Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 21

Save the Griffin!; Save the Pangaroo!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM Apr 29, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Linny: It's a...gee, I don't know what it is. Look!
      Tuck: It's a kangaroo.
      Ming Ming: I don' think that's true. It's a bird.
      Tuck: Ming Ming that's obsurd. It hops around on the ground.
      Ming Ming: But it has two things, called wings.
      Pangaroo: Excuse me, you are both right. I am a Pangaroo; part parrot, part kangaroo.
      Linny: Hear that Wonder Pets. He has the wings of a parrot.
      Tuck: And the body of a kangaroo.