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  • NOT!

    This show is definetly not educational and the lyricists really have some problems rhyming. This show is never specific they call a volcano a mountain that shoots out stuff that's too hot to touch first of all that depends on the kind of volcano it is if it is a shield volcano it will have a pyroclastic flow ( lava slowly going down the volcanoe's vent ) if it is a composite volcano it will have a lava flo ( lava going quickly down the volcano ) and the part about lava shooting out also depends if the volcano is dormant, active, or extinct. This brings me to my last point volcanoes and mountains are very different because a volcano is a weakening in the earth's crust where molten material, or magma rises to the surface.
  • i wish i had them as my pets.

    OMG.this show is so cute!! i love it so much.the animals are so adorable.as a girl, i should know.My favourites linny,she the leader and all.the way she stands is so cute!!tuck is cute too.i just wish he had a better way to get out of his tank other than the sink.Ming ming is annoying.i hate her.Shes a self centered duck.But too cute to be angry at.man.. and my favourite episode was when ollie visited.I love ollie.i mean,as stuck up as he is ,he saved the day in the end.did they use real children to do their voices?whoever theyre voices are,they're really good.i still cant believe i watch this baby show though.BUt its so cute!!
  • Wonder Pets is a great show that little children will highly enjoy! Too bad, it's repeatedly bashed by older viewers who forget the fact that the show was made for little children.

    I really think Wonder Pets is a fantastic show. Its original, its heartwarming, and its a wonderfull addition to the Nick Jr. lineup! I can't understand why everyone hates this show so much, it's definetely better than The Teletubbies and Boobah, thats easy to say. Oh well, I hope the people who hate this show and say it's stupid realize how immature they are being and grow up.
  • Wonder Pets is a great show. My daughter is 2.5 and she loves it! She has watched it since she was barely 1. She dances around and runs to the TV when it comes on. Ollie the Bunny is her favorite.

    The Wonder Pets (Linney, Tuck, and Ming Ming), get a call from an animal in trouble. They assemble thier flyboat and solve a problem doing so (this also aids them later on). Thier off to help the animal in trouble. They use singing and teanwork to help the animal out of a tough situation. They do have help though. One episode has a helpfull moose, while others have fish that help them out. The special guest Wonder Pet is Ollie the Bunny. He is a little bit of a "me" first animal. He learns that teamwork is the way to go. A great show for kids 1-6.
  • A great kids show for KIDS!!! That is constantly being bashed by the wrong audience.

    Wow! I was shocked by alot of the reviews for this show. But the thing I kept reading was that adultviewers found the show bad and boring for them. Well, the show is clearly not for adults, it's for children. My children love the show as well as other children I know from the age of 2-6 years. The show has great songs, wonderful characters, and cool graphics. But the main theme of the show is so apparently clear, its not about saving animals or singing songs, in the end it is always that team work can get any job done. This show is great for all little children. I think its an awesome show for kids and I highly recommend it for people who have small children.
  • Just Great!!!!

    Maybe it looks simple, but this show is really a good way for kids to be closer to music, and enjoy that with beautiful images than appear almost real. And the lyrics are funny!!! Maybe for their simplicity, but I just laugh when I hear them.... But my son loves it, and that's the best of all... Waht him happy =)
  • What?

    This show is so suckish that I don't know what to write.
  • This is a baby's show.

    The wonder pets is dull. I'm sorry to those who like this show. But I hate it, I get tired of shows like this one have it where the good guys always win. That is not the case in real life. In the real world evil quite often wins. But like I said in this and many other super hero shows, good always wins. Sad to say but kids will have to some day learn the world is not a nice place.
  • NOT! Check out my blog It has an awesome game!!!

    This show is definetly not educational and the lyricists really have some problems rhyming. This show is never specific they call a volcano a mountain that shoots out stuff that's too hot to touch first of all that depends on the kind of volcano it is if it is a shield volcano it will have a pyroclastic flow ( lava slowly going down the volcanoe's vent ) if it is a composite volcano it will have a lava flo ( lava going quickly down the volcano ) and the part about lava shooting out also depends if the volcano is dormant, active, or extinct. This brings me to my last point volcanoes and mountains are very different because a volcano is a weakening in the earth's crust where molten material, or magma rises to the surface.
  • A complete waste of time! and the way the baby duck speaks is not how we would like our children to talk.

    Why did they make this? that duck "mingming" talks like a baby, and you don't want your kids to talk like that. So why do they even have her talk like that?
    Sure the songs are catchy and the characters are appealing to the young ones but how the duck talks like a baby, and how she screws up every episode talking like that. An uninfluential show for kids growing up.
    I cannot stand watching this show with my kid.
    Every episode starts off the same way, same annoying songs, with the same annoying phone ringing. They could of done alot more with the show I'm afraid to say. If they had not given the duck "baby talk" and put more than "Teamwork" , "Linnie, Tuck, and MingMing too" "We work together we got the right stuff" song and "the phone is ringing" they could have made a great show...
  • It has it's own pros and cons.

