Wonder Pets!

Nickelodeon (ended 2015)


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  • it could be annoying at times but it is tolerable and harmless.

    this is pretty much my first review and im thinking why did i choose this?! To be fair, it is supposed to be for little children so i wont be harsh or anything, and i dont know what to say other than the fact that it does get irritating with them singing every line. it doesnt really make sense, they sing every line? even if they answer a yes or no question, they still sing! its completely unnecassary! imagine if in blues clues, every time they say something, they scream it. another thing people complain about is their obnoxious personalities. i know Ming Ming gets annoying quick and Linny is sorta bossy sometimes, but what personality does Tuck have? however it is cute, but it is annoying, i'd say kids ages 2-3 would enjoy it, but not older kids like yours truly. however i will conclude that it is harmless and cute and it is a good idea, but they need to fix a few flaws in it, then more people would enjoy it.

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