters).
  • I, am... SEWIOUS!

    stupid show. annoying, I use to watch it when i was little and i regret it. so i suggest you don't watch it
  • At least it's tolerable, like Peppa Pig.

    This show is okay, I guess, but it's not that entertaining. The plots are the same every episode, like in other mediocre or detestable shows. There are only like 3 songs in each episode, so that's 3 strikes, you're out! JK but seriously, I hate shows with bad musical numbers. Also, it's another semi-cancelled show. Again, what I mean by that is you need to wake up about 12:00 midnight or stay up all night to freaking watch the show, like kids wake up THAT early just to watch cartoons!
  • An abomination that just lets us all know that the world has been losing steam since the mid-2000's.

    did I make myself review this? Oh, well. This show is one of the very worst shows to ever hit TV. The show ran from 2005 to 2009, comprising 4 seasons with 13 episodes in each season, making a total of 52 episodes. That is quite a long time for bad shows like these to run. Usually failed shows only last like 15 episodes, which is a third of how long this show ran for.

    And the pets look are cutout photographs of real animals, how original is that? *sarcasm* And all they do is sing throughout the entire episode, and I had to cover my ears every time they did that. Seriously, they do it like five times per an eleven minute episode! Which means they do it TEN times in one full episode. That's UNBELIEVABLE. That's almost as many times as Atlantis Squarepantis into ONE episode! Yes, I went there. Not to mention animation that looks like rainbow vomit. One episode I remember ripped off another abomination, SUPER WHY. Super Why is equally bad though.

    I never thought kid shows were good, but THIS just really fails. So all in all, please avoid this show at all costs. This show gets a 0/5 and a 0/10, and gets an F-. I'm off to review something else.

    Shut the fucking hell up you bitches! I hate this show!
  • it could be annoying at times but it is tolerable and harmless.

    this is pretty much my first review and im thinking why did i choose this?! To be fair, it is supposed to be for little children so i wont be harsh or anything, and i dont know what to say other than the fact that it does get irritating with them singing every line. it doesnt really make sense, they sing every line? even if they answer a yes or no question, they still sing! its completely unnecassary! imagine if in blues clues, every time they say something, they scream it. another thing people complain about is their obnoxious personalities. i know Ming Ming gets annoying quick and Linny is sorta bossy sometimes, but what personality does Tuck have? however it is cute, but it is annoying, i'd say kids ages 2-3 would enjoy it, but not older kids like yours truly. however i will conclude that it is harmless and cute and it is a good idea, but they need to fix a few flaws in it, then more people would enjoy it.

  • Really people?

    You guys are saying its a baby show. OF COURSE ITS A DAMN BABY SHOW. REALLY U GUYS GET A LIFE. But still the shows annoying.
  • It's horrible

    When I watched this it's just a bunch of drawn puppets much like South Park, and they haven't even done anything except talking trash out of their systems. The duck has to be the worst character out of all this stuff. I can't believe I had to write more than 50 words for this but what the heck. It's so not worth your time.
  • Save the animals! Well you failed to save your own show.

    It just failed.

    Plot: It's about three animals in school, Linny, a guinea pig, Ming Ming, a baby duck, and Tuck, a turtle. They save animals that are in danger after the school is over. Now the episodes just reverts itself to saving animals.

    Characters: Linny, exaggerating, Ming Ming, loud. Annoying. Tuck. The most nice character in the series. The most intellectual one.

    Value: Since it just focuses on saving animals, this could be more of a wildlife propaganda. But can the children understand it? HOHO.

    Art: Realistic appearance, not bad for me, but the animation, they suck.

    Overall: -1. This is one of the shows that failed to aim at educational value.
  • Too much teamwork...

    Okay, believe it or not, i like this show. I could have given it a 2.0, 1.0, 10 or 6.0, but i will give it a 5.0 Mediocre. Here's why. It's because it's good, and it's bad. Just like the subject, there's Too much teamork... Yeah, teamwork is okay and you can do anything btter with it. This show teache that. That's why it's good, but it's also bad for the same reason. Oh, and the songs, it's getting repetitive. It's still good. When i said in my LazyTon review that this show is the bomb, i was dumbfounded. Sorry, Nick Jr. , It's good, but i expected better...
  • This is as worse than Tots TV and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    I hate this horrifiying show and here is every problem with the show.

