Wonder Pets!

Nickelodeon (ended 2015)


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  • A complete waste of time! and the way the baby duck speaks is not how we would like our children to talk.

    Why did they make this? that duck "mingming" talks like a baby, and you don't want your kids to talk like that. So why do they even have her talk like that?
    Sure the songs are catchy and the characters are appealing to the young ones but how the duck talks like a baby, and how she screws up every episode talking like that. An uninfluential show for kids growing up.
    I cannot stand watching this show with my kid.
    Every episode starts off the same way, same annoying songs, with the same annoying phone ringing. They could of done alot more with the show I'm afraid to say. If they had not given the duck "baby talk" and put more than "Teamwork" , "Linnie, Tuck, and MingMing too" "We work together we got the right stuff" song and "the phone is ringing" they could have made a great show...