Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 12

Save the Bee!; Save the Squirrel!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM Oct 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The Wonder Pets do not return to their home at the end of the "Save the Squirrel" episode.

    • Tidbits: The Wonder Pets! turn the flyboat into a "beeboat" in "Save the Bee!" and fly through a shrinking machine that shrinks them to the size of bees. Tuck drives the boat in "Save the Bee!" and Ming-Ming drives it "Save the Squirrel!" For the first time, one of the human occupants of the classroom is shown on the program. A girl can be seen through the classroom door in "Save the Bee!" just after the class dismisses, buzzing, dancing and singing that she's a bee.

    • Celery Treat: In "Save the Bee!" the Wonder Pets enjoy their celery with honey offered by the Queen Bee.

      In "Save the Squirrel!" the Mama Squirrel tells them that can't just eat plain-old celery at Coney Island. She gives them cotton candy to top it with.

    • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Bee!" Linny pops out of the box and says that they're telling the story of how a bee makes honey. Ming-Ming flies out of the box dresses as a honeybee and sings and Tuck models a flower from which she's getting nectar. Linny reappears as a beehive.

      In "Save the Squirrel!" the three dress up for an "old-fashioned day at the beach." Linny and Ming-Ming are both wearing cute dresses and hats, while Tuck wears swimming shorts and a fake mustache.

    • Opening Intros: Neither story's intro features the kids chanting the theme. Instead, the first features light, cheerful orchestral music and the second features carnival-style music. In the first intro, the "W" logo is seen in a small pond and nature scenes are shown throughout. Carnival elements are featured in the second intro.

  • Quotes

    • Tuck: I could stay at Corny Island forever.
      Linny and Ming-Ming: It's Coney Island.
      Tuck: Oh, yeah.

    • Ming-Ming: Linny, can we wide the woller-coaster before we go home?
      Linny: Oh yeah! To the roller-coaster!

    • Tuck: An amusement park? With games and rides?
      Ming-Ming: What's the pwoblem with that?
      Linny: The problem is the baby squirrel is stuck on a ferris wheel. Look!
      Tuck: Ooh, he's up really high.
      Squirrel: Squeak!
      Ming-Ming: He's in wheel trouble. Get it? Fewwis wheel. I twied.

    • Linny: (singing) It's a baby squirrel, at Coney Island.
      Tuck: What's a Corny Island?
      Ming-Ming: An island full of corn?

    • Honeybee: (singing) I need to collect nectar from the flower and bring it the hive, or else I can't make honey. This is serious.
      Ming-Ming: This bee is a bit of a dwama queen!

    • Linny: (singing) I hear the buzz buzz buzzing of a honeybee!
      Honeybee: Bzz? Bzz!
      Ming-Ming: Talk about flower power.

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