    1.They f*cking sing sing all the time every episode non stop.Can they just stop with the singing and move on with stuff?

    2.The episodes are the same thing they save an animal and sing through the episode.

    3.Everything is 1 dimensional.

    4.The characters are stupid.

    Linny is so bossy and unpredictable.She is so stupid for a leader too.

    Ming Ming is so much the bitch of the team.Mean,Bratty and so Annoying she is very much the bully of the pack and so unlikeable.

    The only character who has a sence of humour and seems to be nice is Tuck.

    I'm so happy this show is gone!
  • What?

    This show is so suckish that I don't know what to write.
  • Wonder Pets is a great show that little children will highly enjoy! Too bad, it's repeatedly bashed by older viewers who forget the fact that the show was made for little children.

    I really think Wonder Pets is a fantastic show. Its original, its heartwarming, and its a wonderfull addition to the Nick Jr. lineup! I can't understand why everyone hates this show so much, it's definetely better than The Teletubbies and Boobah, thats easy to say. Oh well, I hope the people who hate this show and say it's stupid realize how immature they are being and grow up.
  • stop watching cartoons and get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2

    my 2 year old son totally LOVES this show !THAT IS WHO THIS SHOW IS INTENDED FOR !!!!!!! NOT the grown behind still sitting at home in your mamma's BASEMENT watching NICK JR!!!! Isn't that a sign of some sort of social development disorder??? get a job!!!!
  • Not interested...

    This show dosen't hold my interest, neither appeals me or entertains me, the episodes are boring and rather crappy. So like this show is about 3 pets who save other animals before something horrible goes on. The songs are catchy but i don't really like them neither this show. Can't believe these cartoons are just getting worst nowadays, they might be getting less educational because the educations are not what kids should be learning and this is more horrible because the only thing about this show is the pets try to save the animals and that is not what kids should be learning, abducts do that kind of stuff not kids because they can not even work and they don't even have a job yet. Children should be learning more about how to get along with people, numbers, abc's such and so we just can't do this anymore nick we just can't handle it! Please add more education to your shows and stop teaching kids something they shouldn't be learning yet.
  • worst show in tv history...my cousin forces me to watch this show...so unorigional..

    Tis show it soo unorigional..i have a cousin who forces me to watch it with her and i hate it soo much its boring and it truley bores me to no end of boredom...now i dont mind other cartoons but this one it the most unorigional ive ever seen in my lfe...Now im just spitballin here but this show has just just just just got to go...okay this is a weird and stupid show about so called wonder pets that save other animals...WOW even other shows are much much better than this show!! no this show has just got to go!
  • This is a baby's show.

    The wonder pets is dull. I'm sorry to those who like this show. But I hate it, I get tired of shows like this one have it where the good guys always win. That is not the case in real life. In the real world evil quite often wins. But like I said in this and many other super hero shows, good always wins. Sad to say but kids will have to some day learn the world is not a nice place.

    The Show is a kids show. It's about 3 little classroom pets who save little baby animals. They sing a lot, and by a lot, I mean ALL THE TIME!!!!! They always sing an opera-like song throughout the entire episode! They even sing when they are talking to each other! Humans are never seen. They always rescue the animal at the end using a method they learned at the beginning of the episode. It's so predictable! I don't even think little 3-year olds like it! But i'm not giving it a 1.0 because of the unique animation. It's so unique that I can't describe it in words! You'll just have to see it yourself!
  • *yawn* something not worth watching

    This show how should I say it is boring.The animation looks lame.I mean I don't blame the kids for liking this show.But anyone else that older its not really an great show to me.This is the worst show that I ever heard of pets saving the day of course.Even the song is annoying as well.Altough me and my nieces enjoy annoying my sister with the song that they usually sing.

    Anyway its lame and doumb to watch.
  • NOT!

    This show is definetly not educational and the lyricists really have some problems rhyming. This show is never specific they call a volcano a mountain that shoots out stuff that's too hot to touch first of all that depends on the kind of volcano it is if it is a shield volcano it will have a pyroclastic flow ( lava slowly going down the volcanoe's vent ) if it is a composite volcano it will have a lava flo ( lava going quickly down the volcano ) and the part about lava shooting out also depends if the volcano is dormant, active, or extinct. This brings me to my last point volcanoes and mountains are very different because a volcano is a weakening in the earth's crust where molten material, or magma rises to the surface.
  • NOT! Check out my blog It has an awesome game!!!

