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  • it's good for little kids, i guess...

    wonder pets is about a guinea pig(Linny), a duck(Ming-ming), & a turtle(Tuck) who help other animals out of situations. this show has both good & bad points about it. here they are:

    good points:

    the show teaches kids about teamwork

    the characters are cute

    now for the bad points:

    the songs are repetitive & can get annoying the animation is awkward

    the plots tend to be repetitive

    there's hardly any humor in this show

    this show's ok if you're like 8 or younger, but if you're over the age of 9 or 10, i'd advise you to avoid 'the Wonder Pets' as the songs could drive you nuts. good day!
  • If you watch it with your kid, sure. However, if you are going to watch it yourself, I don't reccommend it.

    The Wonder Pets is a good show for kids, so watch it with them. However, I don't recommend it for older viewers.

    The show has good morals for kids, such as Teamwork, caring for animals, and never giving up.

    The bottom line is that the show will be loved by kids, and you'll like it too, If you watch it with them. If you watch it by yourself, I say that you should find something else on. Final Score: 6 out of 10 Thanks for reading my review, see you later. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • Wonder Pets is a great show. My daughter is 2.5 and she loves it! She has watched it since she was barely 1. She dances around and runs to the TV when it comes on. Ollie the Bunny is her favorite.

    The Wonder Pets (Linney, Tuck, and Ming Ming), get a call from an animal in trouble. They assemble thier flyboat and solve a problem doing so (this also aids them later on). Thier off to help the animal in trouble. They use singing and teanwork to help the animal out of a tough situation. They do have help though. One episode has a helpfull moose, while others have fish that help them out. The special guest Wonder Pet is Ollie the Bunny. He is a little bit of a "me" first animal. He learns that teamwork is the way to go. A great show for kids 1-6.
  • I honestly don't understand why people don't like this show...

    I love this show. Of course, I'm also one of those people (or maybe the only one..?) that almost exclusively watches preschool-aimed shows. Ming Ming is my absolute favorite, and her voice, although maybe it's bad for kids trying to overcome speech problems, is so stinking adorable. It's probably a good thing Linny is the leader though...;) This is a cute show that needs more fans, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, except for preschoolers. They aren't as condescending as other preschool shows, and the kids still learn valuable lessons. Maybe it's not as "entertaining" as other shows, but it's cute, and that's really what makes me love it. :)
  • The singing will make your ears bleed the pain this show gives to you is terrible

    Have you ever seen those annoying TV shows which look kind of creepy this is one. Well this is about animals saving other ones it has a Turtle, Guinea Pig, Duck i don't really get the plot myself i couldn't care less though my niece loves it.

    Why is this so bad the animation is creepy they use real pictures of animals and animate them in a horrible way. To make the show even worse they get kids to do the voices and they hardly talk they sing all the time feels like it will make your ears bleed it's that bad. I say get stuff like this off TV for kids and play more stuff that is useful to them like Dora and Diego.

    Nick JR airing this show is stupid who ever let it on TV needs to be fired because it is the worst kids show I have seen seriously. AVOID THIS SHOW.
  • Wonder pets is about 3 Small animals who live in a classroom and they are asked to save other animals that are in 'trouble'. The 3 animals are linny the guinea pig, tuck the turtle and ming-ming the duckling.

    What on earth posessed anybody to make the wonder pets.This show is meant to be really cute but its really not. The problems of the animals that are in trouble are very origional in a bad way such as a toad that cant get out of a hole because he wants to go and play with his grandchildren in the water? what is with that? it is so random! It has stupid little random unfunny jokes aswell and i know its only for kids but when i was watching this the songs in it are really bad and the little animals really cant sing and of course its not meant to be a singing competition but they should at least make them sound in tune! Whoever thought of this should be fired because they probably only take 10 minutes to think of an episode and im dissapointed and shocked that nick juniour and various other channel stations let them show this load of garbage!
  • i wish i had them as my pets.

    OMG.this show is so cute!! i love it so much.the animals are so adorable.as a girl, i should know.My favourites linny,she the leader and all.the way she stands is so cute!!tuck is cute too.i just wish he had a better way to get out of his tank other than the sink.Ming ming is annoying.i hate her.Shes a self centered duck.But too cute to be angry at.man.. and my favourite episode was when ollie visited.I love ollie.i mean,as stuck up as he is ,he saved the day in the end.did they use real children to do their voices?whoever theyre voices are,they're really good.i still cant believe i watch this baby show though.BUt its so cute!!
  • Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on out way - to help a friend and save the day. We're not too big, and we're not too tough, but when we work together, we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets! YAY!!

