Wonder Pets! - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2015)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/11/06
    The wonder pets lead a baby camel that is thirsty to his oasis. Then the Wonder pets try to stop a two different armies of ants from fighting at a picnic.
  • The wonder pets rescue a baby hedgehog inside a topiary. Then the Wonder Pets visit a crocodile with a toothache.
  • 9/13/06
    The Wonder Pets travel to the Louisiana Bayou to help an elderly bullfrog who can't reach the shore. Next Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming go all the way to France to rescue a poodle from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The Wonder Pets travel to Switzerland where they must stop a herd of sheep before they fall off the cliff. Next, Linny has planned a vacation for the Wonder Pets in Cancun, Mexico. While they are there, they discover a hermit crab that's in need of a new shell and decide to help out.moreless
  • In the first story, the Wonder Pets receive a request for help from a kitten trapped inside a haunted doghouse. In the second, the Wonder Pets help a group of performing animals that have floated away in a hot air balloon.
  • Save the Reindeer
    Episode 6
    Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck must save the one of Santa's reindeer that is stuck on the ice in the North Pole. They make a net out of Ming Ming's sweater and reel the baby reindeer in. Once they save the reindeer she ends up running away because she doesn't have the confidence to think she is good enough to help pull Santa's sleigh.moreless
  • The Wonder Pets join the world of fairy tale theater when they receive a call from The Three Little Pigs. The pigs are faced with a big, bad wolf who is trying to blow down their homes. Next, Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming travel to Oregon to save an owl who is lost in the forest.

  • 4/23/07
    The Wonder Pets set out to rescue a sea creature who lives underwater, but end up being swallowed by a giant whale, and need to be rescued themselves. A puffer fish, seahorse and squid come to their aid.
  • The Wonder Pets must work together to save a baby goldfish in an aquarium is trapped inside a bubbling treasure chest; the Wonder Pets assist a group of baby birds in finding a perch.
  • When Tuck dreams of being somewhere other than the classroom, he ends up stuck on a coral reef. Ming-Ming and Linny must venture to the Caribbean to save him. It's a relaxing, sunny place, but they do their best to keep their minds on the job. The Wonder Pets once again travel to the puppet theater, this time to save Little Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf is chasing her, but she doesn't believe she's in any danger. The wolf acts as if he's friendly to trick her, while secretly plotting to eat both her and her grandmother.moreless
  • 10/22/07
    The Wonder Pets receive a call for rescue from an egg and travel to Yellowstone Park. There, they face obstacles such as a mischievous prairie dog and a gushing geyser. As they cope with the unique difficulties of trying to save an egg, they also wonder the whole time just what type of animal the egg contains. When a baby flamingo is trapped in a muddy pit, the Wonder Pets most fly into a colorig book to save him. This colorful world provides an exciting adventure for the Wonder Pets, who face the challenge of rescuing the flamingo without being trapped themselves.moreless
  • Save the Camel
    Save the Camel
    Episode 1.1
    Help the Wonder Pets come up with a plan to rescue the lost camel from wandering in the hot desert.
  • 10/23/07
    The Wonder Pets must shrink to the size of bees to help one who is having trouble making nectar. When she has problems with flying, they try to help her learn. Everyone discovers the value of practice. The Wonder Pets receive a call from a squirrel who is trapped on a ferris wheel at Coney Island. When they free the squirrel from the wheel, they discover that it seems to be lost, but is reluctant to ask for help. They enjoy the delights of Coney Island as they try to persuade the squirrel.moreless
  • 10/24/07
    The Wonder Pets travel to the island of Madagascar to save a chameleon from a cuckoo hawk. Along the way, they try new ways of doing things and learn about the concept of camouflage. When Ming-Ming pays a visit to Tuck's cage, she messes with his things, causing him to declare he's not speaking to her. Not impressed, Ming-Ming begins a silent treatment of her own. Nevertheless, the two must still work together to help a platypus stuck on a river in Australia.moreless
  • 10/25/07
    The Wonder Pets return to the Magical Land seen in "Save the Unicorn!" to rescue the baby dragon. The dragon is trapped on a cloud that is rapidly shrinking. They have to figure out a way for him to get down without getting hurt. A beaver in Vermont needs help when her dam springs a leak. The Wonder Pets must figure out how to stop it before her home is destroyed.moreless
  • The Wonder Pets help Canada Geese to fly south; Ollie, the bunny who once joined the Pets on a rescue, sets up his own animal-rescue service.
  • A lady bug is trapped in a venus flytrap and it's up to the Wonder Pets to set her free; then the Wonder Pets head to Japan to help a lost sea turtle that is looking for the sea.
  • 2/29/08
    A drawing of a special Pangaroo, which is part parrot and part kangaroo, is throw in the garbage can and it needs the Wonder Pets to retrieve it. Then the Wonder pets head to Chicago to help a cricket that becomes trapped in a soap bubble.
  • The Wonder Pets must save a baby armadillo because he thinks that the old West town that he lives in is haunted. Then the Wonder Pets distraught spider that keeping being flushed down the waterspout in a painting.
  • In an 1970's pop Beatles theme, the Wonder Pets must figure out a way to save four beetles that have become trapped in seaweed in their yellow submarine in Liverpool, while they are inside their submarine. Then a piglet needs the Wonder Pets' help really close to home...in the schoolhouse.