    This show is definetly not educational and the lyricists really have some problems rhyming. This show is never specific they call a volcano a mountain that shoots out stuff that's too hot to touch first of all that depends on the kind of volcano it is if it is a shield volcano it will have a pyroclastic flow ( lava slowly going down the volcanoe's vent ) if it is a composite volcano it will have a lava flo ( lava going quickly down the volcano ) and the part about lava shooting out also depends if the volcano is dormant, active, or extinct. This brings me to my last point volcanoes and mountains are very different because a volcano is a weakening in the earth's crust where molten material, or magma rises to the surface.
  • Oh My God you all like it, I saw it on Skyany time TV and it should not be on TV ever

    1. The Voice acting is all completely off 2. The Animation is completely of as well They use a picture of a kids room then they get pictures of animals and just have them move around the room just waving there legs and arms and that is about it

    3. The story is well uuuuuummmmmmm... nothing! They just save an animal in each episode

    4. They will not stop singing! The episode I saw they were saving a monkey in space from a huge rock and they were
    just singing when this huge rock was coming right at them at high speed about to kill them all!!!!!

    4. This is the type of show that proves that are children are stupid from watching shows like this, I will bet that 70% of children would grow up smarter than what they are today
  • A complete waste of time! and the way the baby duck speaks is not how we would like our children to talk.

    Why did they make this? that duck "mingming" talks like a baby, and you don't want your kids to talk like that. So why do they even have her talk like that?
    Sure the songs are catchy and the characters are appealing to the young ones but how the duck talks like a baby, and how she screws up every episode talking like that. An uninfluential show for kids growing up.
    I cannot stand watching this show with my kid.
    Every episode starts off the same way, same annoying songs, with the same annoying phone ringing. They could of done alot more with the show I'm afraid to say. If they had not given the duck "baby talk" and put more than "Teamwork" , "Linnie, Tuck, and MingMing too" "We work together we got the right stuff" song and "the phone is ringing" they could have made a great show...
  • Uh....

    What does this teach children, nothing, it just shows three animals a guinea pig, a turtle, and a duck that saves other animals. I love animals but god this show is bad! Secondly I can't believe my teacher even likes this show, he sings the song the animals sing while I'm working, I'm not kidding!!!! Also they go to far to pick any kind of animal to rescue randomly, Save The Ants?, What The Heck?!?!, ants are too small!!! This show is just way too weird! The guinea pig annoys me the most but I don't know why. This show doesn't teach anything to little children, so i wouldn't recommend it good.
  • This show is boring......

    Anyways...... its all about 3 little animals who always save the day and rescuing animals thats it. And it is also disappointing for little kids too. Well the animation is made out of cut-outs well its not a stop-motion or what, it is a cgi animation i think. They are always sing until the entire episode, they sing again and again until the show has ended. There is also an episode that there are in the dinosaur age still its all about rescuing animals and they sing too. Wonder Pets is not a animated cartoon is a cgi cartoon i think. I recommended this shows is for little kids.
  • Now,I don't really like this show.

    These disturbing animals help other animals out with stuff.The musical thing in every episode was a terrible idea.I believe that singing animals were not really pretty good and the reason that people don't even like this show is because of the singing.Well,I agree with them.The singing thing stinked eggs on this show.The eyes on the animals was a really disturbing idea to put on animation.This is one of the worst shows I ever saw,like Oobi or Wow Wow Wubbzy or Olivia or other chidish show that ever stinked in the history of all of the stinkers and bombers on Nick.
  • this show is absolutely terrible for children

    the singing is awful it'll make you want to stab your eardrums. the constant rhyming makes me want to strangle dr. suess. the va's sound like they have speaking disabilities. i honestly can't stand this show. i don't know how they consider this educational for kids. half the time you can't make out the drunken words spouted out of the ducks mouth. its just another failed attempt to make and education cartoon by nogin/nickeodeon. they seem to have very few education cartoon for kids. I'd rather them watch oswald than this garbage.
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