Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 15

Save the Goslings!; Ollie to the Rescue!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM Jan 25, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • "Ollie to the Rescue!" is the first episode of the show where the title doesn't start with the words, "The Wonder Pets Save the" and end with the name of the animal in trouble.

  • Quotes

    • Ollie: I guess I can't make a team with just me and some toys.

    • Ollie: Mr. Frog, Rock, you heard 'em. Flip it over! (A stiff wind blows Rock over.)
      Ming-Ming: (singing) This is hilawious.
      Linny: (giving her a stern look) Ming-Ming.
      Ming-Ming: Okay, okay. (singing) This is sewious.

    • Ollie: We made it to the backyard. This calls for some celery, Thunder Pets.

    • Ollie: (singing) Thunder pets, Thunder Pets, we never fail / If you are in trouble, we'll save your tail / We're big and tough and fast and proud / But most of all, we're really loud. Yeah!

    • Ollie: Check it out. It's the Ollie Boat. I named it after me. To the Ollie Boat, Thunder Pets. Let's go save... something.
      Tuck: The Ollie Boat is upside-down.

    • Linny: What are you doing, Ollie?
      Ollie: Sorry, no time to talk, pig.
      Linny: That's guinea pig.
      Ollie: Let's roll, Thunder Pets!
      Ming-Ming: Will he never learn?

    • Ollie: Relax, guys. My team will save the day today.
      Linny: Your team?
      Ollie: Yes! I've got my own super team. Say hello to (singing) Ollie, Rock, and Mr. Frog too / We're Thunder Pets and we'll do the job for you!
      Tuck: That's your team?
      Ollie: Yes! Mr. Frog and Rock are perfect teammates. They never say a word I disagree with.
      Ming: That's because they never say a word. They're toys.

    • Ollie: Where'd the phone go?
      Tuck: You're sitting on it, Ollie.
      Ming-Ming: Here we go again.

    • Linny: (gasps) The phone!
      Ollie: It's getting the phone time! (singing) Gotta rush, gotta run, gotta gotta get the job done!

    • Linny: It didn't work.
      Ming-Ming: And it's getting weally chilly.
      Tuck: The ground's almost frozen.
      Goslings: Honk! Honk! Honk!
      Linny: We've got to think of something, Wonder Pets!

    • Ming-Ming: I'm gonna teach the goslings to fly. Hey, little goslings! (singing) A flappa flappa flappa, flappa your wings and see! / Flappa flappa flappa, and fly around like me!

    • Ming-Ming: (singing) And I'm a box of juice! (spoken) Tada! Now that's entertainment.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Linny: Oh, Canada!

      As the Wonder Pets arrive in Canada in "Save the Goslings!," Linny shouts the name of the country's national anthem, Oh, Canada.