Wonder Pets!

Nickelodeon (ended 2015)


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  • Not interested...

    This show dosen't hold my interest, neither appeals me or entertains me, the episodes are boring and rather crappy. So like this show is about 3 pets who save other animals before something horrible goes on. The songs are catchy but i don't really like them neither this show. Can't believe these cartoons are just getting worst nowadays, they might be getting less educational because the educations are not what kids should be learning and this is more horrible because the only thing about this show is the pets try to save the animals and that is not what kids should be learning, abducts do that kind of stuff not kids because they can not even work and they don't even have a job yet. Children should be learning more about how to get along with people, numbers, abc's such and so we just can't do this anymore nick we just can't handle it! Please add more education to your shows and stop teaching kids something they shouldn't be learning yet.