Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 13

Save the Chameleon!; Save the Platypus!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM Oct 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • Tidbits: The Wonder Pets change things up "Save the Chameleon!" Besides wearing each other's costumes, they also change the flyboat into a "drumboat" using a drum in place of the usual red disc (which was stuck on the roof.) Only music is played during the opening intro of "Save the Platypus!" Ming-Ming begins and ends the story in Tuck's aquarium. The flyboat nearly flies away when Tuck and Ming-Ming fight over the sail and drop it into the flyboat.

    • Celery Treat: In "Save the Chameleon!" the Wonder Pets have their celery with lychee nuts offered by the father chameleon. In "Save the Platypus!" they get the celery by special delivery from a kangaroo.

    • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Chameleon!" the Wonder Pets dress up wearing drums, which they play briefly. They then jump into the box and come out wearing each other's costumes. Linny is wearing Tuck's hat and green cape, Tuck is wearing Ming-Ming's goggles and blue cape and Ming-Ming is wearing Linny's cap and red cape.

      In "Save the Platypus!" only Ming-Ming comes out with a different outfit. She wears a Groucho Marx nose and mustache and tries to amuse Tuck into talking to her again, but jumps back for her normal outfit when it doesn't work.

  • Quotes

    • (After the Wonder Pets save the baby platypus)
      Ming-Ming: Tuck, can we talk?
      (Tuck ignores her for a second, then looks at her again)
      Tuck: (Sad) You've really upset me in the class, Ming-Ming.
      Ming-Ming: (Also sad) I know. I'm sorry. What do you say, Tuck? Friends?
      (They hug each other)
      Tuck: Friends!

    • Tuck: Linny, tell Ming-Ming to pull.
      Linny: I can't! I'm about to go over a waterfall with a platypus. You have to do it, Tuck.

    • Linny: The is Australia, the land down under.
      Ming-Ming: Down under what?
      Linny: That's just something they say in Australia.
      Ming-Ming: Diffewent stwokes.

    • Ming-Ming: (singing) Linny, please inform Tuck that if he wants to talk to the duck, he is out of luck. (Hmph!)

    • Tuck: (singing) Ming-Ming, please don't touch my turtle, or else.
      Ming-Ming: Or else what?
      Tuck: Or else, I'm not going to talk to you anymore.
      Ming-Ming: (spoken) The silent treatment, huh? Bold, but how could you not talk to me?

    • Tuck: (singing) Just change your color from blue to green
      Ming-Ming: The cuckoo won't see you / Do you know what I mean?

    • Tuck: (singing) This is serious.
      Ming-Ming: (spoken) Hey, that's my line.
      Tuck: You said to shake things up.
      Ming-Ming: Touché. You learn fast Tuck, old pal.

    • Linny: (singing) There's an animal in trouble.
      Ming-Ming: Better get there on the double.
      Tuck: (spoken) Huh? (singing) There's an animal in trouble somewhere. (spoken) Ming-Ming, what are you doing?

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