Wonder Pets!

Nickelodeon (ended 2015)


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  • Oh My God you all like it, I saw it on Skyany time TV and it should not be on TV ever

    1. The Voice acting is all completely off 2. The Animation is completely of as well They use a picture of a kids room then they get pictures of animals and just have them move around the room just waving there legs and arms and that is about it

    3. The story is well uuuuuummmmmmm... nothing! They just save an animal in each episode

    4. They will not stop singing! The episode I saw they were saving a monkey in space from a huge rock and they were
    just singing when this huge rock was coming right at them at high speed about to kill them all!!!!!

    4. This is the type of show that proves that are children are stupid from watching shows like this, I will bet that 70% of children would grow up smarter than what they are today