    Wonder pets is a show that airs on Nick.Jr and follows the lives of three classroom pets; A turtle, a duckling, and a guinea pig. The turtles name is Tuck, the Ducklings name is Ming-Ming, and the guinea pig is Linny. After school ends each day, these three animals go around the world helping baby animals in need and or in danger. It's obvious that the show really stresses three good main points for toddlers: Team work, helping others, and sharing! They frequently sing their teamwork song, "What's gonna work? Team work!". This is one of the best messages you could send out to toddlers. It also stresses helping others. The three pets are very determined to help the baby animals in need. It too is a good message. Finally, the show incorperates a lot of sharing. Again, it's good for toddlers to see these examples and try to follow them. On the other hand, there are a few things about the show that might get a little annoying. One is the use of photo-puppetry. It's okay, but to me the characters just a little disfigured. Another thing is Ming-Ming's use of "Baby Talk". I really don't like when Ming-Ming uses it at all. However, if those things don't bother you, the Wonder Pets is a great cute preschoolers cartoon that toddlers would surely enjoy.
  • it could be annoying at times but it is tolerable and harmless.

    this is pretty much my first review and im thinking why did i choose this?! To be fair, it is supposed to be for little children so i wont be harsh or anything, and i dont know what to say other than the fact that it does get irritating with them singing every line. it doesnt really make sense, they sing every line? even if they answer a yes or no question, they still sing! its completely unnecassary! imagine if in blues clues, every time they say something, they scream it. another thing people complain about is their obnoxious personalities. i know Ming Ming gets annoying quick and Linny is sorta bossy sometimes, but what personality does Tuck have? however it is cute, but it is annoying, i'd say kids ages 2-3 would enjoy it, but not older kids like yours truly. however i will conclude that it is harmless and cute and it is a good idea, but they need to fix a few flaws in it, then more people would enjoy it.

  • This show is so cute.

    This show is pretty funny. Tuck and Ming-Ming have a fighting thing going on. Linny is soooooooo cute. My little sister loves this show and I love it too. They sing and save other animals. Anyone who watches this would love it. Even though it is a preschool show, its better than Dora the Explorer. Everyone who watches this will agree with me and countless others. Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way! To help a friend and save the day! We're not too big and we're not too tough but when we work together we've got the right stuff! Goooo Wonder pets! Way!!
  • Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on out way - to help a friend and save the day. We're not too big, and we're not too tough, but when we work together, we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets! YAY!!

    My little sister and I love singing the beginning of the song randomly, and we love watching the show. What is so great about it? I mean it's a kid show, why does it interest me? Well, that's because the main characters are animals and they're pretty likeable and have cool missions. My little sister started secretly watching it and when we had it on tv, she started belting out the song and my older sister and I were like what? Then I started watching it. It's pretty embarrassing when I ask a question like 'why can't the bird just fly' then Ming-Ming asks my question and Linny answers, so I feel pretty stupid. It happens all of the time. Only once I kept an answer inside, and of course Ming-Ming asked that question. Go Wonder Pets YAY!!!
  • Wonder Pets is a great concept. Showing children the importance of friendship, learning new things, and teamwork is a great thing, and they do it in such an amusing way. My children always want celery now!

    Wonder Pets is my twin girls' favorite show. They are obsessed, actually. Everything they play, from dolls to cars, to outside games involves Wonder Pets in some way. My husband and I are amused by this show as well. Save the Puppy was hilarious...as was Save the Skunk. It has a great message. In both Save the Skunk and Save the Duckling, they really stress how teamwork is so important. My girls have learned a good lesson from this show. I think it is adorable. Now all I have to do is find Wonder Pets party supplies, since that's what they want their birthday to be.
  • Underrated Show

    Many may say this show is for babies, but I disagree. I was into this show when I was 8 and I really like the characters because they are cute and funny. I love Ming Ming's line, "This is serwious!" I also like how the trio works as a team to rescue any animal. This can teach kids about teamwork.
  • I honestly don't understand why people don't like this show...

    I love this show. Of course, I'm also one of those people (or maybe the only one..?) that almost exclusively watches preschool-aimed shows. Ming Ming is my absolute favorite, and her voice, although maybe it's bad for kids trying to overcome speech problems, is so stinking adorable. It's probably a good thing Linny is the leader though...;) This is a cute show that needs more fans, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, except for preschoolers. They aren't as condescending as other preschool shows, and the kids still learn valuable lessons. Maybe it's not as "entertaining" as other shows, but it's cute, and that's really what makes me love it. :)
  • theres 3 animals (pet's) that save animals in trouble

    In this show there are 3 animals ( pets ) that save other animals ( not pets ) they are called the wonder pets. In some episodes there are lots of diffrent animals ( not wonder pets ) that help the wonder pets.

    In at least 1 episode they save a nonanimal ( a tree ) because it is a living theing 2 so the wonder pets do not just save animals but any living thing ( on earth ).

    In at least 1 episode they have a bunny as a 4th wonder pet but it did not work out. so theres still only 3 wonder pets
  • A good show to watch with your children or grandchildren. My grandson only watches this show and it actually stops him fussing when he's tired or teething.