    My little sister and I love singing the beginning of the song randomly, and we love watching the show. What is so great about it? I mean it's a kid show, why does it interest me? Well, that's because the main characters are animals and they're pretty likeable and have cool missions. My little sister started secretly watching it and when we had it on tv, she started belting out the song and my older sister and I were like what? Then I started watching it. It's pretty embarrassing when I ask a question like 'why can't the bird just fly' then Ming-Ming asks my question and Linny answers, so I feel pretty stupid. It happens all of the time. Only once I kept an answer inside, and of course Ming-Ming asked that question. Go Wonder Pets YAY!!!
  • theres 3 animals (pet's) that save animals in trouble

    In this show there are 3 animals ( pets ) that save other animals ( not pets ) they are called the wonder pets. In some episodes there are lots of diffrent animals ( not wonder pets ) that help the wonder pets.

    In at least 1 episode they save a nonanimal ( a tree ) because it is a living theing 2 so the wonder pets do not just save animals but any living thing ( on earth ).

    In at least 1 episode they have a bunny as a 4th wonder pet but it did not work out. so theres still only 3 wonder pets
  • A good show to watch with your children or grandchildren. My grandson only watches this show and it actually stops him fussing when he's tired or teething.

    The Wonder Pets is a very cute show for children infant to four years old. The show has bright colors and a cute song. My favorite episode was the one Linny, the guinea pig, Tuck, the turtle, and Ming Ming, the duckling helped the puppy learn to wee wee, pee pee, tinkle.The poor puppy was locked in the house and could'nt get outside to go potty. After several attempts and then thinking the problem through, the wonder pets saved the day. The poor puppy learned how to use his doggie door and got outside before it was too late. Once again, thinking and teamwork paid off.
  • This show is so cute.

    This show is pretty funny. Tuck and Ming-Ming have a fighting thing going on. Linny is soooooooo cute. My little sister loves this show and I love it too. They sing and save other animals. Anyone who watches this would love it. Even though it is a preschool show, its better than Dora the Explorer. Everyone who watches this will agree with me and countless others. Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way! To help a friend and save the day! We're not too big and we're not too tough but when we work together we've got the right stuff! Goooo Wonder pets! Way!!
  • Brilliantshow for very young children - finally, a kids show takes time and effort to get it right.

    This is a great show, so imaginative, and really funny too. My daughter aged 4 absolutely loves it and watches very little else. i don't mind as WPs is fun, clever and not annoying like many other shows aimed at her age group.

    Every episode features a different animal in a different part of the world, and unlike other shows which repeat large sections of footage every time, WPs has subtle differences in the animation in each episode, cleverly and humourously linking in to the theme/location involved.

    Shame on other reviewers giving it poor marks - if you are old enough to type then you are not in the target audience, so button it!!
  • Wonder Pets is a great concept. Showing children the importance of friendship, learning new things, and teamwork is a great thing, and they do it in such an amusing way. My children always want celery now!

    Wonder Pets is my twin girls' favorite show. They are obsessed, actually. Everything they play, from dolls to cars, to outside games involves Wonder Pets in some way. My husband and I are amused by this show as well. Save the Puppy was hilarious...as was Save the Skunk. It has a great message. In both Save the Skunk and Save the Duckling, they really stress how teamwork is so important. My girls have learned a good lesson from this show. I think it is adorable. Now all I have to do is find Wonder Pets party supplies, since that's what they want their birthday to be.
  • A great kids show for KIDS!!! That is constantly being bashed by the wrong audience.

    Wow! I was shocked by alot of the reviews for this show. But the thing I kept reading was that adultviewers found the show bad and boring for them. Well, the show is clearly not for adults, it's for children. My children love the show as well as other children I know from the age of 2-6 years. The show has great songs, wonderful characters, and cool graphics. But the main theme of the show is so apparently clear, its not about saving animals or singing songs, in the end it is always that team work can get any job done. This show is great for all little children. I think its an awesome show for kids and I highly recommend it for people who have small children.
  • Just Great!!!!

    Maybe it looks simple, but this show is really a good way for kids to be closer to music, and enjoy that with beautiful images than appear almost real. And the lyrics are funny!!! Maybe for their simplicity, but I just laugh when I hear them.... But my son loves it, and that's the best of all... Waht him happy =)
  • I love this show... and I'm 18! With no kids. It's just so musical and trippy. Watch it!

    At first, I said, not another lame Nick Jr. show, it can't beat old Blue's Clues.
    But, then I watched it... and I was speechless.
    It's so lovely, the music is well thought out, and they put a lot of thought and wit into the show as a whole.
    Every episode is packed with great music, and I get lost in it's greatness.
    The characters are very memorable, Linny, with her vast knowlegde and notable leadership skills.
    Ming-Ming with her headstrong attitude, and loner/comic relief elements.
    And Turtle Tuck, with his lovable nature, and kindness.
    Overall, the repeating plotline is something out of Fred Roger's neighborhood, mixed with dora the explorer.
    You can't help but sing the theme song and just keep watching, even if you have already seen the episode...
    It's that good.
    I'd recomend it to anyone with an open mind.
  • Me, my fiancee and our (nearly) one year old daughter all love this show! We go around the house singing the songs all the time!

