Wonder Pets!

Season 2 Episode 24

Save the Rooster!, Save the Cricket!

Aired Daily 11:00 AM May 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Celery Treat: In "Save the Rooster!" the Mother Rooster offers the Wonder Pets homemade celery muffins.

      In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets enjoy deep dish celery pizza suggested by the cricket's mother.

    • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Rooster!" Tuck is dressed as a sheep, Ming Ming is the Sun and Linny is the Rooster.

      In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets play with bubbles. Linny holds the bubble making wand, Tuck holds the bubbles, and Ming Ming blows them.

  • Quotes

    • Linny: If the bubble pops, the cricket will drop...into Lake Michigan.
      Ming Ming: To the bubble, on the double.

    • Ming Ming: Does everyone in Chicago sing Linny?
      Linny: Pretty much!

    • Tuck: The wind is blowing the bubble away.
      Ming Ming: That wind is such a tease!

    • Tuck: I hear the cricket.
      Ming Ming: He's making a big ricket, I mean racket.

    • Ming Ming: We are coming to save you cricket, from your bubble trouble.

    • Linny: It's a cicket, floating away in a bubble.
      Tuck: In a bubble??
      Tuck and Ming Ming: No way!!

    • Ming Ming: Good poppin', not let's get a hoppin'.

    • Tuck: Uh oh, Linny! Ming Ming!
      Linny: What's the matter Tuck?
      Tuck: I'm stuck! There's a big soap bubble and it's blocking my way out.
      Ming Ming: Oh no!!
      Linny: Too bad!
      Ming Ming: Leaving!!

    • Ming Ming: (While square dancing and doing a do-si-do) Stop the farm from spinning, I want to get off.

    • Baby Rooster: (Giving up on trying to Cockadoodle do and going to take a nap) If you can't wake 'em, join 'em.

    • (Singing to the Rooster)
      Tuck: Cockadoodle do is what you're going to do.
      Linny: You're gonna wake up the cows and piggies too.
      Ming Ming: The sheep are asleep and they're counting on you.

    • Tuck: Hi ho the dairy oh...
      Ming Ming: ...to the farm we go!

    • Baby Rooster: Oh hi, did my cockadoodle do wake you up?
      Tuck: Actually, no. We're the Wonder Pets.
      Ming Ming: We were up already.

    • (While in the fly boat trying to get to the rooster on the farm)
      Ming Ming: Traffic...nuts!
      Tuck: That goose is in the way. We can't get by.
      Linny: Maybe we can ask the goose to let us past.
      Tuck: (to the goose) Uh, excuse me goose. He can't hear me.
      Linny: Speak a little louder now to the bird.
      Ming Ming: Speak a little louder.
      Linny and Ming Ming: And you'll be heard.
      Tuck: Ok I will give it a try. Excuse me goose, can we try to pass you please?
      Linny: We're in a hurry.
      Ming Ming: It's a bird emergency!!

    • (Singing)
      Linny: If the rooster doesn't wake up the animals, they can't do their work.
      Ming Ming: He's like an alarm.
      Tuck: Down on the farm.

    • (Singing)
      Tuck: His cockadoodle do..
      Ming Ming: Needs some help.
      Linny: It's true.

    • Linny: (Looking into the phone) It's a rooster.
      Ming Ming: A who-ster??
      Linny: No a rooster. Look.
      Ming Ming: Oh shoot, he's cute!

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