    The Wonder Pets is a very cute show for children infant to four years old. The show has bright colors and a cute song. My favorite episode was the one Linny, the guinea pig, Tuck, the turtle, and Ming Ming, the duckling helped the puppy learn to wee wee, pee pee, tinkle.The poor puppy was locked in the house and could'nt get outside to go potty. After several attempts and then thinking the problem through, the wonder pets saved the day. The poor puppy learned how to use his doggie door and got outside before it was too late. Once again, thinking and teamwork paid off.
  • Brilliantshow for very young children - finally, a kids show takes time and effort to get it right.

    This is a great show, so imaginative, and really funny too. My daughter aged 4 absolutely loves it and watches very little else. i don't mind as WPs is fun, clever and not annoying like many other shows aimed at her age group.

    Every episode features a different animal in a different part of the world, and unlike other shows which repeat large sections of footage every time, WPs has subtle differences in the animation in each episode, cleverly and humourously linking in to the theme/location involved.

    Shame on other reviewers giving it poor marks - if you are old enough to type then you are not in the target audience, so button it!!
  • I love this show... and I'm 18! With no kids. It's just so musical and trippy. Watch it!

    At first, I said, not another lame Nick Jr. show, it can't beat old Blue's Clues.
    But, then I watched it... and I was speechless.
    It's so lovely, the music is well thought out, and they put a lot of thought and wit into the show as a whole.
    Every episode is packed with great music, and I get lost in it's greatness.
    The characters are very memorable, Linny, with her vast knowlegde and notable leadership skills.
    Ming-Ming with her headstrong attitude, and loner/comic relief elements.
    And Turtle Tuck, with his lovable nature, and kindness.
    Overall, the repeating plotline is something out of Fred Roger's neighborhood, mixed with dora the explorer.
    You can't help but sing the theme song and just keep watching, even if you have already seen the episode...
    It's that good.
    I'd recomend it to anyone with an open mind.
  • Not good.

    I can't believe this is from the same company that made 3rd & Bird, Oobie, and that other show with the potatoes. This one was really aggravating with the duck's baby talk. =
  • God, I hate the Wonder Pets.

    Is this supposed to be children's entertainment? I am so glad Robot Chicken gave it what it deserved with a parody. I'd rate this 0 stars if I could.
  • *yawn* something not worth watching

    This show how should I say it is boring.The animation looks lame.I mean I don't blame the kids for liking this show.But anyone else that older its not really an great show to me.This is the worst show that I ever heard of pets saving the day of course.Even the song is annoying as well.Altough me and my nieces enjoy annoying my sister with the song that they usually sing.

    Anyway its lame and doumb to watch.
  • This is as worse than Tots TV and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    I hate this horrifiying show and here is every problem with the show.

    1.They f*cking sing sing all the time every episode non stop.Can they just stop with the singing and move on with stuff?

    2.The episodes are the same thing they save an animal and sing through the episode.

    3.Everything is 1 dimensional.

    4.The characters are stupid.

    Linny is so bossy and unpredictable.She is so stupid for a leader too.

    Ming Ming is so much the bitch of the team.Mean,Bratty and so Annoying she is very much the bully of the pack and so unlikeable.

    The only character who has a sence of humour and seems to be nice is Tuck.

    I'm so happy this show is gone!
  • The Wonder Pets... they're not too big, their not too small, but by far they are the most annoying of them all.

    Looks like I turned on the T.V too early. WAY too early. This show is basically for kids, and I respect that. On the other hand, this is a reason why it's for kids only. The main probelem is that the pets sing like if their in a Opera. What, are they trying to get little kids to try and do it, thus annoying the whole household? Overall, this will be a great show for 2-6 year olds.



  • Meh, not bad, not great, just good

    Yes, i know all the bad stuff (Ming Ming talks like a baby, There's too much singing, Too much teamwork, but it's good (or bad for you haters).
  • At least it's tolerable, like Peppa Pig.

    This show is okay, I guess, but it's not that entertaining. The plots are the same every episode, like in other mediocre or detestable shows. There are only like 3 songs in each episode, so that's 3 strikes, you're out! JK but seriously, I hate shows with bad musical numbers. Also, it's another semi-cancelled show. Again, what I mean by that is you need to wake up about 12:00 midnight or stay up all night to freaking watch the show, like kids wake up THAT early just to watch cartoons!
  • There's an animal in trouble somewhere...

    This is a great show for kids. Every episode features a lot of problem solving and singing. Each episode is a mini-operetta. They take real pictures of animal and manipulate them to fit in the cartoon. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming are quick to respond to helping out baby animals when they are in need. The catchy tunes and colors keep kids interested in whats going on. Overall, it a show worth watching with your little ones.
  • Well, Im not really one to judge because this is a show for 4-6 year olds....

    But let me tell you, if it wasnt for that adorable duck...the one that says "this is serious", this show wouldnt be as good. Theres also another thing that slightly bothers me, most of the time when they save the animals...they usually reunite them with their parents right away. So how come the parents do absolutely nothing to save them?
    The musical parts arent that great either. But on the other hand, they try to give out a message about teamwork and sharing. So thats fine by me, as long as it's not pointless violence bad language.
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