  • 4/28/08
    The Wonder Pets are followed home from Costa Rica by a baby Gecko. Then a lady bug gets caught in a venus flytrap and looks for the wonder pets to save her.
  • Save the Hedgehog / Save the Crocodile
    The Wonder Pets travel to England to rescue a Baby Hedgehog who is trapped inside the mouth of a large topiary lion. The Wonder Pets visit a Nile Crocodile who has a toothache. The Wonder Pets introduce her to an Egyptian Plover who is more than happy to become her personal dentist.moreless
  • 4/29/08
    The Wonder Pets travel to medieval times as knights, to save a griffen who's tail is caught under a rock. Then a drawing of a special Pangaroo, which is part parrot and part kangaroo, is throw in the garbage can and it needs the Wonder Pets to retrieve it.
  • Here's Ollie!; Save the Itsy Bitsy Spider!
    The Wonder Pets go under the ground to visit Ollie. Then the Wonder Pets distraught spider that keeping being flushed down the waterspout in a painting.
  • Save the What!; Save the Sea Turtles!
    Just as an animal is in trouble, the Wonder Pets' phone breaks and they don't know who is in trouble. They must follow leads to figure out who is in trouble and where they are. Then the Wonder Pets travel to Japan to help out a baby sea turtle that was trying to find his way to the sea, but got lost somewhere along the way.moreless
  • Save the Rooster!, Save the Cricket!
    The Wonder Pets must help a baby rooster cockadoodle do louder so he can wake the animals up on the farm. Then the Wonder Pets must help rescue a baby cricket that is trapped in a soap bubble in Chicago.
  • The Wonder Pets help a baby blowfish off to her first day at her new preschool. Then Wonder Pets set out to reunite a lost parrot with his pirate friends in a clay diaroma so they can find the buried treasure.
  • 6/27/08
    An alien is in danger of being trapped on earth if the Wonder Pets can't get him out in time. Then the Wonder Pets go under the ground to visit Ollie because Ming Ming is afraid to go alone.
  • 9/8/08
    In this primetime one hour special episode, the Wonder Pets come to the aid of a bengal tiger after he won't let a mouse help him get a painful thorn out of his foot, because he thinks the mouse is too small.
  • The wonder pets try to free an old white mouse after he gets stuck in a cuckoo clock. Then the wonder pets come to the aid of a slug and a little bee after they lose control of the fly boat.
  • 12/8/08
    The Wonder Pets follow Mouse King through the winter wonderland filled with dolls, fairies, and music, so they can get back their nutcracker gift.
  • Join The Circus!
    Episode 30
    After rescuing Cubby the young circus lion, from falling off the circus train, Penguin Ringmaster offers the Wonder Pets a chance to join the circus. They are excited about the idea, but disappointed when they learn it doesn't involve teamwork, but instead splitting up.
  • The Adventures of Bee & Slug!
    The wonder pets need to rescue their own flyboat after the little bee and slug take it out for a joy ride.
  • Save The Old White Mouse!
    The wonder pets must save the old white mouse that is stuck in a cuckoo clock in Linny's grandmother nursing home.
  • Save The Glowworm!
    Episode 33
    The wonder pets help a glowworm find out that her special talent is being able to glow.
  • Save The Hound Dog!
    Save The Hound Dog!
    Episode 34
    The wonder pets rescue a baby hound dog that has become trapped in a mansion in Memphis.
  • The wonder pets help Sammy and his Rats learn the importance of teamwork. Then the wonder pets save a Fiddler Crab in Russia that has become trapped on a house's roof.
  • Save the Raccoon!: The wonder pets used recycled garbage to try and fix the flyboat after it breaks down. Save the Loch Ness Monster!: Ness, the Loch Ness monster is in trouble, so the wonder pets head to Scottland to lend a hand.
  • Save the Cool Cat and the Hip Hippo!: Cool Cat and Hip Hippo both love performing, but at the same time, so the wonder pets show them how to. Tuck & Buck!: Tuck gets jealous of Buck's skateboarding ability.
  • Save the Mermaid!: A mermaid desperately wants to become a pirate, so it's up to the wonder pets to help her out. Save the Pony Express!: The wonders pets help out on a pony's first Pony Express delivery.
  • Save the Honey Bears!: A pair of cartoon bears are fighting over a pot of honey, so it's up the wonder pets to teach them how to share. Save the Stinkbug!: The wonders pets help a stinkbug take a bath.
  • 5/21/09
    The Amazing Ollie!!: Ollie vanishes in a magician's hat and it's up to the wonder pets to find him. Help the Monster!: A baby mouse is breaking all her toys during a temper tantrum, so it's up to the wonder pets to find a way to calm her down.
  • 5/22/09
    A Job Well Done!: The wonder pets 100th save celebration is shorten when they need to rescue someone else. Save the Rhino!: A bashful rhino needs to make friends, so the wonder pets travel to Tanzania to help out.
  • Save the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon!: A cow can't figure out how to jump over the moon, so it's up to the wonder pets to teach him how. Save Little Red Riding Hood!: The big bad wolf has scared Little Red Riding Hood, so it's up to the wonder pets to rescue her.moreless