Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 14

Save the Dragon!; Save the Beaver!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM Oct 25, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • Tidbits: A bird whistles along with a lively orchestral tune during the intro of "Save the Dragon!" "Save the Dragon!" features the first time the Wonder Pets return to a place they've previously been to save a friend of someone they rescued before. The dragon is the friend of the unicorn that was saved in "Save the Unicorn!" Unusually, the Wonder Pets are able to talk with the animal they are saving through "Save the Dragon!" since the dragon is fully capable of speech. In "Save the Beaver!" the sink that Tuck normally swims through to get to the wonderphone is emptied of its water. The Wonder Pets put the plug back in the drain and fill it up again.

    • Celery Treat: In "Save the Dragon!" Linny gets out a tiny stalk of celery and sticks it into the magic waterfall. It grows to a large size and the Wonder pets briefly float magically into the air after eating it.

      In "Save the Beaver!" the Wonder Pets enjoy the celery with Vermont "cheddah cheese" offered by the mama beaver. Ming-Ming describes it as "sharp."

    • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Dragon!" the Wonder Pets dress up as a Chinese Dragon. Linny is the head and Tuck & Ming-Ming are the tail.

      In "Save the Beaver!" both Tuck and Ming-Ming dress up as beavers, while Linny is a tree.

  • Quotes

    • Tuck: Look, Linny, the dam. The hole's getting bigger!
      Ming: (singing) This is sewious!
      Beaver: (stepping in front of Ming-Ming) Chuck, chuck, chuck. (Ming-Ming shoots her a mean look.)

    • Ming-Ming: (singing) How about this twunk to plug up the hole / The dam won't get sunk with the water under contwol.
      Linny: (spoken) Great idea, Ming-Ming.
      Ming-Ming: I have my moments.
      Beaver: (singing) Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck.

    • Tuck: (singing) Poor beaver. Hey, maybe you could come live in the sink in our classroom.
      Ming-Ming: Where the water is fine.
      Beaver: Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck.
      Linny: She says "Thanks," but this lake is where she lives and she wants to save her dam.

    • Tuck: I'm a comin'! (sound of wonderphone ringing)
      Ming-Ming: Okay, hold on to your horses!

    • Tuck: Don't worry, baby dragon. We'll figure something out.
      Ming-Ming: We just gotta quit dwaggin' our heels. Hey, get it?! Dwaggin', dwagon. (She falls over.) Whoops!

    • Wonder Pets: (singing) Baby dragon, for crying out loud, how did you get stuck on that cloud?
      Baby Dragon: (spoken) I don't know.
      Wonder Pets: (singing) Well, just hold on and don't you fret / We haven't lost a baby yet.
      Baby Dragon: (spoken) Okay, whatever you say.

    • Ming-Ming: Jump!
      Linny: Ming-Ming, Tuck could get hurt if he jumped from that high.
      Ming-Ming: Oh. Don't jump!

    • Linny: It's the Baby Dragon from the Magical Land.
      Baby Dragon: Hi, Wonder Pets!
      Ming-Ming: Hi, Baby Dwagon!
      Tuck: What's new?
      Baby Dragon: I'm stuck on a cloud. Whoa!

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