    Some days, I do not know how I would survive without Wonder Pets (along with Backyardigans and Jack's Big Music Show) my baby *loves* music and *LOVES* this show! When she is being fussy, all I have to do it turn on one of the episodes (we have them all Tivo'd) and its instant smiles and bootie shaking.

    The series is absolutely perfect for pre-schoolers. This was my daughter's first favorite show, since she was around 4 months old. Words can not express my gratitude for the creators and Nick Jr for bringing the world this brightly colored, wonderfully composed, cute, quirky little show. There's music, activities, animals galore, team work, problem solving, culture and helping of others. What else could a parent ask for in a children's television show?
  • Little kids could enjoy the beat of this hip hoppin, and paw stompin, animal palooza!

    I'm not a little kid, but I found myself over Thanksgiving break watching shows I've never really watched, and I watched a few episodes of this show,and I must say, I kind of liked it. It's a show for kids, 4-6 maybe, and it's about pets and how they save other animals. They all have children vocies and have a unique animation style. It uses real things and pictures and animats those real pics. It has catchy little song, and also songs that don't word right with the tunes at times, but overall it's pretty good. A down part is that the music and stuff they do can get repetitive. Let a little kid try it, and maybe even you. This is serious, it's funny too.
  • Well, Im not really one to judge because this is a show for 4-6 year olds....

    But let me tell you, if it wasnt for that adorable duck...the one that says "this is serious", this show wouldnt be as good. Theres also another thing that slightly bothers me, most of the time when they save the animals...they usually reunite them with their parents right away. So how come the parents do absolutely nothing to save them?
    The musical parts arent that great either. But on the other hand, they try to give out a message about teamwork and sharing. So thats fine by me, as long as it's not pointless violence bad language.
  • The Wonder Pets are a group of kindgergarten pets who leave the school at night to save other animals and trees all around the world. This is one of the best educational shows I\'ve ever seen.

    This program is perfect for young children because it introduces so much information in a really pleasant way. They learn about music, animals, the world and teamsork each week and the best thing about the show is that it appeals to parents as well. Never boring, kids are absolutely taken in by the operatic scores and the stories of how the Wonder Pets will save their bretheren. Some have criticized the character \"Ming Ming\" for having a speech disability (she lisps) but the other characters don\'t make fun of her and she is an integral part of the team -- if anything, it\'s a fantastic choice since those kids who may have difficulty with speech will not feel as ostracized. The writers and producers have done an amazing job of keeping a basic premise fresh each week. It\'s a fantastic show!
  • For those who rate this show low...they cannot possibly have a toddler or baby in the house. This show is a GREAT show for young children. You know, the ones the show was created for.

    My 3 year old started singing and talking because of her love of this show! She loves it and as a parent of two young children, I feel it is a great educational, warm show. Better then most of the kids shows I have seen lately. Of course we don\'t watch much tv. Commercials and shows now are not of moral quality.
    This is a wonderful show for young Children!!!
  • koolness

    Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling are class pets in a schoolhouse. When they are left alone in the classroom after each school day ends, they wait for a special phone to ring and alert them to an animal in trouble. The Wonder Pets must save the day and teamwork is their main tool! They travel around the world --- visiting such varied locales as Egypt and Hawaii --- and even imaginary storybook worlds. Packed with tons of fun and catchy lyrics and instrumentals. all in all this show is awesome! and i am 13 and i like it :)
  • It has it's own pros and cons.

    Wonder pets is a show that airs on Nick.Jr and follows the lives of three classroom pets; A turtle, a duckling, and a guinea pig. The turtles name is Tuck, the Ducklings name is Ming-Ming, and the guinea pig is Linny. After school ends each day, these three animals go around the world helping baby animals in need and or in danger. It's obvious that the show really stresses three good main points for toddlers: Team work, helping others, and sharing! They frequently sing their teamwork song, "What's gonna work? Team work!". This is one of the best messages you could send out to toddlers. It also stresses helping others. The three pets are very determined to help the baby animals in need. It too is a good message. Finally, the show incorperates a lot of sharing. Again, it's good for toddlers to see these examples and try to follow them. On the other hand, there are a few things about the show that might get a little annoying. One is the use of photo-puppetry. It's okay, but to me the characters just a little disfigured. Another thing is Ming-Ming's use of "Baby Talk". I really don't like when Ming-Ming uses it at all. However, if those things don't bother you, the Wonder Pets is a great cute preschoolers cartoon that toddlers would surely enjoy.
  • The worst possible way that this show is bad is when the pets are always singing every single time throughout the show.

    Anyways , The Wonder Pets are about 3 heroes who are pets inside there school while when everybody is gone home , they usually rescue animals and others in each episode of the series. The animation looks too realistic in fact it looks like it isn't an animated cartoon , it's a Live Action piece of craft and some adventures are mostly in different places from around the world with the heroes going to New York City or even going back in time to the ages where dinosaurs roamed the earth. It's although annoying to hear the songs repeated and I mean every episode it has it which crossly goes like Gerald McBoing Boing's complete utter noises. There's some good things with this show too , the Live Action creativy makes the pet look so cute and I mean " Beady Eyes " cute. There's also others that are both good and bad about this show but it's just average overall.
  • I love this show!

    The Wonderpets is an educational show about how a guiena pig, a duckling, and a turtle teach kids about sharing, helping others, and thinking creativley. As an opinion, I think that the Wonderpets are cute for the way they daily save baby animals in need. The Wonderpets are truly an inspiration to toddlers in the United States.
  • bad songs+bad characters+bad problems+bad solutions+bad originality=bad. They should rename this show, "WHAT YOU WATCH WHEN IT IS THE ONLY SHOW LEFT ON THE ENTIRE PLANET".

    I don't know why wonder pets was created. How do you suppose a guinea pig, a turtle, and a bird can save many animals, when the animals that are around the to-be-rescued animal could help. It is unorignal. The fact that they save animals is unoriginal (Go Diego Go), and the fact that they sing is unoriginal (Backyardigans). Speaking of singing, the songs are incredibly annoying, and they use the same ones over and over again. I think they are running out of ideas on what to put in wonder pets like helping a dog use the bathroom (What the heck?!). Every episode is EXACTLY the same. They always save the animal by using whatever they did with the flyboat at the beginning (i.e. finding the flyboat a new way out & finding the puppy a new way out). It's so predictable, you don't even need to watch half the episode to find out what they do. The following shows that you'd be better off watching Backyardigans.

    -Better Songs
    -Better Characters
    -Better Voices
    -Better Problems
    -Better Solutions

    Wonder Pets
    -Better Humor
    -Better Animation*

    *I am still wondering wether nicely textured
    2-D animation is better than plain 3-D animation.
  • The Wonder Pets:

    This is based on a series of cartoon shorts starring Lenny The Guinea Pig who escapes her cage after the kids go home from school for the day, and goes on many adventures while classical opera music is playing.

    Now Lenny travels with Ming Ming and Tuck ( one annoying thing is that this is the third series with the name Tuck ) and you get to see the details on their adventures, and they also get to save pets that are in trouble.

    The say the same things in the beginning of each episode because all of that is part of the opening. And The Wonder Pets sing sometimes, but it isn't the only show that show that... The Backyardigans do it A LOT MORE than The Wonder Pets do, so you may not like that show either.

    Another annoying thing in this show is that Ming Ming doesn't pronounce words a lot........
  • This show has to be the worst.

    Ok. First of all, it is about three animals: a hamster, a turtle, and a duck that cannot pronounce some words. The worst part: they sing about almost anything. They even sing when they are talking to each other. Every episode starts off like this: The kids sing the wonder pets song and then they leave school while saying bye to the animals. Then, the "phone" which is a coffee can with untensils in it rings. Lenny puts on a hat and sings "The phone. The Phone is ringing" and then he/she drops out of the cage and goes to answer the "phone". Then Ming Ming puts on her pilot head gear and then she sings "The phone. We'll be right there". Then Tuck put on his shoes and cape and sings "The phone. The phone is ringing". Then Lenny sings "There's in animal in trouble". Then Ming Ming sings "There's an animal in Trwouble (she still can't talk)". Then Tuck sings "There's in animal in trouble somewhere" and it is so lame! The duck has to be so bossy about somethings. ALso, in every episode, the duck always says "This is serwious". Serwious? That is not even a word. Do not watch this at all.
  • There's an animal in trouble somewhere...

    This is a great show for kids. Every episode features a lot of problem solving and singing. Each episode is a mini-operetta. They take real pictures of animal and manipulate them to fit in the cartoon. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming are quick to respond to helping out baby animals when they are in need. The catchy tunes and colors keep kids interested in whats going on. Overall, it a show worth watching with your little ones.
  • A trio of classroom pets are here to save the day.

    "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" That is the adorable catch phrase the the three pets use. Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle and Ming-Ming the Duck will help save the day and a few animals while they are at it. This show is wonderful for both kids and adults. I watch it daily with my two daughters. The show teaches children that teamwork is the way to go. It helps with problem solving and teaches kindness and sharing. The first time I saw this show I was like "HUH?" But, it has grown on me so much. I find myself singing all the little songs. I love that before it starts my daughters will say "What animal are they going to save today mom?" This is a great show that will help kids learn that with your friends anything is possible and no problem is too small, no matter your size!
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